Hey guys. We need your help to run this page. If you want this to stay we need you to share this page to everyone you know. We are at 861 LIKES. Let's get 900 or even better 1000. I know we can do it.

Hey everyone if still want to design a cover photo for Bands from New Hampshire you can still do it. You have to post your design on this page by this Sunday at 5pm the winner will be announced later that night. We all hope you guys take part.


Make sure u check out the update below & give us a call or shoot us a text for your chance to win some amazing give aways. From your friends at #BFNH.

Make sure u check out the update below & give us a call or shoot us a text for your chance to win some amazing give aways. From your friends at #BFNH.

Ok everyone.. Lets see if there are any arty people out there. create your own Bands from NH poster post it to are page and the one with the most likes will have it as are cover photo. Can not wait to see them!!!

Ok everyone we are back and with a new admin. So we will try are best to make post and get as many NH bands to play in nh as we can. Lets start off with one right now. This band is big. the just played warped tour this year down in mass. they have two music videos and there even writing new music. plz give it up for Under Fire. Go fu+cking smash there facebook page get get them to 4,000 likes. can we do this. YES WE CAN!!!

Buy this track on iTunes: "Same Old War" is the first single from our upcoming EP titled Oa...

Come see Our Last Night and Under Fire in Nashua this Sat starting at 5pm.. Should be a great time.. bring friends, grandparents, your dog i dont give a shit. Lets just got a whole lot of people to this and ROCK THE ROOF OFFF. Metal On!!!!

Ok guys thanks so much for all the great memory's.. But its time to part ways. NH bands are not as what they use to be. there are no more places for them to play. so i am shuting down the page.
Hope you all have a great 2013 season and ROCK ON!!

Looking for a new person to run this page. under this write down why i should hand over the page to you. who ever has the best reason will get fall control over this page. Good Luck!!
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Oh my god.
For fans of Loma Prieta, Beau Navire, Aviator etc.

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Hey everyone.. we are going to to see how many like this page can get before get to the end of feb.. if we can get to 1000. the page stays up and there will be some big news that I will post. if not. the page will be shut down and no big news. so lets make this happne

"The wildest heart the world is known to tame."
Get to know this band right now. "To hell with peace," he cried, and then he went To wage a brutal, distant, foreign, war. "...

tonight at 5pm Lydia Ayer will be posting there new song... SO check them out!!

BREAKING NEWS!!! Last Friday Night Josh Carley (former lead singer for the band Last Minute Sedative) Joined the a new band and now will be the new lead singer for the band called Lydia Ayer from Haverhill, MA. Go check them out!!