“I can’t imagine playing music that doesn’t have something to say. That’s a priority on my list and always has been. If somebody has a problem with that then I don’t know what to say to them — eat it.” - Tim Commerford

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Like A Stone
Be Yourself
Audioslave Live in Cuba iTtunes Debut

“It deals with the anxiety of living in this day and age, particularly having a family or having children…the global violence and aggression that’s happening”. - Chris Cornell on "Sound Of A Gun", 2006

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Now the spires and the gables
grow in orchards to the sky
And the blessings on my table
multiply and divide

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“The first song we wrote, the first day we got together, was “Light My Way”. It was a big riff song with a melodic verse. Then it immediately went in other directions...we wrote things that I didn’t expect.” - Chris Cornell

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Tom Morello

Catholic school lesson: Today is Holy Thursday, when Jesus had his 'moment of doubt' in the Garden of Gethsemane. Here's my song of that name. The line "If you... swallow the coin from the Wishing Well/Your dreams will come true in Heaven or Hell" was text me by #ChrisCornell. Singin' this for him tonight.

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“One of the most difficult parts of any Audioslave song for me to play was the bridge of Like A Stone, which was Chris’s chords. Because it was just so counterintuitive to me; he just had very unique chordal inclinations that made for beautiful music, then he would weave his gorgeous melodies on top of them. And still to this day, I have to have a cheat sheet onstage when we do the tribute to Chris, playing Like A Stone - I just have to make sure I don’t mess up the bridge.” - Tom Morello

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Audioslave played the final night of their first US tour at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre 15 years ago today. #tbt
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March 17

"And when you asked for light I set myself on fire…”
‘What You Are’ was the 5th and final single to be released from Audioslave’s debut album, in March 2004.

What You Are
Audioslave · Audioslave
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Who’s got one of these?
US Tour T-shirt, 2005. #tbt

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"You thought you made a man
You'd better think again
Before my role defines you..."
Two hundred years ago, Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” was published. It eventually inspired Chris Cornell to write the lyrics for “Show Me How To Live”.

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And if you don't believe the sun will rise
Stand alone and greet the coming night
In the last remaining light

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Cartoon by Carlos Vargas
Courtesy Artist Waves
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Brad Wilk starred in indie short movie “Sleeping Dogs Lie”, released 13 years ago today.

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Happy Birthday Tim!

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February 23
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