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Autism Movie: Our Children

Long read but really forth it: the problem with bacon and cured meat.

The long read: Decades’ worth of research proves that chemicals used to make bacon do cause cancer. So how did the meat industry convince us it was safe?

Would be interesting to see how these markers change with treatment and what are their values in other conditions where oxidative stress is implicated, Nitro-ty...rosine has been found elevated in other conditions, MS and chronic fatigue. Would also be very good to have this tested prospectively, before regression and after in a wider group of children, perhaps siblings, as they are more at risk of developing autism.

Perhaps good markers for the Labo Reunis or Red Labs to add to their panel?

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Clinical chemistry tests for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are currently unavailable. The aim of this study was to explore the diagnostic utility of proteotoxic biomarkers in plasma and urine, plasma protein glycation, oxidation, and nitration adducts, and related glycated, oxidized, and nitrated a...

Book in French coauthored by Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini and a chef Jérome Douzelet. Very interesting and a little humorous: "the taste of pesticides in wine" - You will never drink ordinary wine after this read!

Le goût des pesticides dans le vin : Avec un Petit guide pour reconnaître les goûts des pesticides
Daily supplementation with high DHA fish oil concentrate may support a healthy immune response in middle-aged obese adults, according to data from a new pilot study on humans.
Two types of bacteria common in the gut may accelerate the growth of tumors, suggesting new possibilities for diagnosis and prevention.
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Neurological Health Foundation

What happens when you take gut bacteria (purified) from a healthy donor and transplant into the gut of a child with autism? The results are astounding.

Here is... Dr. Jim Adams, Chief Scientist of Neurological Health Foundation (NHF), discussing a revolutionary new scientific approach on how to help children in the autism spectrum.

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NHF’s goal is to positively influence the lives of over 1 million children through innovative programs like The Healthy Child Guide and Pregnancy Kitchen.

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Dr Stephanie Seneff (MIT) speaks about the impact of aluminium and glyphosate on health and role in autism. Issues with Roundup / GMO soya/ corn. Prediction 1 child is 2 diagnosed with ASD in 2025. 2hr talk.

AUTISM EXPLAINED: Synergistic Poisoning from Aluminum and Glyphosate. This video is a must watch for everyone. Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientis...
The long read: Millions are robbed of the power of speech by illness, injury or lifelong conditions. Can the creation of bespoke digital voices transform their ability to communicate?
Ticks carry a wide array of pathogens – and environmental changes mean they are spreading

The draft guidance on reducing the need for restraint and restrictive intervention for children and young people with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder and mental health needs:

URGENT- consultation - before 24th Jan.

The draft guidance makes no reference to the possibility that challenging behaviours in autism might be caused or exacer...bated by underlying undiagnosed medical conditions. We believe that it is vital that the people responsible for providing care and services to people affected by ASD are made aware of the high prevalence of comorbidities in autism, appropriate treatment of which may reduce or even eliminate problem behaviours and the need for restraint.

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The site lists consultations that are run by the Department of Health and Social Care. On this site you can find, share or take part in consultations.

6 Classes of toxic chemicals- introduction video

What are flame retardants and what are their impact on health.

The Netherlands’ government-backed Nutrition Centre has launched an app that consumers can use to compare brands in store and find the healthiest one. "We hope to unleash a revolution in the supermarket," it says.