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Loz Green

99% of affiliates I know have the goal to crush affiliate marketing, get enough consistency or cash to build a company, hire a team, then scale and shift the co...mpany to satisfy their life goals.

The majority of the affiliate industry is between 25-35 yrs old.

Of those, a small percent now own a company and manage a team.

Of those, an even smaller percent have any kind of previous management experience.

We are left to learn on our own using trial and error, or hiring top level management (even that is still trial and error).

Most of you have no problem building a small team by hiring junior staff or partnering up with a few other affiliates. But it starts getting more and more complex every employee you add onto your payroll. It's scary shit.

If you want to really grow and scale your business...not only in profits, but by also retaining employee satisfaction and productivity then I'd highly recommend reading this SLICK cheat sheet:


It's a 37 page actionable point by point summary of the book "Scaling Up".…/…/0986019526

Shout out to Jason Akatiff for the tip.


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