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Stuart Blumfield
· October 28, 2017
Big thank you to Bali Bakery for the catering for our wedding, the food was delicious and the services was excellent. All our guests enjoyed the food and passed comment on how good it was. Big thanks ...again, anyone looking for a caterer for the wedding in Bali I would highly recommend Bali Bakery! See More
Lynda Theresia
· January 22, 2018
My all time favourite bakery in Bali. Best caramel vanilla and delicious breads.
Rendy Pangemanan
· April 8, 2017
Been returning to Bali Bakery for ages and always very satisfied with the service. The cesar salad is always on my list which compliments well to any main course I order. Last night I had the fish n c...hips for my main course and it was superb. Please always stay friendly and yummy.
The security guys out at the parking lot are also super friendly, please send them my regards and take care of them.
Until my next visit!
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Ingrid Astari
· January 29, 2017
I knew Bali Bakery since a very long time since we moved from Jakarta to Bali in 1999. Bali Bakery is one of my favorite place to have some food & beverage or just to buy some bread or cake, I like th...e Cheese Cake & Tiramisu.
Please maintain the quality of the foods & beverages, cleaness and also the service and.... please the prices must be reasonable not too expensive!
Remember, there are many competitors around you now days.
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Jason Soltys
· November 26, 2017
Food and service is out standing we will be back 🇺🇸🇦🇺
Mira Scaletta
· November 12, 2016
it has been 3 years Bali Bakery becomes my favorite place for have lunch or just coffee break, have a meeting with clients or even only for hangout with my friends. the foods are good and their salad is the best around this area. They keep the place always clean, and the servers are nice. See More
Alma Muncar
· July 5, 2017
Nice place and good son love the salmon sandwich so much...we will be back again and again..
Rachel Yosi
· March 28, 2017
The best cake ever for birthday or any kind of party and also the restaurant they have many menu all the foods here just great and good taste love it
Karolyn Louise
· April 16, 2017
I attended Bali Bakery to order a birthday cake for my son. I was advised my order could only be placed two days in advance, which it was. I was then asked to email my order with my request through (w...hy would I need to email when I was in the store??) I emailed my request through and never received a reply, very disappointing and I agree with previous reviews the place smelt absolutely disgusting of stale cigarette smoke. See More
Richard Dow
· November 3, 2017
Nice food and service. Spotlessly clean and air conditioned!
REds Purwanto
· December 14, 2017
Nice place for hang out and killing the coffe��
Tidak Bagus
· August 25, 2017
Great place ,, the absolute best staff and probably the best food you can bye in bali
Narmeen Zangana
· September 17, 2017
I had a big breakfast which was fresh and tasty. I plan to go there again.
Yetti Aja
· August 13, 2017
Recommended for any kind of cake...will be back again ���
Erike De Lima
· December 26, 2016
Cozy place for spare your time with your family and friends with delicious pretty tasty cakes and all menu ����
Nathalia Marlissa
· February 10, 2017
The cake was very good! The service was good too, unless please make sure the waitress/waiter to not force the costumers to buy a drink :)
Indrasari Nuke
· January 7, 2017
A very comfortable place to enjoy Western-style dishes, I really like this meal for a long time, the food was varied and tasty, came to this restaurant if you are in Bali.
Sharni Rose Galvin
· February 28, 2017
The food was sensational. The barramundi perfectly cooked. We had three meals there and all were delicious. Staff was amazing especially Wayan.
Highly recommend.
Agni Handoyoputro
· June 3, 2017
Nice place, good food & pastries. I liked this place
Rita Lin
· December 25, 2016
My second office ... good staff good foods and good place to meet n chat with friends 👍🏻

Have you try our Katsudon & Tempura Udon (Hot or Cold) package?

This is a set of rice bowl with deep-fried breaded slice pork and Japanese thick noodle from our Dong Dong Japanese Restaurant.

It's really a good deal for delicious food. Come and try this Japanese goodness....
Dong Dong Japanese Restaurant
at Bali Bakery Kuta
Jl. Raya Kuta, Bali
#japaneserestaurant #japanfood #katsudon #tempura #tempuraudon

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Image may contain: people sitting, table, drink, indoor and food

Terima kasih untuk selalu menjadikan Bali Bakery tempat berkumpulnya anda bersama kerabat, teman & keluarga.

Dalam rangka menyambut hari raya Nyepi kami akan tutup lebih awal pada hari Jumat 16 Maret 2018, pukul 15.00 wita dan kembali buka pada hari Minggu 18 Marer 2018.
#BaliBakery #Nyepi2018

Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting and indoor
Breakfast with

Hot day? Come to Bali Bakery at grab your Rocky Mountain.

