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Jessica Tusant
· November 11, 2017
This place is amazing. Friendly customer service. They helped out son get his Letterman's jacket for his senior year. Such a amazing store. We can't thank them enough for all their help. It mf your son's day.
Angela Mra
· March 17, 2017
Wonderful staff helped be get a rush order in and took the time to help my children pick out baseball gear. Highly recommended, will return.
Kari Howell
· January 6, 2016
Wonderful and friendly customer service! They show that they care about their customers and the community. This is a perfect alternative to chain store corporations.
I found that if they don't have w...hat you need in stock, they will order it for you. See More
Daisy Diaz-Gaba
June 17, 2013
Looking to see if you carry little, personal first aid kits. Maybe you can post pics of what you have.
Richard Cosma
· November 9, 2013
This place is awesome.

Beer Pong Competition, Free Play, Live Band, Beer Garden and Eats

Event Mode, bringing people and places together, has a beer pong Competition on the hopper. Competitors need to pre-register in order to be included in the competition.
Pre-register here >>
Fun times. We are ever vigilant in our message that this is certainly not an event to drink and drive to or from. UBER...there's an app for that! Gotta be 21 or over! A portion of the proceeds benefit the Ramona Humane Society

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Event Mode

Accepting only 32 teams...lot's of free play, live band, and food!


There's a new event biz coming to town in 2018. Family focused fun and athletic events. We have a food truck festival on the hopper in the San Jacinto Valley. Like our page and stay in the know.

Event Planner
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Event Mode
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In the effort of keeping local toys local, Central County United Way and the Hemet Fire Department are gearing up for Santa's Workshop. A new, unwrapped toy can be delivered at any Hemet Fire Station, United Way, and BJ Sporting Goods

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This thing is perfect for keeping things super cold

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Colder. Longer. Hotter. Happier.
Hydro flask beer growler... great Mother's Day & Father's Day gift

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#1 selling water bottle. 24 cold / 6 hours hot

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Ramona Bowl Amphitheater
Performance Art Theatre
Ramona Bowl Amphitheater

Kick off Ramona Season at the Ramona Spring Festival Downtown Hemet on April 1st. Lots of Fun and Festivities!!

Save the date avoid lines, you can pre-purchase your admit wrist bands at

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SAVE THE DATE .... Saturday, May 13, 2017 from 2 to 9 PM. Food, family fun, live band, beer garden, raffle prizes, and much more! For vendor and volunteer opportunities, contact

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YES!! United Way is gearing up for Santa's Workshop. Last year, we gave a new, unwrapped toy to over 800 little hands. If you want to partner with United Way and have a box at your business, let Kayla know at 929-9691. We certainly need our community's help providing new toys to those who otherwise just may go without.

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From now until the end of the month, you can receive a 5$ discount off the 5K portion of the 31st Annual Tinsel Triathlon. Online registration only. HERE'S YOUR CODE: 5K2016

Reverse triathlon in the City of Hemet. A great end of the season FUN event
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Hemet Police Department

CHIEF'S HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: Unfortunately, my highlight this week was hijacked, again. Last week I struggled to find a highlight in the wake of police offi...cer killings in America. This week I intended to write about how encouraging it's been to see communities across the USA - including Hemet and San Jacinto - come together to show support for local law enforcement. But this afternoon I was alerted by a barrage of calls and texts that Eric Buskirk, owner and publisher of the Valley Chronicle weekly "news" paper had once again devoted a large part of his paper to attacking and criticizing Hemet police officers and firefighters. I was disgusted at the false, misleading and intentionally biased "information" he printed on the pages of his paper.

Let me first make one thing clear: This is America and with few exceptions, everyone has a fundamental right to express their opinion whenever, wherever and however they please. I'm honored to have spent my entire adult life defending those rights in the communities I've served. However, I also have an affinity for truth and justice (go figure) that is deeply offended when a man falsely attacks the brave and selfless men and women who work day and night to protect us from violence and then insults the intelligence of our entire community by claiming "crime is down" in the face of unprecedented violence and victimization... I have an obligation to set the record straight.

I have some news for Publisher Buskirk: No one believes him when he tells us "crime is down" in Hemet or San Jacinto. His statistics do not begin to reflect the pain and suffering of the families who've lost loved ones to violence in our Valley. His statistics don't reflect the terror experienced by the countless victims of robberies, sexual assaults, random attacks and burglaries. And his statistics certainly don't reflect the fact that police officers and deputy sheriffs are being assaulted and severely injured in this Valley at an alarming rate.

The bold insinuation that Hemet police and fire personnel are somehow overpaid is insulting, at best. Hemet police and fire employees, top to bottom, are among the lowest paid in the county. Although Publisher Buskirk is fully aware of this fact, most citizens don't know it. The reason most aren't aware is because we never hear Hemet employees complaining about it. It is well documented that Hemet police and fire employees quietly accepted deep cuts in pay and benefits during the recession and they and their families are still feeling the effects today. Buskirk knows full well that they make far less than their counterparts at the county because I personally provided him with the data. But he still choses to dedicate his front page to try to convince his readers that their pay is excessive. Using "total compensation" figures without comparisons to surrounding agencies for context is a dirty, misleading statistical tactic and we should all be offended by it.

This afternoon, Hemet Mayor Bonnie Wright asked the city manager, fire chief and me to be prepared to provide the community with the facts about the state of public safety in Hemet at Tuesday night's city council meeting. We look forward to that opportunity to further correct the record. In the meantime, my officers and I will continue to respect and professionally protect everyone’s right to free speech.

Be safe and be honest,

David M. Brown, Chief of Police

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BJ Sporting Goods added a new photo.
May 16, 2016
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We are locked and loaded with Measure E signs if y'all want to pop on down and get one!

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Let's help spread the word about this informative event on Measure E!

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