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Jiminy StAck
· September 11, 2017
a dead organization for over 5 years. With the Solar PV energy being attacted by utilities the best place in the world for Solar has been cut down.

The 100% Solar PV powered Solar Impulse is in Phoenix for a few days.

2 Pioneers flying around the world in a solar airplane to promote clean technologies

We have new pro Solar candidates running for the SRP Board. 2 are ASU professors and know energy. This can change everything.…/solar-advocates-hope-to…/…

By Ryan Randazzo | The Arizona Republic Last year’s vote by Salt River Project to raise solar customers’ rates has motivated clean-energy advocates to run for the board of the public power and water utility, hoping to unseat some of the long-serving officials. Four challengers are running for govern…

The 2015 National Solar Home Tour is coming up. But since Solar PV has been killed in Arizona we don't have a tour. BUT Solar is also about efficient design, Passive Solar, Phantom Solar , Solar Hot water and much more. ASES 20th Annual National Solar Tour…/20th-annual-ases-national-solar-tour…/

The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) in collaboration with dozens of outstanding partner organizations is proud to announce that the largest annual

If the Powerwall is only going to be used as a backup power supply during blackouts, (and not shifting grid power consumption away from peak hours) its going to be hard for it to make financial sense to most home owners.

At an installed cost of about $7,000, Powerwall, Tesla's home battery, is an appliance that makes very little financial sense for most people.

Fossil Fuels -Producing electricity for the average household in the U.S. each year requires burning 8,079 pounds of coal, and using 5,000 gallons of water. Just for your home.

Will Tesla's home battery system be able to allow wide-spread adoption of solar power without the stress to the grid associated with bidirectional power flows?

The power grid was never built for the bidirectional electrical power transfer that distributed renewable energy is enabling. Batteries will reduce peak load demand and improve the overall efficiency of the grid, reducing or eliminating the need to upgrade it.

The solar hot water industry is suffering from the uncertainties generated by the utilities' plans to increase solar electric fees.

Arizona utilities have been battling with rooftop solar-electric companies over rates, and the solar water-heating industry is suffering damage.

Facebook's new solar powered drone will be huge!

Facebook says the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle will be used to connect remote regions to the internet.

SRP solar surcharges are in the news again -- SolarCity reports a 96% drop in applications since December.

Fees being imposed on solar customers by utilities already appear to be taking a toll on the solar industry.

Utility-scale solar power as a share of total electrical production in 2014: California, Nevada and Arizona were the top 3 states.

The Golden State more than doubled its solar output last year and now hosts two of the world's largest solar plants.

Solar company CEO says future of solar in Arizona is still bright. Is she right?

Viewpoints: Despite utility setbacks, Arizona's promising solar industry won't be stopped.

Solar PV is now dead in Arizona from new fees by APS and SRP. At least efficient design, Solar H2O other passive Solar techniques are still alive.

More action on the new SRP rate plan...

The California solar installer files in U.S. District Dourt alleging SRP is using its monopoly power to keep people from going to solar.

Trying to figure out how this doesn't kill off rooftop solar in SRP territory. If 1 kW system produces 1,750kWh per year, an $80/month charge + $20 increase in monthly basic service charge = approximate production of a 7 kW solar rooftop system. So anything less than 7kW will end up costing you more in surcharges than you benefit from generating electricity. Is there something else that balances out this cost? Comments welcome!

Even after last week's vote by the Salt River Project board, the debate over rooftop solar's value to the power grid and how it should be billed is far from settled in Arizona and across the country.

Solar PV saves even more with an EV. Tesla is the fastest rising 100% Electric and they have Arizona as one of four possible locations for their gigafactory to make advanced batteries. That could be as big as INTEL and the new Apple factory in our high tech state. Tesla also supplies Tesla advanced batteries for Solar backup power.

Be sure to check out this years' Solar and Sustainable Building tour this weekend, October 26-27, 2013.

This free, self-guided tour of 10 sites in the Phoenix metropolitan area, has a great cross-section of sustainable, green, solar and energy efficient buildings.

There is something for everybody’s interest and curiosity—new resource and energy efficient construction to green remodels; passive and active solar strategies and technology—for heating and cooling and other applications; sustainable water practices for the desert—landscaping, rainwater catchment and storage, and gray water systems; and much, much more