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Nicole Robie
· December 12, 2017
We were recommended Dr. Packer by friends who were in a tight bind needing their dog to get vacc'd for boarding. Leaving the house with my 3-year-old and 1-year-old is no easy task and add a new puppy... in the mix I wanted a better solution to veterinary care. The fact that Dr. Packer comes to our home is awesome since we'll be doing a lot of maintenance needs her first year. It was comfortable and convenient and my 3-year-old and 1-year-old could still run around and I didn't have to worry about them in an office. My sweet pup was more comfortable too since it was her home. We also love that Dr. Packer is well versed in necessary vaccines vs. vaccines that we don't need or can wait on. It's nice having a vet who tells you to text him anytime and with any questions since we are first time puppy owners with a lot of questions!

We love the new relationship that's started with Dr. Packer and highly recommend him!
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Hilary Bell Dial
· August 4, 2017
We recently used Dr. Packer for the transition of our 13 year old dog. We knew she deserved to not be afraid or stressed out with the noise of our regular vet office when the time came. Dr. Packer cle...arly communicated what to expect through the entire process, treated us and our other dog with the upmost respect and was kind from start to finish. I am grateful that he offers this service and will definitely call him when it's time for our other dog. Thank you for being in service this way to our pets. See More
Jennifer Jones
· July 27, 2017
Dr. Packer was amazing. Putting down a pet is hard enough, let alone the stress they go through traveling to the vet, and not being able to pass peacefully somewhere they're comfortable...a lot of peo...ple don't even know this service exists! I wish more did. He was very kind and comforting and it felt more like a ceremony, and less like a procedure. See More
Debbie Stout
· February 19, 2017
We decided it was time to find a Vet that would come to our home to see our four pawed love, Theodore. He will be 10 in July. He hates going to the Vet, he shakes, he is just miserable, and I hate he ...gets that stressed. At times I thought " oh I'll wait one more day so he doesn't have to be scared today. One day would turn into two, then a week has passed and so on it would go. He started having some hip pain recently, not wanting to walk as long, and he lives for his twice a day walks, so I knew I had to get him in for a checkup, all the while dreading it almost as much as he does. Well as I mentioned above, I started looking on line for a mobile Vet. Was not sure what to expect or how to choose one. Lucky for me I found one I felt I could trust by seeing that a friend and neighbor had used this particular Mobile Vet service and was very happy with him. So I went on my gut feeling and her great posts about this service and hesitantly gave them a call. No answer, but left a message. Thinking I would get a call back from possibly a office staff person, after all when do you ever get to talk to the actual vet...usually never. But within a couple of hours I received a call from Dr. Packer..yep the vet himself. I was beyond happy! We spoke shortly about what was going on with Theodore and to my surprise he was willing to come see him on Saturday! Saturday! Two days from when I called! Yes I know this is getting long, but let me just say this....I have had one Dr. In two of my dogs lives whom they loved as much as we as parents did. He was kind, gentle, and treated them as he would his own, Dr. Good was his name and gosh did that name fit this wonderful man. But he passed away a few years ago and we have not found a vet that holds a candle to that man...until yesterday! We found Dr. Brett Packer. From the time he stepped into our home with Theodore barking up a storm because someone was at the door, I knew we had found not only a great doctor for our Theodore, but a great friend. He said hello to Theodore in his soft gentle voice before he even said hi to me. Theodore immediately found a new friend....not a vet, not a doctor, but a friend. The visit went so well, Theodore got his Checkup, we got all our questions answered and before Dr. Packer walked out the door, Theodore was taking a nap! Incredible! So thankful we now have confidence Theodore will live his next few years pain free with no fear of stepping into another scary veterinary office again. Thank you Dr. Packer for your kindness, your soft gentle touch, and your immediate concern of getting Theodore back on track to his daily fun life! We look forward to many more of your great advice, gentle way with our family! See More
Sarah Peck Harrison
· March 6, 2017
Dr. Packer has been a lifesaver with my two kitties. One is old with chronic health issues, the other is young but gets traumatized going to the vet for routine issues. As a busy working mom trying get cats into carriers and off to the vet was the last thing I wanted to struggle with. Dr. Packer has been wonderful to work with my schedule and has responded quickly when my asthmatic cat has trouble breathing. As a nurse myself I appreciate his honest approach to treatment and willingness to work with me in providing my kitties the best care possible. See More
Ann Dow Morris
· February 2, 2017
Dr. Packer was there for us in our time of need! Due to a freak accident we ended up having to make the difficult decision to put down our beloved dog Burt. Dr. Packer came out to our home, explained ...all our options and supported our decision. He went above and beyond for our family. We highly recommend him for any of your pets needs, from routine checkups to difficult end of life decisions. His compassion and demeanor is like no other vet we've encountered.
Thank you Dr. Packer from the bottom of our broken hearts!!
