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Ray-Na Ko
· December 23, 2017
We did not enjoy the show! We paid a great deal of money . We believe part of the crew were in the audience and were sitting right behind us. They were screaming at the top of their lungs! They wer...e leading the audience, they know what’s happening next. They were screaming!! We were glad there were empty seats on the side . So disrespectful. I understand kids but for adults to cheer their colleagues without considering the paying audience is insensitivity! See More
Nicole Berrios
· March 17, 2018
Took my 5-year-old to see Daniel tiger live- it being one of his most beloved series! Such a great little theater for a first live musical experience❤️ We enjoyed ourselves so much and will be back. Super convenient parking and location. Also the theater wasn't too big or overwhelming for little kids. See More
Debra Sherrow Logan
· August 29, 2017
Carl Palmer rocked it completely. An old school drummer who hasn't lost a beat. The acoustics were pretty good, better than the Sports Arena.
YES, On the other hand was a huge disappointment. It's ha...rd to compare with Jon Anderson... Jon Davison didn't even come close and the Acoustics we're horrendous!!! I mean, I plugged my ears for the first 4 songs and couldn't wait for the 4th to be over with... I slipped out after that.... what a relief....
not sure if it's the venue or the sound techs that created music that so was devastatingly hard on my ears ???
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Diana Fragoso
· November 20, 2017
San Diego has a true treasure with the beautifully restored historic Balboa Theatre. My husband and I have had the pleasure of attending a live concert here; the sound quality was excellent.
We also ...recently attended the Sound of Music Sing Along - it was a wonderful, fun event! We left the venue with smiles from ear to ear. See More
Nasim Shamsaei
· January 21, 2018
Staff kept blocking the stage to the point us losing the stars entrance. Very very bad thester experience. Even when we addressed it three times, nothing changed
Brenda Kay
· July 31, 2017
Love the theatre, the 2 negatives I have are;
No restrooms on every level. So always seem to climbing stairs a few times, which isn't easy for me. It would also be nice if cup holders were installed. ...We are allowed to have drinks but then have no where to put them. I had a neighbor accidentally kick my drink over and another time kicked my own accidentally. Staff is always very friendly. See More
John McBride
· December 1, 2017
Tori Amos was wonderful. I was last row on the first floor, so much extra leg room. The sound was incredible
Denny Crane
· April 8, 2017
I got tickets for two people and paid about $550.00 to see Yanni at the very from row and right in front of where Yanni was sitting at his piano and it was great. I paid top dollar because these were ...the best seats and I got the VIP tickets because it came with a "Meet and Greet Yanni" which allows you to talk with him and take photos/pictures. But guess what happened to me?? They told me my name was not on the ticket so that I wasn't allowed to see him but yet I could see him in concert. What?? I heard the word fraud as the managers were talking among one another and I told them that the tickets were bought through Ticketmaster and that they were bought as a courtesy per my request from Barona Casino as I asked for them the day it was announced that he was coming back 6 months before the show and I got the tickets but yet I got royaly embarrassed outside trying to get my VIP Laminate but was told to basically go pound sand and that the ticket purchaser "Barona" had to be there. How does a person bring a Casino with him or her to a tiny Theatre?? I played by all the rules and was kind in every possible way and never swore once and tried to kill them with my kindness and went as far as offering them $200.00 to see Yanni and they still told me no and that I paid more than double what I should have and that Barona "Ripped Me Off". Boy that made me feel really good, NOT!! I wouldn't recommend this Theatre to anyone whether it's free or not. The managers came to the conclusion not to help me and not make a simple call to one of the biggest and popular Casinos to verify that indeed I wasn't trying to be fraudulent and the tickets were indeed bought for me and they could of honored it and worked on making sure I had a good experience, after all according to them I did pay an arm and a leg ( Over Paid ) but however that was between myself and Barona but they felt bad that I paid so much as I said more than double than I should have. This is not something you tell someone. That's like going to a dealership like BMW and having a sales person say you paid that much for a 335i, boy did you pay too much for that car. Sorry that you didn't get a good deal. My point is like they made me aware for what purpose?? Am I suppose to go back to Barona and start a fight? Why did they want to make waves? Bottom line is people at the venue were turning around at the ticket area and there were plenty of seats as the band didn't show up, it was just Yanni and I too wasn't going to go either but meeting Yanni was going to be a Blessing but my daughter and I get screwed big time. Do not go here please!! See More
