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The Mighty Yuks Hockey Club is back and ready for another great season of fundraising for the La Fondation du Children - Montréal / The Children’s Foundation - Montreal

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Case Study: Kids Cancer Care Radiothon with Astral Media.

Discover our first annual corporate social responsibility report!

Astral is a leading Canadian media company, reaching people through a combination of highly targeted media properties in television, radio, out-of-home advertising, and digital media. With 21 television services, Astral Television is the country's largest broadcaster of English- and French-language

This Monday we want to share with you the story of Colton Boechler. He's from Vancouver.

Have a great week to all!


On January 13, 2007, six-year-old Colton Boechler came down with the flu. Unknown to his parents, this common illness would within days have Colton would be fighting for his life.

When he first became ill, Colton’s condition gave no clues to what lay ahead. The day unfolded as usual for parents Julie and Kelly Boechler until, late in the day, the normally energetic and outgoing Colton began to complain of a headache.

“The headache was just pounding,” recalls Julie. “And that was alarming because a headache usually goes away with Tylenol.”

Within hours, the pain was excruciating and Julie whisked him off to the Emergency Department at BC Children’s Hospital. Whatever was hurting Colton, it was swift and ferocious.

As Julie sat by Colton’s bedside at BC Children’s, her son suddenly went into cardiac arrest.

The influenza virus had ripped through Colton’s body attacking his immune system, targeting his heart and lungs, and then triggering kidney failure. Doctors were forced to place the youngster on a high-tech life support machine where he remained for 25 days.

As his family tried to remain optimistic, Colton’s care team felt obliged to prepare his parents for the real chance their sonwould come away with brain damage from the combined effects of the illness, and the extended and intense medical treatment that was keeping him alive.

Yet somehow, the odds that had sent him tumbling on a downward spiral turned in his favour. After three months in intensive care, he was well enoughto be sent home.

“All the doctors who had anything to do with Colton said time and again that his recovery was a miracle,” says Colton’s dad, Kelly.

Today, Colton has made a remarkable physical return to his former self. He is able to enjoy his favourite sports, hockey and baseball, with vigour. Though he still returns to Children’s when he catches a bug, through the care and support of BC Children’s Hospital and his family, Colton survived and is back where he needs to be –at home with his family.

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Hello all,
Today, we invite you to discover with us Tristyn's Tallio story.
He is 4 years old.

•In December, 2006, Tristyn was born with 5 major deformities: heart, lungs, 1/2 a sternum, intestines on outside, enlarged liver/ hernia, hole in trachea. He wasn't expected to be born alive, and when he was, they didn't think he would ever leave the hospital....
•He was transferred to BCCH, and by April 2007 needed a tube inserted to help with his breathing, and was hooked up to a ventilator.
•Tristyn stayed in hospital for two years, and in Feb, 2009, went home. He returned later that year due to his failing health: his lungs and heart were in bad shape. Because of all the work his heart was doing, it enlarged and he was given one month to live shortly after his third birthday in December, 2009.
•Amazingly Tristyn’s health turned around and his lung capacity improved. He was put on the heart transplant list, and in June 2010, Tristyn and his mother Bertha, travelled to Edmonton to wait for his new heart. (BCCH does not perform heart transplants – only two centres in Canada – Stollery in Edmonton and Sick Kids in Toronto).
•Part of Tristyn’s care team from BCCH went to see him in Edmonton while he was waiting for his heart. A heart did become available, and a successful transplant was completed. Tristyn and Bertha spent 98 days in Edmonton, and he returned to BC Children’s Hospital.
•Tristyn remained an inpatient in Children’s ICU until November 2nd 2010, when he was officially discharged. Tristyn had only spent six months of his four years of life outside of a hospital, so this was an extremely momentous day for him and his mother.
•Tristyn will be followed by many BCCH specialists throughout his childhood.

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$6.7 Million !! You're amazing !

On Thursday, May 5, the sum of $6.7 million was raised, thanks to the generosity of the listeners of Astral Media Inc.'s (TSX: ACM.A/ACM.B) 60 English-language radio stations, located in 30 Canadian cities, during the Astral National Day of Caring for Kids Radiothon. The funds will help support seve

Good evening
It's now 10 PM Eastern Time /8 PM Mountain Time and 7 PM Pacific Time.
Thank you to all of you. You're amazing people!

Astral Radiothon results will be announced tomorrow.

One hour to go until the end of Astral's Radiothon (British Columbia).
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Dear Volunteers, you're doing a great job !!! This is more than Amazing !

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Simon the Safety Bear #yyc Police stopped by #astralradiothon to bring good wishes and donations!

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Mary and Christine with the derby car raised $10K for Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta

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... Mary go together w derby car that raised $10K for @kidscancercare Text kidscan to 45678

Great pictures Today ! (by BX93 )

Today's Country BX93 for the 12th annual Radiothon for Children's, part of the Astral National Day of Caring. updated 05.5.11