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Kevin Hill
· March 15, 2018
Very displeased with my experience with Apple saddle Creek. Made an appointment to have my screen replaced. Took over an hour past my appointment time then told me to come back in two hours to pick up... my phone.When I returned to the store took them another two hours just to tell me my phone will not work properly. Said they would order me another one but with my busy schedule and it being during the holidays I was not able to get back in time and they return the phone. Been back twice since then they show no record and now they want to charge me almost $400 to replace the phone they broke.� See More
Kecia Clark
· February 23, 2018
I love Apple however I’m haven’t been pleased with their customer service lately. I had an appointment to have a very small crack repaired and was told I had to wait for about 3 hours because other pe...ople walked in before my appointment. I spoke with Apple customer and was informed that was not correct. Customers with appointments have priority over walk ins. Also I called a store in Franklin, Tn to purchase an item and was told I could do it buy phone but they were out of stock. I was directed to the Ridgeland, Ms location and was told no we can’t do that. Nobody in the stores are on the same page! Wish it was more than one store in each area. See More
Vince Nelson
· January 16, 2018
I have been to the store twice in the past 2 weeks. The two who helped me were great. However, just as in any other store, there are ones who a less than nice and should have called in sick. Overall, ...I was seem right at or before my appointment time. Just like most places you have the ones who act like they don’t really care and hopefully more who really are there to help. Vince See More
Karen Newberry
· November 15, 2017
Drove 75 miles each way to have a 12 day old iPhone 8+ camera replaced. Did not have an appointment. Signed it as walk in and was told one hour wait. After two hours the lead asked if I was registered.... Apparently I was not because they could not find me and they didn’t text me. (I stood by the phone cases the entire time except for the 20 minutes I sat down at a Mac to check the news.)
Great service from my tech BJ. They took my phone for an hour to fix but she said check back in 30 minutes. At 50 minutes it was ready to go.
Just wish there was not so much rigamarole involved in what was clearly a lemon camera issue.
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Kim Thompson
· January 4, 2018
This store was jam packed with people and obviously genius appointments were overbooked this afternoon. I arrived 5 minutes earlier than my scheduled appointment, checked in as directed, and waited fo...r 35 minutes to no avail for the much anticipated battery replacement for my very slow iPhone that must be charged multiple times per day. When I asked about my location in line at the 35 minute mark, I learned that I had been "somehow" purged from the queue. I also learned that the battery replacement program is a mess because it had to be "pushed up" to earlier in January versus later due to "customer demand" and Apple doesn't have all of the parts they need on hand so things are getting backed up when attempting to keep up with the massive volume of people who need new batteries. Overall, I feel very dissatisfied with this store and Apple, in general and the lack of customer care today was quite disappointing. I've been an Apple fan for years, but can't help but feel let down with recent events. I'm sure they assume people will stick with them because of their previous reputation for being innovative and dependable, but they should remember not take their customers for granted. See More
Shonda Gann Clayton
· November 20, 2017
Someone created me when I walked in and pointed me to the correct area to wait. They were already very busy even though they had just opened. We picked up our phones and had someone help us with any q...uestions or issues immediately. If only we didn’t have to drive an hour and a half to go to an Apple store! Please open in Tupelo, MS! See More
Joshua Brown
· December 1, 2017
Have purchased probably 100 Apple products from this store over the past ten years. Had a Genius Bar appointment before coming. Still waiting right now, which is over an hour past the appointment time.... Have not had this problem in the past, but the staff seems to not care. Wish they would weed out whoever is working the Genius Bar schedules today. See More
Kim-An Hernandez
· January 6, 2018
Last week I bought $500 Apple Watch series 3. In order to pair it with my 6S I had to do a software upgrade. The upgrade DESTROYED my phone - to the point that it’s completely useless - apps don’t l...oad - it shuts of randomly - the fingerprint sensor doesn’t work, the list goes on and on. I waited patiently for an hour to see someone only to be told that the only way that I could fix the KNOWN BUG in the software is to delete all my text messages - which might fix it...or maybe not. Ordinarily I would be fine deleting text messages, but I’m a lawyer on legal hold and I have A LEGAL OBLIGATION to preserve my text messages. Apple’s solution...For $1,000 or so I can buy a new phone otherwise I’m SOL. Thank you Apple for being just generally a terrible company. Systematically screwing people over is a great way to reward loyal customers. See More
Austin Rutledge
· September 25, 2017
Amazing service. I set an appointment on the phone with Apple repair the lady on the phone said 2:30-3:00. I arrived before 2:30 I had to drive a good way so I wanted to allow ample time for traffic I get there and sign in the guy said well you know your appt is at 3:00 almost an hour away. We are swamped (they truly were) there’s about 12 people ahead of you. I said I’m sorry the lady on the phone said she had appointment for 2:30-3:00. He very politely said ok we will put a rush on getting to you. He went and grabbed a guy and told him to help me. The guy was amazing I wish I had his name. He was multi tasking helping multiple people, and I still never had to wait on him to get back with me. Turned out I had a hardware issue they replaced the entire screen on my phone, it took awhile which kind of sucked but I didn’t mind to much I just played on their MacBooks. Love this store (I wish I had one closer tho) I love Apple I will stay loyal to the brand. See More
Keavy Wells-Hill
· October 14, 2017
The Apple Store, Saddle Creek absolutely dropped the ball today! Appointment time was 11:15am, arrived and checked in prior to appointment time. After 15 minutes, advised to "sit tight" 15 minutes, and then pass the responsibility, "hang on 5-10 more minutes." A total wait time of 45 minutes for a scheduled appointment is ridiculous! No apologizes for the wait, until I request a member of management, to determine where the lack of communication is with arrival/check in! So today Apple, you along with your team, and all that technology....Failed. See More
Lauren Wilson
· April 5, 2018
Rusty was super helpful and knowledgeable about my phone issue and replaced my phone for me no problem! This location is always busy so a bit of a wait, but worth it to have my issues fixed the first time!