What inside?
Coffee cream and rum raisin ice cream on bed of cubed rich chocolate brownies, decorated with
marshmallow and chocolate shavings

Image may contain: drink and food

Who likes oriental food?
We invite you to try the exotic taste of our Singapore Bee-Hoon with its distinct curry flavor and smokiness that will build up your appetite.
#bakibakerykuta #balibakery #beehoon #orientalfood

Image may contain: food and indoor

Buat kamu yang belum tau, kalau cari makanan Jepang yang lezat & berkualitas, ayo cobain Dong Dong Japanese Restaurant yang berlokasi persis disebelah Bali Bakery Kuta.

Kali ini kami perkenalkan salah satu menu favorit disini yaitu Gyutataki Salad. Ayo dicoba yah.

Mau pesan & makan di Bali Bakery Kutanya juga bisa....
Dong Dong Japanese Restaurant
At Bali Bakery Kuta
Jl. Raya Kuta, Bali
#dongdong #japaneserestaurant #balibakerykuta

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Untuk hari yang panas, segarkan dengan Green Day, minuman sehat dengan rasa yang enak & menyegarkan.

Terbuat dari kale, nanas & lemon yang diproses saat anda memesannya, jadi pastinya fresh & selamat menikmati.
#balibakery #healtydrink #healthylife

Image may contain: drink and indoor

Mau coba sesuatu yang beda dan bikin nagih? Ini kreasi unik kita SPICE DEVIL CAKE dengan kombinasi rasa pedas dan coklat yang seru
#BaliBakery #kulinerbali #devilcake #chocolatelover #cakeshop

Image may contain: indoor

Selamat hari Valentine untuk semua pelanggan Bali Bakery.

Hidangan khusus & decor bertema rustic valentine kami sajikan untuk memeriahkan hari penuh kasih sayang ini.

Image may contain: 3 people, indoor

Specially made for your love one.
We understand how special valentine's day gift it must be.

Come & find more of our Valentine's day collection at Bali Bakery.
#balibakery #balibakerykuta #balibakeryseminyak #balibakerydenpasar #balibakeryhayamwuruk #valentinegift #valentinesdays #happyvalentine

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Rayakan hari Valentine bersama orang yang spesial buat kamu dengan sesuatu yang juga spesial dari kami di hari kasih sayang ini.

Kami tunggu kunjungannya dan temukan menu-menu spesial Valentine di Bali Bakery
#valentine #valentinecake #valentinegift #balibakery

Celebrate Valentine's day with a special person for you with something special from us on Valentine's day. We are waiting for visits and discover special Valentine's menu in Bali bakery --- #valentine #valentinecake #valentinegift #balibakery
Image may contain: food

February the month of Love. We have something special for this month, delicate Oven Baked Black Cod with mushroom provençal, onion sweet potato, shrimp bisque sauce and shredded nori.

Celebrate the day with Bali Bakery's special menu of the month, because we know that every moment is special.
Bali Bakery...
Jl. Raya Kuta
#balibakery #bakibakerykuta #februaryspecial

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Menyambut Valentine tahun ini, kami punya sesuatu yang special yaitu "Unicorn Cake". Dan dengan Rp 40rb++ kamu bisa dapet 1 kue & 1 coffee/tea pilihan kamu.

Jadi yuk ajak si dia kesini
Tersedia di Bali Bakery...
Kuta, Seminyak & Hayam Wuruk
#valentinecake #malammingguan #dilan

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Image may contain: dessert and food

There is something new in this February at Bali Bakery, we call them: The Pot Pie Issue.
It's selections of oven baked potato puree & peas in a glass pot.

And this one as you see in this picture is the Bolognaise one. Rich traditional Italian meat sauce with mozzarella cheese
Available at #BaliBakery Kuta, Seminyak & Hayam Wuruk
#potpie #newmenu #bolognaise #bakedpotatoe #potatopuree

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How to make "I hate Monday" to "I Love Monday"? Let's have something special from our menu, it is "Under The Tropic", caramelized banana on a symphony of vanilla & strawberry ice cream topped with strawberry sauce.
Bali Bakery Kuta
Jl. Raya Kuta
#balibakery #desserttime #ilovedessert #caramelizedbanana

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It's about green & delicious.

Vegetarian Fried Rice with Veggie Lumpia and paired with Avocado Shake (Chocolate Chip Topping, Chocolate Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream and Espresso on the side)
Bali Bakery Kuta...
Jl. Raya Kuta
Kuta, Bali.
#vegetarianfoodporn #vegetarianfriedrice #vegetarianmenu #balibakery #avocadojuice #espresso

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