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ive been asked to upload a clubmix of "dancing by the moonlight [radioEdit]", so here it is ;>

have u got your copy of my remix of lopez' "keep on searching" yet?
listen to the full track heeeere and make your choice

Keep On Searching (Astleray Remix) [Electronic Anarchy] is available for download on Beatport, the world's largest DJ and electronic music community.

3 days 'til release! whip out your wallet meanwhile ;D

Keep On Searching
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May 2, 2013

my remix of Lopez' "Keep On Searching" comin' at'cha the 10th may! \o/ its a straight forward & hard hitting trance tune while the original idulges ur ears with a rather laid-back techy-minimal feeling.

make urself familiar with the release here:


and remember to like the label heeeeere:

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Electronic Anarchy
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some rand0m sh1tt incoming ... #soooon

have you already covered your daily requirement of duck?

because duck you, thats why!
some afternoon i suddenly had a chord progression in my head so i jammed around on the piano a bit and came up with all those melodies :-D as f...

sooooo, started something new today


that awkward moment when a random progHouse tune with duck croaking in it gets 75% more downloads than a decent trance tune

wisdom of the day!

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how r u, my dear followers? heres something to dance to for u have a nice weekend!

duck you, thats why.

i've been told its all about promotion, so yea, GO AND BUUUUYYY THIS FckINNN BAD ASSS BANGING TUUUUNE!!!!!!!!! :D

malicious advice mallard speaks true words

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just in case u wondering how I create those tunes

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