Created in 2010
Death/Thrash Metal
Band Members
Vassil Penchev (Guitar, Vocals)
Dimtar Dinov (Guitars)
Denitsa Hristova (Bass)
Krasimir Kirchev - Kirsun (Drums)
Svishtov , Bulgaria
Record Label
BLAAST is a Death/Thrash Metal band from Svishtov, Bulgaria.
BLAAST started as an one-man project in the spring of 2010 in Svishtov, Bulgaria with some home recordings. With one of them the project won an online contest a...nd took part in the first edition of a compilation, made by the spanish metal radio station “Wolfhound”. This was the first success for BLAAST and later made it to the playlists of some more radio stations for extreme music. In 2011 the first demo of BLAAST was recorded. It was called “Diavolska Komediq” (Hellish Comedy). Up to this moment Vassil Penchev was the only member of BLAAST and the genre could be described as Black/Death Metal.

In 2013 Denica Hristova joined the project – in the beginning as a second guitarist. In an interview for a bulgarian website – BLAAST said, that they are looking for a drummer and a bass player, but later Denica started playing bass and only the place behind the drum set was left free.

In the end of the year Krasimir Kirchev (Kiro), whom they knew from before, was willing to join the band. On the very first rehearsal he fit in the band and became a member of BLAAST.

So the band officially started 2013 in the composition: Vassil Penchev (guitar, vocals), Denica Hristova (bass), Krasimir Kirchev (drums). The genre of BLAAST is a mix of Death Metal with Thrash components.

A couple of month of rehearsals and the band had their first gigs. In the summer of 2013 BLAAST played gigs in some local clubs and some fests in nearby towns. Live the band plays covers, as well as their own music.

By the end of 2013 the band had enough material for a debut album. BLAAST made the record during the winter in their own studio. The eight original tracks were written, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by the band and the album title was "Disorder". The album cover was also their work. BLAAST made the official release ot March 20th 2014.

The album received some positive feedback, so the band decided to go on a national tour with gigs in most of the big cities in Bulgaria, and some smaller local towns. Overall the tour was successful and the band made new friends and contacts throughout the whole country.

In june 2014 Dimitar Dinov joined the band as a second guitar player.

Currently BLAAST are working on new material and occasionaly doing gigs in Bulgaria.
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