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We're joined by Pedro from the Media Nut to discuss Nintendo's E3 presentation this year!   Pedro's Channel: Random Ramblings:
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We're back baby! We talk about random stuff as well as the future of the podcast... so that's pretty neat!

The author's latest blog article. He wrote it for #thougtfulthursday

Dear friends, As most of you probably know, the popular television personality Bill Nye “the Science Guy” will be visiting the famous Creation Museum near Cincinnati to debate with the president of...

A video by Vinnie Harned, featuring Arkoumene and the author himself, J. L. Harned!

Who is that masked man? And why did he attempt to assassinate J. L. Harned? Does it have anything to do with that awesome new novel that's just come out? htt...

A message from the author's timeline:

Luke Harned

"...if there IS a point to life, what is it?"
He couldn't really see her, but Cara seemed to smile. "You will know someday."
Ethan was surprised at this and al...most started to complain, but he knew that if she didn't want him to know yet or wanted him to find out on his own, she had a reason for it. But then she went on. "But know this: it isn't to make life better for yourself, and it isn't to make life better for other people. The second is a noble goal, and there is nothing wrong with the first, but neither is the ULTIMATE meaning of existence."

How easy it is to forget the words of my own character!

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Ethan, Erin, and Puck all get Facebook profiles! Will you "Like" them?

The mother picked up a large plate made of sandstone, slapped a piece of something onto it, and handed it to Ethan. "There, served the berst food in the wood by the most beautiful troll in the wood."
Both seemed unlikely to Ethan, as it seemed impossible for anything--food of friend--to look worse, but her husband said, "I must say, wife, I might love you more if you were not so beautiful. It seems to be the only thing you talk about."
"Pooh!" she answered. "I talk about lots... of things. Why, yesterday--"
"I cannot recall a time when we were not discussing your beauty or arguing about--about--"
"Well, I can't help it anyway. I get more beautiful every year--don't you agree, my sons?"
"I don't know, Mum," said the troll who had lost the fish. "I think you were taller once--"
"That's because you were shorter once," said his father. "I say, though--what were we talking about before all this?"

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Eleven-year-old Ethan Smith is a shy, ordinary boy who dislikes math and hard work. As he goes about his days playing computer games, escaping bullies, and living within his imagination, he finds himself wishing something exciting would happen to him. While taking a walk one afternoon, Ethan's wi...

Oh, the mystery, the excitement, and the FUN! You're about to experience one of the world's most epic fantasies, Arkoumene!
Join us TOMORROW for a 17-year-old author's third book signing, and then join the adventure!

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The thrill... the speed... the wind in your face... and deadly enemies right behind you. You're about to take the ride of your life in one of the world's most epic fantasies, Arkoumene!
Join us this Saturday for a 17-year-old author's third book signing, then jump into the adventure and hang on tight!

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The excitement... the adrenaline... the clash of steel-on-steel swords as you face your enemies. You're about to experience one of the world's most epic fantasies, Arkoumene!
Join us this Saturday for a 17-year-old author's third book signing, and then join the adventure!

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Christian readers take note: author Luke Harned will be appearing at the Effingham Christian bookstore, Lifeline Christian Books and Gifts this Saturday! If you have not yet purchased a copy of Arkoumene, you can get yours then, or bring your existing copy to get it signed by the author!

Sat 11:00 AM CDTLifeline Christian Books and Gifts in Effingham, IL
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"Hey, Luke. After reading the sample from Arkoumene available at B&N I have to say a little more:
"You write quite well, all too rare a quality among today's young adults. In fact, you accomplish two things at a high level; first, you use standard rules accurately while at the same time handling informal language (as in dialogue) very well; and second, you tell a story well. Tell your teacher/writing coach/mom/dad that either you are just quite gifted or someone did a great job teaching you. "Or maybe it's both."
~Message from the American Family Association's Randall M.

We will be in Chicago this October for the Illinois Library Association Ignite! conference. Looking forward to a great time!

Luke Harned

I've been selected to be a featured author at the Illinois Library Association conference!

If YOU could decide what would happen in the next Arkoumene book, what would it be?

Ethan helped himself to the cereal and skim milk and sat down at the table. Not a word or a smile was passed between them, until Ethan's father said, "I believe your math teacher sent a note home with you, Ethan."
Ethan suddenly felt rather warm and looked down at the table.
Ethan slowly nodded.
"She called and told me about it last night," his father went on. "Why didn't you give it to me?"...
"I forgot about it."
The man nodded. "I see."
Ethan hoped he didn't see but was sure he did. Mrs. Smith looked up from the romance novel she was reading and cast an annoyed glance at her son but said nothing.
"She said you were drawing dinosaurs in your textbook during class. And this isn't the first time it's happened."
Ethan squirmed uncomfortably. "They were dragons."
"The dinosaurs - they were supposed to be dragons."
His father shook his head and sighed. Ethan returned his gaze to the table.

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Aprox. 49,600 words in the first draft so far!