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Wendy Gentry
August 12, 2012
Help! I need some more Incense! When you gonna be open again???
Wesley Todd
· February 26, 2013

OK city of houghton thinks its going to SEIZE this building from me ! boy oh boy, city officials that engage in dirty backroom dealing need to clean up their act. I have avoided sueing the city over 10 times for their actions and inactions, if they think they can behave like this, off comes my gloves, and i get to use my right of FREE SPEACH to tell everyone what i know of dirty pay offs, drug dealing cops, violations of law by city officials, dirty dealing and self enrichment as they gorge themselves on the public trough... its called CITY HAUL for a reason.. they HAUL in the money, the bribes, the kickbacks, the deals, the tickets... and reward their friends.

Seattle Hempfest has filed a lawsuit in United States District Court against the City of Seattle, as well as its mayor, director of the Seattle Department of Transportation, director of Seattle Center, and chairperson of the Seattle Special Events Committee. The suit seeks relief under the U.S. Cons

also we are taking applications for some hours being available in january

Anyone available to work some hours over christmas, any hours, am totally without help for a few weeks.

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