Scenes from the salt mines.

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I'm back to blogging. Because it's hot-as-freaking-Hades in NYC right now and what else is there to do?

New blog post.

The Storm

Reading tomorrow (Thursday) night with Alison Espach at Housing Works Bookstore, 7:00 pm. There's still time to enter the Nice Braids Writing Contest over on Ali's blog (25 words or less on your elementary school crush) for a chance to win a signed copy of my collection and a $25 gift certificate from Housing Works. Yes, that really is me in the school photo. And no, I was not raised on a polygamist colony.

New blog post after many moons of no blog posts.

Moon Farm

Took a break from the book tour to be tourists, with mixed results.

All Things Bright and Beautiful (The Lord Hearst Made Them All)

NYers: Come see how accomplished David Goodwillie and I have become at "sharing the spotlight." Thursday, April 28, 7 pm, at BookCourt.

The God of Animals writer reads from her new book of stories, Boys and Girls Like You and Me , sharing the spotlight with the author of the literary thriller American Subversive .

Goodbye SF; Hello LA

The Tenderloin

Reading tonight, 7:30, at Skylight Books in LA. I'll be the one in the wrinkled dress.

Enter to win a free copy of Boys and Girls from Goodreads. The new paperback cover is awesome, if I do say so myself, which I feel that I may, since I had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

Boys and Girls Like You and Me has 170 ratings and 52 reviews. Rachel said: I found this book while perusing the new books section of my local library. I w...
Aryn Kyle shared a link.
Portland, Place of Many U-Turns

New blog post up on the new blog. Also, please check out the upcoming events for the West Coast tour of Boys and Girls and American Subversive, which will both be released in paperback on April 5th. We'd love to see you at a reading!


On criticism, animal cruelty, and why I don't just write a "happy book."

A few months ago, in an act that can only be described as an expression of long-repressed masochism and self-loathing, I read through all the one-star reviews The God of Animals has received on Amazon. ...

While I was in San Francisco (my new city-crush), I read "Femme" on KQED. I haven't listened to it because the sound of my own voice makes me want to pull a Phaedra and rip out all my hair (obscure Greek reference). But here's the link anyway.

Just an aside--I wrote "Femme" for an exercise in grad school. The assignment had something to do with irony. The irony is that the story isn't ironic. Wait, is that irony? Coming of age in the Alanis Morissette era totally messed with my understanding of the word.

I get so many emails about my short story "Allegiance," where it came from, why I wrote it, etc. It's hard for me to answer some of these questions--I'm never exactly sure how a story comes to be--but here, at long last, is my best attempt...

My new story collection, BOYS AND GIRLS LIKE YOU AND ME, was released earlier this week from Scribner. Right now I have readings scheduled in New York, Seattle, and San Francisco (check my website for specifics). If you reside in any of these areas, come out for a reading. I'd love to see you!

Tomorrow is the release date of Boys and Girls Like You and Me, which basically means nothing, since the book is already in bookstores and since I don’t start my book tour until next week. But the date feels significant anyway: It’s sort of the beginning; it’s sort of the end.

Boys and Girls reviewed in Elle Magazine!

Check out ELLE's review of author Aryn Kyle's Boys and Girls Like You and Me. Get more book recommendations at