This happened to #metoo ! I am so proud of everyone that is coming out and supporting everyone to do this #metoo campaign! It will help a lot of survivors and victims to Wake up, Get up and speak up!

Hello everyone! Today marks 3 years since the law was signed in to law! Thank you to all my supporters and those of you that helped me get to that point! Thank you Jesus! Come out and support tomorrow at the event! I will be speaking!


I will be speaking at this event! Come on out and support! Today marks 3 years of the law on the statute of limitations on child molestation that I went forward to change has been in law! Thank you Jesus. Come out and support!

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Good morning Everyone! I have some news that I have been wanting to share with you all. I have decided to take Ashley's Law to a NATIONAL LEVEL! I have gotten a lot of questions about changing the law in different states so I decided to take it national! I hope you guys are just as supporting as you are and always have been. Thank you so much for all your support! It is time to continue to WAKE UP, GET UP and SPEAK UP!!

So on December 2nd I met this wonderful girl that went thru a lot of similar situations that a lot of us can relate to. She ended up writing her own documentary about her life. Please listen and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

This is a reminder that April is sexual assault and domestic violence month. Please come out and join me tonight in Boynton Beach at the Martin Luther King Candlelight vigil where I will be telling my story and encouraging others to WAKE UP, GET UP and SPEAK UP! It will take place at 6pm at the amphitheater, 129 E. Ocean Ave in Boynton Beach. Hope to see you there.

Good morning Everyone! I know I haven't been on here updating you all. Just yesterday made 1 year that the law has been in place! That is so awesome and exciting. Thank you to all of you for helping me make it happen! Have a great day and I hope you all are continuing to Wake up, Get up and Speak up! I am not done yet there is more to come! I will keep you updated

Hello Everyone ! Remember to always Wake up, Get up and Speak up ! Do what is right and speak up for what you believe. Don't lose faith, you are ALREADY brave and a survivor of anything Have a great evening !

Have a good evening Everyone ! I hope your day was good

Hey Everyone! Please go on this website and help support this other survivor who is trying to change the statute of limitations on sexual battery for adults 16 and older! This is awesome work and she needs all the support she can get! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

Working to Eliminate the Florida Statute of Limitations on Sexual Battery for Adults Ages 16+

Good morning Everyone! Here is a message from Brandy Macaluso.

Hi Ashley... First off, thank you for referring individuals to me that are seeking help with their own situations! Second, I'd just like to let everyone know, you DO NOT have to report the crime to get services from me. It is your choice if you'd like to report it. I will not contact anyone or report it to anyone if you do not want to, BUT if you'd like to talk via phone, email, or in-person, about your situation or you just need some support or direction on your options, please feel free to contact me. Email is the best and quickest way to get me: There's no need for you to live in the shadows anymore, I am here to listen and support you in any way I can.

Good Morning Everyone! For those of you trying to get in contact with Brandy Macaluso her Email is:
Please contact if you would like help! Remember it is time to WAKE UP, GET UP, and SPEAK UP! Have a blessed day.

Story by J. Israel Balderas CBS 12 NewsFORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. Ashley Foster had the difficult and e
Stephanie Watson CBS12 NewsA man accused of molesting a local woman when she was just 13 is now sui

Hi Everyone! I went to my court hearing this morning. I had my whole support team there. I want to thank them all that came for being there for me! The case between JAMES JOHNSON vs ASHLEY FOSTER has been DISMISSED due to JAMES RASHAWN JOHNSON NOT SHOWING UP IN COURT! I was ready for the battle and you did not show. Thank you Jesus! NO WEAPONS AGAINST THEE SHALL PROSPER. Please watch the 6pm news on channel 25 and/or channel 12 to see what really was going on and how my thought and feelings were and what I have to say to ALL you SURVIVORS and future Survivors.

Good Evening everyone I was on news channel 12 tonight at 11pm. I will be posting the news clip soon.

Good Evening Everyone. I wanted to let you guys know that my court date is Tuesday, May 6th at the Broward courthouse, 201 SE 6th Street Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301 Room 860. It starts at 10:30am. Please pray for me as Tuesday comes along. I thank you all for your encouragement and prayers. It is time for me to continue to WAKE UP, GET UP and SPEAK UP.