~The Morris Family
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Donna Beagley
· March 15, 2017
Dr Packer is such a kind, compassionate person. I have met him on two occasions that were both to help an animal pass. It is a difficult situation and he makes you feel comfortable and explains everyt...hing as it happens. I am so grateful that he is willing to help people when they have to make that difficult decision for their beloved pet. He is truly a caring person and I would recommend any of his services. I'm glad his in home care is available. See More
Marcy Williamson
· March 25, 2017
I reached out to Dr. Packer today because my little corgi was in such pain taking her somewhere was not an option. He was exceptional. I received same day service & unbelievable care for my dog. He wa...s so good to her. She never felt stressed or had anxiety. I am so happy to have found someone who cares for my dogs the same way I do! Thank you Dr. Packer! See More
AndrewandShannon Willis
· May 19, 2016
Very pleased with the service we received and it sure beat bringing our cat in to the vet. I especially liked that Dr. Packard only did what he felt necessary whereas another vet I had called was we would need to sedate our cat so that a small infected wound could be flushed out first. I am all about the least amount of intervention needed for these kinds of things and was glad to find that Dr. Packard was too. And in the end because of this we actually saved money over bringing him in :) See More
Marissa Dansie
· November 14, 2015
Dr. Packer is the best Veterinarian I've met. He was very straightforward with us but showed compassion. He understood that saying goodbye to our 15 year old German Shepard/Husky was the hardest decis...ion we've had to make. Our sweet old girl went very peaceful in my arms and I appreciate all Dr. Packer did to help us through this difficult time. A few weeks later we received a hand written card with a very sweet poem. I have never had a vet take the time or care as much as Dr. Packer has done for us. We can't thank you enough! See More
Lindsay Morrell
· February 27, 2016
Dr. Packer is hands down the BEST Vet I've Ever had the pleasure of working with! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend him to all of my friends, family, co-workers, and associates. I met him in 2013 when my B...est Friend and Baby all of a sudden had a stroke. He came to my home and was very polite, professional, and direct. We didn't know what exactly was wrong with my pup and he tried everything he could think of to try and get him back to healthy. After 3 days my boy didn't improve or recover and we made the hard call to put him down. Dr. Packer came to my home and gave my husband and I as much time as we needed to say our goodbyes before putting him down. He gave us more time after he'd passed to let go and say any final words. As you can imagine we were a wreck. What struck a chord with me and made Dr. Packer my permanent Vet for my other 2 dogs was this: His Genuine Compassion! It seemed to affect Dr. Packer in a way when he put my baby down and he'd only met us for the First time 3 days prior. It occurred to me that in his career he's probably put thousands of animals down and he sees people on one of the worst days of their life. He has his own pets and knows exactly what it feels like to be the patient instead of the Doctor and it shows. In summation Dr. Packer is an absolute professional, kind, empathetic, compassionate, and genuine human being. He will be my veterinarian until he decides to retire and that will be a sad day for us and our "kids". See More
Mandi Konishi Knaras
· March 18, 2016
Dr. Packer is a wonderful caregiver for animals. He came into our lives to care for a dog that bit every person and was not cared for prior to her time with us. He came back for her care and finally death. He is creative and recognizes the needs of the whole family with an animal. Could not recommend him enough! See More
Debbie Connell
· September 25, 2015
Can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Packer- 1st visit with him- I have a 10 1/2 yr old lab who was suffering with arthritis/ elbow dysplasia along with an ear infection- Dr. Packer came examin...ed and prescribed the meds..which he had on hand.. Within 2 days we had our old dog back to himself.. Love his philosophy on animal care, his compassion for my old guy, and how he explained everything in great detail! Will never go anywhere else now! I Even learned how to give an injection!! haha.. He's Awesome! See More
Kimber Luckau
· July 19, 2016
Dr. Packer was absolutely AMAZING and made the visit all about our animals, not the money. Our dogs usually are aggressive when we take them to a regular Vet. Since they got to stay in their own home,... and he was so calm and loving towards them, it made a much more pleasant experience for our sweet pups. This approach is much better and I will continue to use his services!! See More
Danna Moore Rivette
· August 30, 2016
It was very calming to have Dr. Packer come to our house. We have 3 german shepherds and it is not easy getting them to the vet. The dogs liked Dr. Packer but they do have anxieties. He didnt them out by being forceful. It was a great experience for the dogs and the family!
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Kris Shaw
· May 7, 2016
We were lucky enough to meet Dr. Packer today. My dog is a 16 year old Australian Shepard and has been struggling with arthritis. Dr. Packer was so good with him that he didn't even realize he was evaluated. Important since he is terrified to go to the vets office. Having the doc come to the house is more than amazing! The approach was holistic and I felt we were part of a team. See More
Ellen Young
· May 18, 2016
We have loved having Dr. Packer come to our home and help us out with our elderly Great Dane. He's easy to get along with and understand. He has asked us for weekly updates and that has helped me feel... less alone when feeding/giving pills/caring for an older pup. He puts your mind at ease even without being told what you're freaking out about when discussing your older pet. His services are priced super fairly and with a Great Dane the mobile vet option is the way to go. We wish we would have called Dr. Brett Packer sooner! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND At Home Veterinary Care to you! See More
Julie Davis
· June 9, 2015
Every time I have a sick, injured, old or new furry family member I get to see Dr. Packer in my home. He never rushes his visits. Takes his time with me and my pets to ensure we have done all we can. ...
He is so well read and current that I trust him completely to do what's best for my furry family. And all in the comfort of my own home.
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Bethany Tracy
January 26, 2013
He's pro raw feeding, pro limited vaccinations, pro holistic healthcare for dogs, comes to your house, and is the first vet that has been able to figure out my German shepherd's chronic ear infections... that she has had for over three years. I tried 5 or 6 other vets before Dr Packer, and he is the only one that has been able to figure out and fix her ear infections. she is now pain free and so happy. I highly recommend Dr. Packer! he is amazing! See More
Tiffany Holmes
· October 21, 2016
Dr. Packer was awesome! He was fast and he is very good with animals. This was such a better experience than going to the vet! I would definitely recommend him to my friends in the future!

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