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Michelle Reyes
· September 21, 2017
I have been living here since 2013 and I am very happy with my family in this community. Lots of young families, lots of pets and great people. Yes, the community is very strict, but it has gotten bet...ter within the last couple of years. There is a new association, and the towing trucks give a warning now. Also, the cameras are in place for a reason, and while many residents are driving better (lots of children playing always), there is always someone who speeds through the stop signs and through the houses, so it is necessary. I live here and will not move anytime soon, and I am a resident Realtor as well. No where else will you find brand new houses/townhouses in this price range in North Miami. See More
Kat Tribiños
· September 9, 2017
Jaja, went to visit, had my car towed, was less than 10 minutes inside the house, must have a tow truck on call, $150, but that was not the major problem, 1st problem was towing in less than 10 minute...s, 2nd they only take cash, 3rd at that time 1:00am I had to wait 40 min until the attendant came to the tow Co. lot, 4th they would not release the car since I am not on the registration (my dads car) even though we have the same last name, 5th next day when my father could go they added fees for 1 day of garage. This place is a total scam, the tow Co. has to be in Cajoots with the security, that by the way is a joke as my friends house got broken into. So there is security for towing, but not for stopping thieves.I dare anyone in there to contradict what I am saying. See More
Keith Litman
· February 5, 2017
An amazing family community. The HOA just built a second playground towards the front of the community and installed a heating/cooling system for the pool- no more summer baths in the swimming pool. T...he property is well maintained and it is a joy to drive in and out every day. I urge anyone who wants to live the single family home lifestyle in one of the highest demand areas of south Florida to give Aventura Isles a visit. You will not be disappointed. The HOA is on the stricter side, but if you follow the sensible rules, which are there to preserve our property values and protect our homes and loved ones, then you will not have any issues. As of this year, security will knock on your door or apply a sticker to your car window rather than tow in most parking violation cases. A weekend stroll through the community shows dozens of laughing children running and playing, small dogs being walked, couples young and old walking hand in hand, and bicycles and joggers passing one another on our paved jogging path. A sales brochure in real life! See More
Netanel Kohen
· May 19, 2016
This place is ridiculous, they tow your and the cars of your friends and family away or absolute no reason. If your parked an inch on the grass get ready for a horrible night because they will tow you...r car for that. The HOA is a joke and has the most ridiculous rules especially that kids can't play basket ball because if you have a basketball hoop they tell you to put it inside. Don't move here if your considering. The entire HOA is rigged, they have a deal with the tow truck companies and if you ask me it's an entire scam to make money off of the people in the community. There is a cancer growing in this place. See More
Edwin Critz
· March 13, 2016
This is the worst place to live - EVER! The HOA people are crazy and the management people are rude and unhelpful. Just to give you an idea: They tow about 10 cars a night for issues such as a tire... touching the grass - even an inch ($130 to get your car back). NO guest parking. Constantly fining residents: $100 for leaving trashcan out; $100 if you or any of your guest or contractors speed (yes they have cameras)! The seem to HATE kids; constant harassment if your kids are even seen outside; All basketball hoops must be put away in your garage EVERY night-even if you want to use it every day. If you want to go to the community pool, there is no food and NO drinks - even plastic water bottles! It's a private gated community, but sometimes it takes your guest over 30 minutes to get in. Now they say they won't even call to tell you your guest is here unless you have their name on an "app." There isn't even a gate/wall around the community to keep criminals out. They often break into cars. Buildings are VERY poorly made. The lake is not maintained and always has green scum on it. Do NOT move here! It feels like living in a dictatorship. Take a look at how many units are for rent - there's a reason for that! Move here and you will be miserable. See More
Damita Williams DeLoatch
· April 28, 2016
Very diverse community. It is really beautiful area. I love to take evening walks around the area admiring the well maintained property with the lovely lakes. It is evident that pride is taken in the ...maintenance, security & upkeep of the property. I love the visits & cannot seem to stay away. I recently discovered the walking path that is clean, well maintained, & safe gives me a excellent workout. I have fallen in love with the Isle. See More
Joffre R. Lopez
· December 15, 2014
Sep 21, 2016 It was a great place to live now it's stressful enough just to have visitors and friends over. The guest line takes a very long time, the speed limit is a joke not to mention the fine y...ou get if you go over a mile from 15 o 20. Hope the don't have to use the restroom in an emergency and try to get home. The towing company comes in and takes the residents cars all the time. Think twice See More
Catalina Nemmi
· June 12, 2015
the towing of cars works with the parking in this property, stealing money from people, myself negotiate with them on my car, and they laughed in my face, I do not recommend this place to anyone, thieves Money
Sam Fuchs
· May 1, 2016
What everyone has mentioned is true I have drank the kool aid and just glad I didn't buy here and have rented.. We going in 2 months... too many things today with family at the pool chairs(... don't worry about having chairs ) how bout you get fined every day the chairs are returned ... Ps can't wait to fly the coop peace See More
Cin Ari
· December 11, 2015
The Association are not very friendly parking there is a bich and they use the tow truck companies that are there just to bother and take peoples money that should change.
Peter Rey
· November 10, 2015
Heard about the positive and negative comments online. For the last three years, the community delivers most of my expectations and im glad with that.
Ariel Furmanski
· February 5, 2017
I love my community. Could it be better??? Well, always could be better, and worse....
Hyacinth Chiverton
· November 28, 2015
It's a great place to shop with most of my favorite stores
Susan Milgrom
· October 26, 2015
Excellent place to live! great location, good neigborhood
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Joshua Johnson
· June 5, 2016
Everything you read is true. This place takes obnoxious, ridiculous and completely unnecessary - to the next level.
Daniel Perez Duarte
· May 27, 2016
Nice quite very pleased to be there I hope be back in June visiting my friends
Xenia Delgato
· May 9, 2016
I live here my hometown place very beautiful aventurera
Alexandre Miranda de Lacerda
· January 3, 2016
live here and get your car towed here!
I guess somebody is making a lot of money!
Tania Tg
· March 25, 2016
Katiuska Rios Mac-lellan
· July 9, 2016
Tengo una semana que me mude y es muy hermoso; vivo en la 19304 8th ct,
Aventura Isles updated their cover photo.
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The playground has been completed and is ready to play on!!

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The pool is one step closer to being finished. It has been filled!

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Notice to all Aventura Isles homeowners. Nuria Cid with Castle Group Managment has new office hours and days. She will be in the Sales Center on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 10:00am-5:00pm.

Don't forget to join us this Sunday for our last Water Splash party from 10am-4pm at our Clubhouse! We hope to see you there!

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Notice to all Aventura Isles homeowners. Nuria with Castle Group Managment will have new office hours and days, beginning July 28, 2014. She will be in the sales center on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 10:00am-5:00pm.

Thank you to all who came and enjoyed our Sunday Splash party!! Come visit us again this Sunday, July 27th for some more fun!! We look forward to see you there!

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updated aerial photo 7-19

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Don't forget to join us tomorrow in the parking lot of the clubhouse for some water fun. We will be having water slides and fun for the kids!

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new playground.

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