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Really really really proud of this one! Thanks to Ride Forever, NZTA, and Sauce for creating this amazing testimonial video!


the AKL lads at teh SSU in akl ! fantastic day and lots of great discussions and plans!

Come see us at the BRONZ Stand - and see the CERNZ team Ride Demo at the Shiny Side Up Fest Kapiti and Auckland.

Sun 10:00 AM UTC+13Southward Car MuseumParaparaumu, New Zealand
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NOTORIOUS intersection! so why has it taken so long and this poor couples lives to be even just "looked at " closer - NZTA should not LET these intersections get so bad.....…/truck-and-car-crash-at-notorious-…

A British couple, in the country for a week, is dead after running a stop sign and getting T-boned by a truck.

only 3 cars and 11 seriousy injured - perhaps its time we limit number of people in vehicles so they dont all get hurt at once .... jus sayin... its not just bikes...…/eleven-injured-in-highway-crash-n…

Fire chief describes "carnage everywhere" after three cars crashed south of Kaikōura.

Come along on Feb 18th and show your support for these amazing kids and their families

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Complete twaddle from a completely unqualified source and perspective - has not taken account of the fact we do more training just to get on the roads - and bikers have taken to training in droves as a very successful programme from ACC proving its worth - or what about the crap state of roading we have to deal with - zero traction/tar bleed/gravel migration etc etc - OR - How many that drive cars do any real training - oh yeah the bikers - and it shows - ask ANY trainer tha...t we have a higher level of start watching how many in one vehicle get harmed or well as poor tourist driving - how many parents are blaming the system when they let the kids drive the car full of their mates - and no full licences etc and it goes wrong? so is he demanding cars are re-licenced? i think they should have the same training and restrictions?? Folk like this Clive fella need to get off the keyboard and think a little more ! BRONZ challange him to do so and come riding!

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Sixteen per cent of road deaths this year involve motorcyclists according to

dont know about you but it reads to me like the bus driver was definitely not looking.....…/pedestrian-hit-by-bus-outside-rea…

A woman has been injured outside Reading Cinema on Wellington's Courtenay Place.

this is REAL! - serious stuff and true to the core! training works!!!

ACC Rideforever video

Further on the melting roads issues - check this lot out - the area was sealed less than two weeks ago - the plastic marker tabs have not even broken off yet and the tar bleed is already through - close ups show the tar simply bubbling itself under the heat - and the lines are what happens if you need to brake hard on the surface - traction is not really that great - you can see the two lines where a guy had to brake two up and the seal has not helped at all.... again - Cmon ...NZTA - sort it out! NZ all over is getting sick of rubbish third world quality roads that we are paying way too much for and they don't last - why cant we do what is normal for the transport sector and borrow the spec from OZ and see if we cant actually build a road properly!! - take care out there on this rubbish guys n gals - the real heat hasn't even started yet..........

realistically its blardy EVERYWHERE!!... but for those that wanted to know exactly where this is - SH2 between upper hutt and plateau Rd.....

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this was started to be set up last Tuesday night when we came back from the ride - apart from they are all way closer than the 200mm centres they are meant to be at - the standard of workmanship that was left afterwards was meant to be cleaned up by now but not as yet - supposedly an accident occurred and traffic went through it all - seemingly over a looooong area - alas it will be very slippery now there is a minimum of wet stuff - take care - and also watch the "repair" as there are a few surface changes that you can definitely feel ..... Cmon NZTA think you need to get your contractors and cleaning crew sorted a lot quicker on what is touted as a very dangerous section of SH2 - hmmm accident there thursday night - wonder if the marking had anything to do with it!! jus sayin....

not surprising and i could rattle on for hours about it - and will definitely be getting further into this case next year... meanwhile its the shite roads you guys have to deal with over the break - take care out there -…/highway-meltdown-the-bitumen-is-b…

How hot is it outside? Hot enough to cause a highway meltdown around New Zealand.
SPCA Wellington added 14 new photos.

A big thank you to BRONZ (Bikers Rights Organisation of New Zealand) for holding their 8th charity ride in aid of the SPCA on the weekend! $2,350 was raised plu...s a lot of donated goods to help our furry friends this Christmas. 200 passionate riders, and animal lovers. Thank you to everyone who supported this event and those who took part - we really appreciate it. Looking forward to the next ride in 2018!

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