All Domestic pre-orders and orders placed through Friday morning February 23rd have now been shipped! Regular shipment times are now in place. All orders placed Monday through Friday noon will ship within 24 hours, orders placed after noon PST on Fridays or on Saturday and Sunday will ship on Mondays, except Holidays.

Herbal Nutrition has arrived and we are shipping Cleanse 28 and Cleanse 14 as well as individual cleanse products.

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Started by high school young people in response to the shooting in their Florida school last week.

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Arise & Shine Update - February 1, 2018

So far, good news about Herbal Nutrition!

The herbs have passed their preliminary testing and are scheduled to go into production early next week. There are many steps involved which I hope to summarize in an article for the website soon. Right now we anticipate shipping Herbal Nutrition and Cleanse Kits the week of February 18th.


I want to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to all of you who have stuck with us through this very frustrating delay, and admittedly an ordeal for me. I understand how much time and planning goes into scheduling a Cleanse before you actually start your Cleanse. Here it is February and everyone is still waiting for Herbal Nutrition.

Because of the delays and disappointments, we are extending special pricing for Cleanse 14 and Cleanse 28 through the end of February.

Again many thanks for your patience and support,

Avona and the tiny but mighty Arise & Shine Team

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I would love to attend this event in Mill Valley, California. If you are in the area check it out.

Best Wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season. We are so very grateful to all of you for your love, support and patience. May 2018 be a year of peace and prosperity for you and yours. Sincerely, Arise & Shine.

Arise & Shine Update - December 16, 2017

Well, the new Arise & Shine is getting off to a rather bumpy start and we know these bumps affect you since it takes time and planning to do a Cleanse. To those of you who preordered kits and those of you expecting to do so in the next few weeks; we sincerely apologize for yet another delay.

Arise & Shine Products are tested extensively to insure the high quality products that you have come to know and expect. Everything was in place t...o ship, until, unfortunately, Herbal Nutrition failed to pass the final quality control tests.

Kelly Ann, Arise & Shine’s new Herbalist and I have already started over. We are qualifying and purchasing herbs. Once the herbs pass their quality and identification tests, a carefully expedited production will begin. We hope this expedited process will only take 6 to 8 weeks and we expect to have Herbal Nutrition by early February.

The production of herbal formulas requires many checks and tests. I am working on a short article with more detailed information that will be available on our website soon for those of you who have an interest in the process.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. We realize that this news is as deeply disappointing for many of you as it is for all of us here. We started accepting preorders December 1st expecting to ship Cleanses soon thereafter. We are extending our special price for all preorders of Cleanse 14 and Cleanse 28 through January. Again thank you for your patience.

Best wishes for a safe and wonderful Holiday Season and a peaceful 2018.


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ACAPPELLA sings "Amazing Grace" These vocalists represent an even larger roster of vocalists, as we have more basses, baritones, leads and tenors from across the nation who continue to sing with ACAPPELLA Ministries.

Newly Updated Arise & Shine Website is Live @ !

Finally, the website is live because we have Flora Grow, Psyllium and Bentonite ready to ship on Tuesday. We are accepting pre-orders for Cleanse 28, Cleanse 14, Chomper and Herbal Nutrition. Chomper will be available by the end of next week with Herbal Nutrition availability still pending. We will keep you posted.

Again many, many thanks for your patience and support!


Avona, Patricia, Kelly Ann, Nathan, Beth and Clarice

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Arise & Shine Update - November 18, 2017

Almost all the Cleanse products are ready to be delivered to our beautiful new warehouse in Anacortes, Washington. Herbal Nutrition will be ready around November 27th, so we plan to start shipping Domestic orders sometime that week probably on Wednesday November 29th or Thursday the 30th.

We are deeply grateful for all of you who have been waiting so patiently. I have to admit that I have had my patience tried and tested a lot over the... past 2 months as one delay after another occurred.

Patricia and I have been in contact with many of you over the past weeks and months answering lots of questions. We found that many of you didn’t know that the old company closed completely down in 2014. The warehouse, all the equipment, office furnishings; everything was sold at that time. Records were retained along with a few shaker jars and a few other things. We have truly started over.

We have also had some questions about Distributorships or Wholesale accounts. The short answer is, it requires tiered pricing in order to offer sales through intermediaries such as Independent Distributors. After going through the sticker shock of what it costs to produce Chomper, Herbal Nutrition, Flora Grow and the rest of the Cleanse products today in 2017, the decision was made to keep prices as low as possible for everyone by not offering tiered pricing. We will offer specials from time to time starting with a special “Thank you for your Patience” discount on Cleanse 14 and Cleanse 28 through December 31, 2017. Cleanse 28 will be $312 (regularly priced at $345) and Cleanse 14 will $156 (regularly priced at $175).

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How Algae Could Change the Fossil Fuel Industry
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Algae is one of the most powerful sources of energy we have access to on Earth. This is how it could revolutionize sustainable energy. Make sure to follow Focal Point for the best science stories.

We are still awaiting on an update on the readiness of Herbal Nutrition. Everything should start arriving this week - finally! I can't believe all the delays. As soon as I have a firm ship date for Herbal Nutrition, we will activate the shopping cart on the website for pre-orders. We do not want to start accepting orders until we are certain that we can ship within a reasonable amount of time.

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While we continue to wait, lots of progress though.

Nahko & Medicine for the People A film by Grototote Special Thanks Evoke Emotion Ph...

All we need is the Cleanse products to arrive - well almost, there are still a few more details. You are looking at the packing line where we will box your orders.

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