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Millia Height
· January 17, 2018
Economically Augusta Georgia is changing into a greater productive citiy, and all Augusta needs attention therefore the Recency Mall Site for the James Brown Arena will be a excellent attraction for n...ew comers traveling through and to the city!__The plans for the Arena would be most profitable in a vast area where it can grow, and have great exposure, and the Recency location has been long needing a new beginning for Augusta Georgia!__Also the Regency is historical! See More
Aaron Battle
· December 26, 2017
Would be nice if you would post your holiday schedule on the opening page of anything related to your web page. Could have saved me a lot of gas traveling to south Augusta for nothing.
Claudia Griffith
· October 29, 2017
If you are friends you can get away with anything. Drug dealing, threats of bodily harm with a weapon, possible weapon deals, fraud with vehicles
And whatever else you can think of. You can get away w...ith it. They all need to be served in a platter of deceit and fraud to the community. See More
Tabatha L Barnes
· April 17, 2018
Isbelle Levy with the Public defender office Is very unprofessional... I hope she can live with my suicide on her hands. Because of her lack of confidence to perform in the court room death is my only... option now. See More
Rebkah Michelle Capsavaho
· September 7, 2017
Tje Marshall office is crooked thay taged my project car that i had neet and covered for two years with a notice and thar is like 15 other cars it the neaborhood that are inoperble or not regestered ...and he ignores them i consider it discrimination somthing needs to b done about them singleing people out cuz thay dont like them or dont belive in thair lifestyles See More
Jared Klock
· January 13, 2016
I am writing this because I am an employee with the Augusta Environmental Services at the landfill. My co-worker and I were in the grapple truck we use to go around and pick up large items that the ga...rbage trucks can't get. We need to do something about loose dogs running around the city. We almost hit two today at two separate locations going to a job site. The city needs to enforce more laws about dogs running around loose like that. I and my co-workers do not want to have to explain to the owner's why we hit their dog and killed it with our truck. We, also do not want that on our conscience. Thank you. See More
Pete Willis
· February 21, 2018
Why does the Augusta transit authority sponsor the Olympic metal count on the news? Is the transit authority self sustaining or does it depend on tax dollars?
Dustin Gross
· April 7, 2018
I love the place it's awesome and amazing and entertaining
Bruce Randall
· January 18, 2016
The new street of life lights that we have in my neighborhood don't do anything I give the criminals more like to see how to steal so if you're a criminal you must love this and if you to police crime... must be down so you have to put them up so you can get crime back up again so thank you I appreciate it so now my stuff can get stolen thank you government See More
Tricia Hoover Socky
· July 25, 2016
After speaking with 311, we had too many limbs for them to pick up at the curb. So they took NONE of the limbs. They took more time to measure the pile than it would have to just pick it up or at take my "allowed" portion!

Was advised that I could PAY to have the landfill come to get it with a grapple, but I already am forced to pay for service. #augusta311
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Sherry Amerson-White
· February 14, 2017
After calling and filling out requests on 311 numerous times I am very unhappy with the road crews: 1. Neighbor stealing 2 years worth of gravel by having the county workers drop truckloads on his dri...veway and in front yard and under his carports and then he spread it out with his box blade and tractor - this gravel should have been put on our road. finally a very nice gentleman came out took pictures and had gravel put on the road where it washes. Now - 2. the County employee comes out and scrapes the road and ends up scraping away most the the gravel just put out. Then 3. this employee makes ditches on the opposite side of our road which keeps making the road more narrow and does nothing for the ditches on the other side of the road so now there are even more problems - one side has enormous ditch, road is down to one lane wide in some areas, and no ditches on one side so all the properties still get flooded when rains. - Have also called 311 a few days ago and still not fixed but the road crew has been out here almost ever day - doing what - chatting with the same neighbor that stole the gravel before. Oh and did I mention that the County said they are not going to do anything about the past gravel theft - Tired of getting the run around we want our road FIXED all of it not just one area or side especially since all the wasted taxpayer dollars have gone to benefit one person on the road and all the time spent chatting with this person - wasted effort and taxpayer dollars - Guess the rest of us on the road just need to go ahead with our 12 On Your Side pictures and story - So how much does 2 years worth of dump truck gravel loads cost exactly? See More
