Nuestras Voces Moments

A portion of this webinar will also include considerations for preparing an effective presentation in Spanish. GRACAS to TAASA and NJCASA for your support!
Para registrarse a este seminario web presentado por Laura Zárate - Arte Sana Founding Executive Director and ALAS Facilitator

#SAAM #SAAM2018 #YoTambién #AdvocacySinFronteras


To learn more about all of the free Spanish language #YoSoySAAM webinars (listed in EST) and how to access webinar materials:

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“Growing up, it was customary for Ariana ‘Diosa’ Zertuche, 24, to kiss and hug family members, but she had never discussed the idea of consent. She and her mother, Maggie Zertuche, 62, explore how complex relationships and the taboos of discussing sex make it difficult for women in their family to come forward.”
'How the #MeToo movement is changing the way mothers and daughters talk about sexual assault'…/la-me-metoo-conversations-20180213…

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“Research shows that 30 percent of women report pain during vaginal sex, 72 percent report pain during anal sex, and ‘large proportions’ don't tell their partners when sex hurts.
…At every turn, women are taught that how someone reacts to them does more to establish their goodness and worth than anything they themselves might feel.” Lili Loofbourrow #MeToo #YoTambién

Let's talk about bad sex

Gracias to CCASA for promoting efforts like the Colorado Latinx Leadership Network! We are really looking forward to the #YoSoySAAM webinars being presented by Agueda Morgan, Monica Carrasco, and Gina Milan of Colorado and by one of our #ALASlíderes Rosa Beltré during #SAAM #SAAM2018!

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Congratulations to everyone who completed our year-long cohort of the Colorado Latinx Leadership Network! Thank you to Rosa Beltré, Executive Director of the Alliance to End Sexual Violence, and Flora Archuleta, Executive Director of the San Luis Valley Immigrant Resource Center, for sharing your wisdom and experience with the group. #CLLN2018 #LatinxRock #CCASAinAction

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"This is about the emotions around intimacy. It's about how you speak up for what you want in terms of your own happiness and your own fulfillment, whether it's emotionally, spiritually, or physically and sexually." Christiane Amanpour

"Sex and Love Around The World," premieres on Saturday, March 17 at 10 p.m. EST

CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour's new show takes her network's motto — "Go there" — to a whole new level. The groundbreaking television correspondent, who became famous for her war reporting, is investigating a different kind of story. Amanpour is…
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A collection of all #YoSoySAAM Spanish language webinar series collaboration posts, presenters and partner information.

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Attention bilingual Latinx advocates and allies - please share this on your social media pages so that Spanish speaking advocates and promotoras/es/xs in your states can take advantage of this free training series for #SAAM #SAAM2018! The #YoSoySAAM webinars is being offered via critical support of state coalition partners and the generous solidarity of our presenters. Webinar handouts will be made available on a per session and complete series basis. Arte Sana has been functioning without grant funds since 9/2015 - so we need to raise funds to plan our next Nuestras Voces conference. Access the webinar registration pages and handout options here:

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A collection of all #YoSoySAAM Spanish language webinar series collaboration posts, presenters and partner information.

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A collection of all #YoSoySAAM Spanish language webinar series collaboration posts, presenters and partner information.

“Growing up, it was customary for Ariana ‘Diosa’ Zertuche, 24, to kiss and hug family members, but she had never discussed the idea of consent. She and her mother, Maggie Zertuche, 62, explore how complex relationships and the taboos of discussing sex make it difficult for women in their family to come forward.” #MeToo #YoTambién #YoSoySAAM

To explore how the conversation about sexual harassment and assault has changed in light of the #MeToo movement, we asked mothers and daughters about how they were raised to talk, react and take action.

On this day 17 years ago, Arte Sana held its first event in Austin. We are so very happy and thankful to be able to commemorate #InternationalWomensDay and Arte Sana's 17th anniversary by sharing the new #YoSoySAAM Spanish language webinar series registration page! Gracias to our wonderful state coalition partners, these will be available for free. However, as a means to raise some much needed operational funds until our next Nuestras Voces conference, our incredible presenters have agreed to allow us to sell their handouts at a nominal fee. The bottom of this page offers two handout options; the series option will include additional Spanish language materials that may be useful during and after #SAAM #SAAM2018 So mark your calendars and register for SIX free seminarios web que se presentarán en ESPAÑOL!

After collaborating with TAASA for the selection of Spanish language workshops at last year's National Sexual Assault Conference, we were thrilled to collaborate once more for this year's state conference. One of our #ALASlíderes - Elizabeth Balcarcel - will offer a keynote presentation in English as well as a taller en español. All bilingual Texas advocates who will be attending this conference arte strongly encouraged to take advantage of this special training opportunity - just take a look at los tópicos. Gracias TAASA!
Leran more about the conference and registration here:

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"UNIDOS was started in 1996 as a group of volunteers committed to helping Latinx survivors of domestic violence access local services. The organization started as a result of social action research conducted with migrant farm worker communities in central WI between 1994 and 1996."

Please support UNIDOS so they can enhance their outreach efforts!

We will be adding this wonderful Latinx-led initiative that began in 1996 to the 'Pioneers in Latinx Victim Advocacy'chart, as well as any others you all share with us.

