Buhay pa ba mga isda dito?


We are but mere underwater sleepers right now. We will try to serve the shirts as soon as we can. Need to come up with that Aquamen logo already. I f you have any suggestions, please please post them here. Grand!

Malapit na mag-august. Any updates on the shirts?

Kamusta na mga yo? We'll update you about the shirts soon. Wave out!

From the deep canals of España and esteros of the squatters area from
Jet Stingray reporting for duty !! (Where am I? Puro burak tubig dito a.)

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Hi! I would just like to know kung sino yung mga interested magpagawa ng Aquamen Shirt. We'll be working on the personalized designs na kasi so we'd appreciate it kung maconfirm nyo kagad if you want to have your superhero shirt done. We'd want the shirts printed na kasi before august, so we'd want to know na kagad sana. . Just leave a message here if interested. Have a great day everyone!

How are you AQUAMEN? How's life in the sea?? )) ---SEAMONster

Okay, by August we should already have a logo for each one and get that Aquamen shirts on the presser already. Ace Louie Eusebio and Brent Datu, work on those soon as you can. Alex Bañares Eusebio, count and gather the names already. Those who want to get involved in the process, message us here. Unite! Let's not leave this project hanging again. Wave out! --Aquaman 2000

"Aquamen rocks! Especially the three heroines they have! Zmonster, Joyllyfish, and NicoRal! Real Christian Superheroes! Bring them to the States!" --Barrack Obama, President of the United States of America

Kamusta na mga katropang Aquamen? Have a great day! Iwas kaaway

Dungeon on the loose! Master of the ocean deep. Mas malakas pa kay Count baccula. Unite!

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Aquamen! Masaya ako na dumadami tayo. Pero dumadami din ang kalaban. Kelangan na nila marecognize na nageexist ang Aquamen. We need the shirts already! Eto na naman may bagong kalaban. Ang "Ambisyosang Blowfish". Sugpuin!

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Hi, Its me again, Sharkboy. I just came home from sharkschool and just met my new sharkmates, its lame cause they dont know how to use their God given fin. And now i hate seafoods because of wasabi, My dinner today is salmon. I also change my motto, Fish are friends, not FRUITS. have a blessed evening…/ex_taylor_lautner_shark_boy.jpg

Ako ren man! along with ZMonster.! hahaha! ) --SEAMONster

Title - Monster Who Came To Dinner - In this first episode 2 brothers meet a sea monster named Sigmund; - Johnny Whitaker

I'm liking the photo's your putting! hahaha! ) - SEAMONster

Ang mortal enemy pala ng Aquamen ay si Count Bacculla. Hindi sya underwater creature pero ang favorite hobby nya ay swimming, kaya lagi s'yang nasa teritoryo natin. Sugpuin si Count Bacculla.

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