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Candy Bee
· March 15, 2018
I hate to leave a bad review & had high hopes for this place, but the only good thing I can say is their salsa and chips are good. I ordered tacos and nearly broke a tooth because something in the tac...o meat was hard as rock. I managed to pick the hard parts out and realized it was bone which totally disgusted me. I've never had this happen at any Mexican place and I've been to most all of them and obsessed with Mexican food. The meat didn't taste great to begin with and the white cheese they use is flavorless. I hated the rice and beans too which I normally love to eat at all the other Mexican places around Tulsa. My mom got the enchiladas and couldn't even eat them, and they charge extra if you want your cheese enchiladas to have yellow cheese sauce over them rather than the nasty brown sauce. They're the only place in town that charge extra for simply making REAL, traditional ALL cheese enchiladas. We found that to be very obnoxious. The other issue we encountered was how slow that were. After waiting nearly as hour for just 2 tacos and 2 enchiladas, we politely asked the waitress how much longer it would be because we had a toddler with us who was luckily eating a McDonald's we picked up before going there and he was getting bored waiting around and we had to go see my grandma in the hospital after eating and time was slipping away. The waitress was very short tempered about us simply asking how much longer it would be after patiently waiting an hour for basic food . She tried to blame it on the place being busy. Well, if 10 tables is busy for them that's pretty sad. It's a good thing they're not working at the other Mexican places around town that have 30 tables full at dinner time & still manage to get the food out in less than 15-20 minutes and tastes excellent. Finally, it was next to impossible to understand our waitress which being in a Mexican place I don't expect perfect English but at least be fluent enough so customers can communicate with you. Again, I've gone to Mexican diners my entire life from Oklahoma to California to New Mexico and Arizona and have rarely encountered staff that I literally can't understand at all until I went to this place. The mere fact that there was hard bone bits in my taco meat is enough to say I'll never return and sadly can't give even 1 star to it... If you want consistently good Mexican food in Tulsa then go to Chimis or El Chico. I've never had bone bits in my meat there, the food is cooked perfectly &fast, the staff are friendly & fluent English speakers, they care if you're happy or not and don't charge extra for putting yellow cheese sauce instead of the spicy brown sauce on cheese enchiladas which is frankly ridiculous. I never do review's but because of how and this experience was I felt I must not only warn others but also give the owners some honest feedback so maybe they'll improve things. To end on a positive note, the chips and salsa were amazingly good, and I'd eat that again... See More
Toni Godwyn-Mccorkle
· February 26, 2018
Service is always top notch. We've been eating here for years and have never had one bad experience. They go over and beyond to satisfy their guests and greet you like you're their friend when you wal...k in. The food is always amazing. I can't think of one negative thing to say about this restaurant or their staff. See More
Traci Allen Walker
· November 4, 2017
My first time at this restaurant. Ordered a margarita rocks. Excellent ! Food was good, but did not care for their salsa. Vinegar and tobasco was what it tasted like to me.
Diamond Burns
· March 12, 2018
I’ve been going to the Arizona Mexican Restaurant for the longest time when I crave down home cooking! Love my juevos rancheros with green Chile !! Excellent service and excellent atmosphere for me!
Amber Stepp-Hopkins
· October 1, 2017
This restaurant is one of my ultimate all-time faves! I recommend everyone in the world to go eat there!
Taking pictures .... it looks soooo delicious!

Dear guest, one of you forgot their, I think, special jacket here. We've had it now for a couple weeks, all I say, it's camo, you have to please call me and tell me what's on it, that makes it special. Size 2x. Call 918-488-6163 or 918-695-3812. And please share this.

Unfortunately our dinosaur posed away at the tender age of 15! Thank goodness the culprit is so stinking cute!

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To all of us trying to abstinent today, remember that we have a fairly big seafood and vegetarian menu. Might be a great night to try a shrimp cocktail or fish tacos, Camerones a la Diabla, spinach enchiladas....

Our SUPERBOWL special! Got a crowd tomorrow? Don't want to do it yourself? Well,
ARIZONA to the rescue!
10 crispy beef tacos, 10 soft beef tacos, lettuce, shredded cheese, 2 pints of diced tomatoes, 2 pints of salsa, 2 pints cheese dip, 2 pints guacamole and 2 #12 bags of chips, $65.00!
Just call us up at 918-488-6163 and order it any time. Order TACO- BASH! Lots of food, no work!
Call 918-488-6163 now!

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Oh yeah, we will be open today at 11 am!

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Alright, Arizona Family! Tonight we will close after the rush. Kitchen might close around 630pm , so come early! We are waiting for you, fireplace is on, it's nice and toasty, we are ready! But we will close, once nobody shows up anymore. Tomorrow we'll be closed all day, but Tuesday we will be up and running bright and early as always, 11am, in case you're tired of turkey!
So enjoy your time with family and friends, if you don't have any, come here and keep us company. A very Merry Christmas to all of you .....

"Baby" it's gonna be cold out there! Beat the weather and come on in tonight! Plenty of fresh chicken soup, Pozole, Fajitas, everything. Fireplace is on, it's cozy!

Today we have FREE coffee, hot chocolate and hot tea for everybody, too help you wake up, refresh, warm up.... you name it ! Come on in and see us!

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Dear Guests! All the staff here would love to wish everybody a very Happy Thanksgiving! We are closed today, so we can all relax and spend time with our families. And just turn off our brains for a while and think about TURKEY! With hot sauce, lol...
Tomorrow we will be open as always, but we will have FREE COFFEE and HOT CHOCOLATE all day for you to refresh and wake up, to help you recover from your shopping spree and today's eating frenzy!
Come on in on Friday and see us!!!!
Enjoy your family and friends!
Please share ...

Freezing from trick or treating? Fireplace at ARIZONA'S is on! And we have hot chocolate!

Always funny to just look at the little trinkets on here!

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Remember everybody, today is another free cheese dip night! Buy a dinner and your cheese dip is on us! Come and enjoy!

We are celebrating our cheese dip, and starting this afternoon at 4pm until closing tonight we will be serving it for free! That's right! If you buy a dinner, you'll get a free small cheese dip. Enjoy everybody and share the heck out of this please!