Sometimes university records tell a story. Sometimes the story is rather funny. The letter of apology at the end is perfect.

Another Plainsman discovery from 1979. Auburn had some talented, irreverent and funny cartoonists back then. For the whole special issue comic book, check out the April fools issue of the "Plainsperson" at:

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Today, we had a researcher request photos from the 1979 Commodores concert in Auburn. I wish we had more photos, but these were nice! Unfortunately, we didn't have any from the 1979 Jimmy Buffet concert.

Auburn University Archives holds the papers of Eugene Sledge.

E.B. Sledge recorded his wartime experiences as they happened on slips of paper he tucked into a Bible. They became the basis for a timeless memoir.

Attention Auburn folks and beyond. We in the archives are eager to document the events from Tuesday on the Auburn campus. If you know of people who were at the confrontations on campus and did any sort of recordings, pass the word:

The University Archives wants to document this event. We want photos and recordings made by students, by antifa folks, and Spencer folks. The latter two groups may be harder to make contact with, but if anyone knows anyone, we’d be happy to contact them and ask for photo/video submissions. We would also like to get photos of the other events that were held on campus that evening. They all combine to tell the whole story of how Auburn University dealt with the Richard Spencer visit.

An interesting flyer from the Dean of Student Life Records (mid-1960s). It was published for women students living in campus dormitories. Things have come a long way since then! Thank you Auburn student and archival researcher, Shanna Morgan Stoker for scanning and sharing this gem from our collections!

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Emma Rylander Lane of Clayton Alabama came up with the Lane Cake back in the nineteenth century. Mentioned in To Kill a Mockingbird, the Lane Cake is now the official State Dessert of Alabama. Here is her earliest recipe from the Special Collections. We may soon have a first edition of Ms. Lane's book, Some Good Things to Eat.

8 egg whites, 1 cup butter, 1 cup sweet milk,
2 cups sifted sugar, 3 ¼ cups sifted flour, 2...
teaspoons baking powder, 1 teaspoon vanilla.

Sift the flour and baking powder together three
times, cream the butter and sugar until perfectly
light, add to it alternately, little at a time, milk
and flour, until all are used, beginning and
ending with flour. Last, beat it well whipped
whites and vanilla. Bake in four layers, using
medium sized pie tins, with one layer of
ungreased brown paper in the bottom of each tin.

FILLING – Beat well together eight egg yolks,
one large cup of sugar, and half a cup of butter.
Pour into a small, deep stew pan and cook on
top of the stove until quite thick, stirring all the
time, or it will be sure to burn. When done and
while still hot, put in one cup of seeded and
finely chopped raisins, one wine-glass of good
whiskey or brandy and one teaspoon of vanilla.
Spread thickly between the layers and ice. It is
much better to be made a day or two before
using. My prize cake, and named not from my
own conceit, but through the courtesy of Mrs.
Janie McDowell Pruett, of Eufaula, Ala.

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Today, our British Literature students returned to special collections

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In 1973, Muhammad Ali spoke at Auburn University. A truly thoughtful, interesting, and engaging talk. We recently digitized the reel-to-reel recording of the Horizon Lecture. Enjoy!

In May 1973, Muhammad Ali spoke to the students of Auburn university as part of the Horizon Lecture Series.
Originally published in the 16th century, this collection of remedies and cures served to improve the quality of everyday life. This modern edition includes original passages as well as illustrations and commentary to educate and entertain the reader.

Michael Thomas Fullan, student band leader, cyclist, photo buff, and 1899 API Graduate! These scans are from a set of Fullan's glass plate negatives Special Collections and Archives holds. Preservation of the originals is important, but these scans allow users an easy way to peek into student life at Auburn. The full set will soon be added to the Library's Digital Collections.

Auburn has a great history of student organizations. The Skydiving Club was very popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Auburn's archival photo collections hold many images of clubs from the 19th through 21st Centuries.

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some of the most interesting photos in our Auburn-oriented collections are those of invited speaker and performers. In 1979 Truman Capote visited Auburn. He was NOT a fan of being photographed, so this shot was nice to find.

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As Auburn University readies the campus for Fall Semester, here are just a few photos of housing (and residence life) at Auburn. Special Collections and archives recently added an enormous collection of photographs from the Housing and Residence Life office.

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