Debbie Lucas
· February 23, 2018
They wouldn't fix or warranty my iphone 6 plus.I call bs. They said the battery was superglued in the phone and the tabs were missing but it's never been repaired so now I've goto order the battery an...d find someone to fix it. See More
Judy Babb Welker
· January 20, 2018
Husband had an appt to change batteries. Take off work show up in time and they don't have any batteries not to mention they messed up my phone and case. I hate apple, I hate these "genius" stores. ...Who knew there could be something worse than dealing with cable companies. See More
David Phimsipasom
· October 10, 2017
Wireless beats 3 bought in February stop working the beginning of October. The ear hook both broke off and I super glued the ear hooks back on. The battery wouldn't keep a charge. Took the beats to ap...ple. I was going to cost about 200 to repair the headphones. But it was still under warranty. Smh See More
Natalie Rose Smith
· October 25, 2017
I had an appointment for 5:10 today, was twenty minutes late and they still worked me in. The guy who helped with my computer was so nice and had it done within thirty minutes! Thank y'all so much for... the great service!! 10/10 See More
Wendy Davis
· February 27, 2018
Customer service rep was friendly and very knowledgeable. I had heard that it takes forever at the Apple store and was dreading this visit. I was pleasantly surprised that it did not take long!
Patrick McDowell
· September 8, 2017
Buyer wife took her 3 month old phone to this location as it was overheating. She was impressed with how quickly they replaced her phone. She asked and was repeatedly assured that the was new but came to find out that it is refurbished. Now her "new" phone won't load apps and the screen is skewed. She called and complained and the manager said she has two options. One, get another refurbished phone or buy a new one. First they lie to you and then they replace your phone with junk! Horrible customer service! See More
Bruce Poleet
· April 3, 2018
Had an appointment at the Genius Bar to get a damaged IPhone repaired. Unfortunately the phone couldn’t be repaired but because I had purchased an Apple Care plan when I got the phone I received a new... iPhone. Service was prompt, professional and friendly. Everything you would expect from at an Apple Store! See More
Nicole MzNikki Smith
· December 10, 2017
I have to say the service was great. The tech who handled my issue was very knowledgeable & patient..I didn’t take long he got right on the job & solved the problem.. thanks so much
Jill Ashley Coleraine
· May 22, 2017
The people at the door were extremely rude and did not provide welcoming customer service. My screen simply jiggled out of place, so I made an appointment online prior to arriving. I tried to sign in ...for my appointment at the door, and my information didn't come up. The door guy immediately rattled off well if you missed your appointment time there is nothing we can do. I had just told him I was 20 minutes early so I once again reminded him I wasn't late. He then asked me to find my confirmation email. As I never use my iCloud email, I couldn't figure out how to find my inbox. As I kept asking how to find my inbox, he kept answering the wrong question without listening to what I was asking. Then, he said if I couldn't figure out how to sign in then he couldn't help me. All he had to do was tell me to allow iCloud emails to be recieved to my phone through the settings app. After googling how to get into my account and signing in, I sadly found out it was booked for another day. I told him the news, and he said well there isn't anything we can do for you. I admit I made a mistake for not realizing I had booked for another date, but he could have been a lot friendlier and provided better customer service. It's sad I had to google how to get into an apple provided email, when he just had to show me 2 steps. I also would have understood if he were busy, but there were 2 people working the door and no one was in line behind me. I drove right across the street to iFix, and they reconnected my screen for free in less than 5 minutes and provided the best customer service. See More
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