Sorry dudes and dudettes, we've been lazy... and busy. Maybe a lot of both. But we're still around!


Band meeting last night, sketching out some crazy fun ideas for 2012... stay tuned you crazy people, stay tuned.

I'll be at the Viper Room this Wednesday night at 7pm (Downtown Hollywod) playing with OK SWEETHEART. Come hang out!

In LA playing with my dear friend OK SWEETHEART. Fun!

We went caroling around our neighborhood! fun times were had by all...

Drums of doom!

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Joel Blickenstaff is with Billie Bundschuh and Mason Bundschuh.

In the studio

Hey look, I had a short story published! ~mason ian

the magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy with a twist

Our first song "Little Heart Beat" is coming along nicely. Comped some drums today. you can hear a snippet of the song at around 4:55 of this video i made a while back -

A comparison of two Sovtek made EHX Big Muff Pi distortion sustainers. The "Green Tank" version and the slimmer, newer, "Blackie" version. After some hard ti...
Atlas Takes Aim recording some crap at Blue Light Studio, Las Vegas

First day in the studio was fun. Joel beat the tar outta his drums and the new single is sounding mighty fine if I do say so myself.

going into the recording studio tomorrow! wheeeeeeee!

this is the kind of crazy shenanigans we get up to when on the road

The band is on vacation in hawaii, exploring waterfalls and finding hidden treasures

Ok, time to book the recording studio...

2/3rds of Atlas Takes Aim will be at World Fantasy Convention this weekend in San Diego. We'll be geeking out with all the other sf and fantasy writers.

Any of you kauai people, come see us this saturday night at KCF, 7pm

BoA Chief Exec Brian Moynihan smiles and says: "[the $5 debit card fee] will be waived for those with a BofA mortgage or at least $20,000 in their combined accounts."
~How generous... ok, show of hands: how many of you have an extra $20k just sitting in your account? Oh that's right, we're in the middle of an economic crisis.