Lauren Starr
· May 20, 2014
Whenever there's an election "thing" going on. It seems that lots of people get letters to "beautify" their property. Yet no one does that much when there isn't an election. Being disabled, I have to ...get others to tend to things when they need to be fixed. But I've a limited income. If I had the money to take care of things then they would be fixed. But I can't always get things done till I have the money. I wish these people would realized the kind of hardship and stress they cause those that are elderly, disabled and/or low/fixed income when they only give 30 days to get things done. I'm unable to pay my mortgage now since they gave me a letter. To cover what they wanted done, I've used all my money. My accounts are negative and I still can't afford to do some of the things they want done. I haven't missed my mortgage in some time. Now I'm going to have to ask family for help with getting things paid. This isn't right that the city do this to those people who are in dire situations. They could at least work out a better time table rather than state if it isn't done the city will do it and then charge you a whole lot of money for doing it. I called in family, but the supplies were costly. Getting rid of the icy storm damage was costly enough. Now I'm forced to do more. I'm so wanting to sell my home and move away from Augusta. For all that they done, they don't offer me much. Assistance for disabled, elderly or low income is fickle and difficult to find if to be found at all. The medical transportation is a joke, I haven't had them show up on time to get me to an appt. yet. The busing isn't very reliable and doesn't even run on weekends anymore. (At least the Lumpkin Rd bus doesn't.) Prices go up and service goes down. Typical here. I've been here over a decade and things haven't changed for the better. See More
Joe Holland
· July 31, 2014
I'm happy all those animals at the Animal Control are not roaming the streets. When dogs run in packs on the street they are very dangerous. The shame should be directed at irresponsible people. Th...e murder is definitely the fault of animal owners that don't take care of their animals and the animals end up in the Animal Control facility. It is sad, but don't blame the Animal Control people. They certainly don't enjoy that part of their job. See More
Shannon Oswald
· February 4, 2016
Imagine my surprise when I received a bill from Augusta Utilities today. I moved away four years ago and paid all my bills in full before I left. Now, 4 years later I find out I have an account with A...ugusta Utilities and I owe them money for something I had no idea existed. POOR COMMUNICATIONS from a city government. No warning was given that someone created a new account for me and that I was going to be billed. Now their phone lines are on a two hour + hold because I'm apparently not the only person they screwed over. See More
Ruth Brinson
· July 22, 2017
Your IT pay on line is worthless. Your online bill pay does not work. After receiving a email that I can now pay online,using same email address is now invalid and must be done over phone.
Susan Eshleman
· June 10, 2014
My daughter had Emory U on her list of schools. Now she has to remove it because of your guns everywhere policy. She is recovering from a school shooting and doesn't need to be in a place where young are roaming around with guns.

To make matters worse, Future Business Leaders of America scheduled a conference in Atlanta in 2016 her senior year and she may have to miss that depending on whether she can be in a hotel that prohibits guns.
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Shawn Michael Cowing
· December 17, 2016
If y'all could share this for me I'd highly appreciate it. Looking for my 27yr old son who was adopted to folks in Columbia, South Carolina. Birth Mother's name is Melonie. Born and adopted in Augusta..., Ga 1989 Thank you. See More
Robert Wunderlich
· April 10, 2017
Augusta utilities dept. Is ripping off the people by not reading the meters and charging minimum 1,000 gallons of water when I don't use much water. Also Storm water fees bill should be mailed to God .... Let God pay the bill. Boot out the storm water fee' s commissioners and mayor. See More
Carl Brandon Jeep
· June 6, 2017
Is the augusta water utilities site down. I can't pay online and when I call wait lines are 75 plus all day. No notices or anything.
Stephanie Blacker
· September 12, 2016
Dangerous tree limb at the bottom of our street. Multiple calls. Does somebody have to get hurt for city of Augusta to come out??????
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