OK - it might be time to figure out Instagram! Looks like it might be a fun way to participate in Cotton Babies Daily Snap next month (#CBsnap).

Jimmy Labit is a full-time dad with lots of experience with cloth diapers. He takes care of the technical side of Cotton Babies when he isn't juggling kids.

My PL'ed (for the most part) 3.5 year old needs about 5 cloth trainers (waterproof - we already have some absorbent breathable trainers that aren't waterproof). I'm about to start researching these. I want organic cotton on the inside, PUL on the outside. I'm hoping to find 5 different brands to expand my knowledge base on trainers.

I’ve been working on this growing list, and know that it is not complete, and that there are likely several mistakes on here. This is just a starter list. If your brand is not on this list, please let me know.
These ideas are not new. I actually started sharing photos with parents last summer via email, forums, and a Flickr account. I am now moving the content here to Available Cloth, and adding a whole lot more.
Here is a great coupon for formula users – Save $10 on any Enfamil large tub (22 oz or larger)!
Giveaway: 3 Flip Stay-Dry Inserts – To enter, simply suggest a cloth diaper manufacturer, store, blog, website, etc.
I’m Back and I Need Your Help!
Please Bear With Me As I Explore A Little
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Calling All Cloth Diaper Blogs – I would love to link to your blog here on Available Cloth

Wow - my fan number doubled! Hahaha - I promise this site will be done soon. We closed on our house yesterday. I am cooking like crazy today getting food ready for the freezer for the next couple weeks. Then, I should be able to breathe for a few days and work. The BabyKicks and Thirsties pages should be up early next week. The drafts are approved and I just need to tweak one and finish the other.

I have no idea how to integrate Flickr and a blog, or facebook, or if I even want to. Still looking into that. I will be adding cover/insert combination pictures and pictures of different inserts stuffed into pockets, to help provide visuals for those who don't have access to a store front. I am sure I will find even more pictures to take, and will likely look for reader submissions in the future.

If you have a cloth diaper blog, feel free to link it up on the page below. This link-up is for those with blogs that predominantly focus on cloth diapers. I will have other link-ups on the site for other types of blogs in the near future.

Everyone is invited to join this Available Cloth Newsletter. I plan to launch the first issue on Earth Day with website updates and a few special offers!

If you run a cloth diaper blog, own a cloth diaper store, or manufacturer cloth diapers, please join the Available Cloth newsletter for updates and invitations to participate in the Available Cloth website. I am currently working on the cloth diaper manufacturer pages.

Welcome to Available Cloth. Shortly, each cloth diaper manufacturer will receive an invitation to have a page highlighting their specific product(s) listed on Available Cloth. You will find a summary of each company’s Cloth Diaper Style(s) Available Accessories Colors and

Here is a link to the RSS feed. Once the main site is running, I will blog as I add, or make major updates, to each manufacturer page (new prints, new products, etc.).

Coming very soon - an online resource to help parents easily see all the cloth diapers on the market today!