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Araceli Lopez Esparza is with David Duran and 2 others.

We are so close, when we began this campaign, many people said that we were dreamers, and of course we are dreamers! $10,000 is a big dream, over 20 years ago t...his organization was a little dream too.

A dream to help women get into a shelters, get health and legal services in their own language, by people who understood them and so was the birth of UNIDOS. With no data, no research, no staff, no office these people came together and decided to make an impact.

I'm asking you to give $5 get us to get us to 25% of our goal, if you can give and share this post we can get there by midnight tonight.

This New Horizon for UNIDOS is one where intergenerational gardening is happening, empowerment women lead groups are forming, and a full functioning 24-hour crisis line that is bilingual and bicultural.
Join us and make an impact for the next 20 years! Unidos WI

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In three days - on #InternationalWomensDay Arte Sana will commemorate 17 years of #AdvocacySinFronteras that has focused on bilingual/bicultural training and outreach to engage Latinxs as agents of change. Before the #MeToo movement, bilingual Latinx victim advocates in the U.S. have been inspired by the ciberactivista efforts of our compañerxs in Latina America to dismantle rape culture and gendered assumptions. For the introduction of the use of the arroba (@) and the recen...t adoption of the ‘x’ to address gendered Spanish in outreach materials and publications, the various mobilizations like la #MarchaDeLasPutas and online campaigns against el #AcosoCallejero, we give thanks to our hermanas en la lucha throughout Latin America. We also honor the efforts of so many comadre advocate activists in the U.S who have paved the way for those who have just begun their activism in the movement. #YoTambién #YoSoySAAM

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‘Llega La Marcha de las Putas, contra la cultura de la violación’…/la_marcha_de_las_putas-putas-gener…

La 'marcha de las putas' se expande por el mundo
“En México, el lema de la ‘marcha de las putas’ era ‘No significa no’, pues lo que querían recalcar es que aunque algunas mujeres ejerzan la prostitución, esto no las convierte en un blanco propicio para ser agredidas sexualmente. Como le dijo a Bbc Mundo Gabriela Amancaya, una de las organizadoras de la marcha en el D.F., ‘tú me puedes llamar puta, pero eso tampoco te da derecho a abusar de mí’.”…/la-marcha-putas-expande-mu…/244228-3

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#YOTAMBIEN, #METOO. Una oleada de mujeres se ha inscrito a este movimiento visibilizador de las agresiones sexuales. Pero esto tiene algunos "pero"...

"I see it as an acceptance of my participation in the business over a number of years." Wes Studi

"Until we get to a point where we're offered roles that are academy-worthy, are Golden Globe-worthy, we're going to be on the outside, looking in.” Sonny Skyhawk
#academyawards90 #Oscarnominees #Oscar2018


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Wes Studi will take the stage at Sunday's Oscars to present an award. But the actor, among the few Native Americans included in the ceremony's 90-year history, has reason to feel like a winner. "Exciting News!" the veteran actor tweeted when he and Gal Gadot, Mark Hamill, Eva Marie Saint...

Learn more about what YOU can do to help #DefundHate!
About the campaign:
#UnitedWeDream #HereToStay

Friday, March 2, 2018 #DefundHate Twitterstorm...
2PM - 3PM ET…/18en6UDZyIN55M9knLMKmEc4I0e-…/edit

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We need you to join us in cutting off the flow of money that allows the Department of Homeland Security to deport and detain our community members. Money is ...
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On March 27 we will be initiating the first ever #YoSoySAAM **Spanish language** webinar series with this wonderful presentation hosted by the FCASV and presented by Irene Rodriguez of the Mindful Journey Center. #SAAM2018

Register today!…/yo-soy-saam-seminario-web-aplicació…

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We are thrilled to announce the first in the #YoSoySAAM webinar series co-hosted by state sexual assault coalition partners. Mil gracias to our #ALASlíderes lik...e Eva Fiallos-Diaz, we will be able to offer this timely webinar presented by Irene M. Rodriguez who was among our favorite presenters at #NuestrasVoces2017! It is through meaningful collaborations with proactive coalitions like the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence, and the solidarity of fellow Latina professionals like Irene, that Arte Sana is able to continue our #AdvocacySinFronteras work in Spanish without grant funding! ~~~ ¡Todos los seminarios web de la serie 'Yo Soy SAAM' serán presentados en español! ~~~

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On this day 14 years ago, a small group of Latina advocates across the nation shared our first posts on an ALAS Yahoo group listserv created by Arte Sana. Shortly thereafter we published our first position statement (endorsed by most state coalitions across the nation) regarding eliminating language barriers within victim services.

It has been an honor to collaborate with so many incredible #ALASlíderes these 14 years to develop position statements, bilingual training opport...unities, and materials. Together, we have enhanced a collective voice to engage communities as agents of change sexual assault prevention and victim advocacy efforts.

The graphic below includes four of the seven consejos developed by ALAS members in 2014 for upgrading bilingual/bicultural Latinx outreach and victim advocacy.
They continue to be relevant today. #AdvocacySinFronteras. #YoTambién #YoSoySAAM #SAAM2018

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