Domenick Lococo
· August 29, 2017
It's my 3rd concert there ( dream theater, rain and yes) always a great place to see concerts. First time being in top balcony but had a great view and sound system always good
Connie Eakle Lesley
· December 19, 2016
I went to see Dave Koz last night and was just reading the comments about picture and video taking during the performance. I saw ushers come tell 2 different people they could not do so. On the other... hand, there was a woman in my row, several seats away, who seemed to be looking up stuff on her phone during 3/4 of the concert and noone said anything to her. It was so annoying to have the light in my periphery. Some people are just rude and it's just too bad they don't seem to care about disrupting those around them. I agree that there should be an announcement prior to the show beginning about the rules around use of phones for any reason. There was no such announcement last night. See More
Baran Pour Fard
· May 14, 2017
I enjoyed the concert last night , sounds system was great and the entir team were amazing and made the show so joyful , parking was not an issue at all however I thought I would be in big trouble in ...downtown ! All was so set up to enjoy an amazing night with my favorite singer and friends
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Mack Clancy
· August 12, 2017
If you have never experienced a show at the Balboa Theatre I would suggest going its awsome the theatre itself is amazing and they are so helpfull and friendly from the ushers to the snack bar I give give stars ***** See More
Sally Marie Down
· March 11, 2017
The theater itself is lovely. The production ("The Tragedy of Carmen") that I attended a portion of was a "modern distillation" of the opera Carmen, and was little more than a poorly disguised, high-...brow excuse to put hard-core pornography on the stage while singing arias. I have no desire to watch strangers portray realistic perverted sex on stage - if I did, I'd save some money and buy a ticket to an X-rated movie instead of the opera. The licentious behavior added nothing to the story, provided no depth of meaning, and according to SD Opera spokesmen in interviews, was included for shock value only. I walked out after the 3-way orgy. Shame on SD Opera for producing smut. See More
Linda Matthew Sheldone
· August 29, 2017
Lovely historical venue. I didn't know to bring my parking ticket from the Horton Plaza structure in with me to be validated for a discount. Don't leave it on your dashboard!
Jacque Clifton
· February 6, 2017
I saw the Russian Ballet perform Sleeping Beauty and while the show was wonderful, the ushers were a bit of a problem. The female usher in the top balcony put everyone in the wrong seats. We were move...d at the very start of the performance to our correct seats which left my view of the stage completely obscured. From the front row of the left balcony there are railings that block everything except back stage right. I missed the entire first act until I moved to the back of the balcony at intermission where I could actually see the performance. Perhaps it's time for some renovations to that corner. See More
Sheri Jean Sobek
· October 25, 2017
Awesome theater! I love it! The folks that work there are wonderful and friendly and the seats are comfortable! I had a great time October 21st there! Awesome show!
James Wigdel
· April 24, 2017
Kudos to the San Diego Gay Mens Chorus for an excellent afternoon of music and laughter. This is my third show since moving here and it was by far the best. I love Broadway music and from Hamilton to ...Hedwig, the chorus did each song justice. The Chorus engaged some pretty accomplished guest artists this year who blended with the show rather than overshadowing it, another testament to the hard work the Chorus put in to up its level of singing. Every word was clear, the choreo was appropriate and not forced, the harmonies were tight and with very few exceptions the Chorus sang in tune and sounded delightful. Well done to my friends, it was an absolute pleasure to see you perform this afternoon. I'm already looking forward to Divas. See More
Wes Baldwin
· February 17, 2017
Bought tickets to Post Modern Jukebox for my wife for valentines. She loves this act. 730 show. 7:42 still seating and a minute later starts (late). Sound mix and lighting was ok. When an emcee or l...ead stepped forward there was no spotlight. There was relevant talk to the show that wasn't mic'd. Worst part: no cell phone video/ photo ban. The whole show was people shining their giant screen in your view. Also abundance of people getting up mid act and shuffling through a whole row. For $140 I was beyond angry See More
Teri Zych
· October 13, 2017
Went to Jeremy Camp last night! He gave it all so blessed
Jeff Cragar
· July 31, 2017
Awesome venue. I went to see The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus for the first time and was impressed with both the venue and the show.

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