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Shelby Acord
· September 22, 2017
I was here Tuesday afternoon around 4:30, sicker than a dog. The worst sore throat I've ever had, swollen lymph does, fever, sweaty, extreme back pain. The ARPN I saw I've never been fond of, she come...s off as condescending. She asked if I had the flu shot, I told her no but I'd already had the flu this year. She looked at me like I was a complete idiot. I recognize that it wasn't flu season when I tested positive. My response was "look in my chart because I tested positive for the flu here." She looked at my tHroat, said it was not red. THERE'S NO WAY. Flu test was negative, she told me to go home and take ibuprofen. I laid in bed for 2 DAYS, with the same symptoms and finally went to the ER yesterday because I couldn't possibly handle another minute. I have 4 young children that need a mother that is well. I was in the ER for 15 minutes and sent home with 3 medications. This morning I feel like a whole new person! My advice, stay away! It would not have put you out to prescribe a Z-PAC. I will NEVER go back there. Stick to your regular physician guys! See More
April Veal
· December 1, 2016
Their posted hours are 8am-7pm today, December 1, 2016. At 1:30pm there no one there. No sign up stating when someone will return and when I call the number on the business card I took from the desk,... a recording answers that the voice mailbox is full. It doesn't even answer with a greeting or anything. Very unprofessional and a total waste of time and gas to drive there for nothing. I even browsed at Walmart for a half hour and still, nobody there. Lights off and gate is up. See More
Rebecca Johnson
· December 21, 2016
Always fast and easy. Great doctors too! Recommend to anyone

MyChart is a free services that enables you to securely manage and receive information about your health.

MyChart offers patients personalized and secure online access to portions of their electronic medical record (EMR). It enables you to securely use...

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Baptist Health is celebrating 90 years of helping communities all across Kentucky become and stay healthy.

In honor of our anniversary, we are asking you to share your Baptist Story with us. Click on the link to share more!

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An article by Henry Poston, APRN at the Baptist Express Care in Paris, discussing the importance of getting your flu vaccine early! All Baptist Express Care locations will begin giving flu vaccines on Labor day. Call for more information.

You may have noticed signs advertising flu vaccines now, which seems much earlier than the vaccine has been available before. This may have...

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A word from Baptist Health CEO, Stephen Hanson, on the quality and compassionate care you'll experience at Baptist. Whether it's a hospital, primary practice, urgent care, home health or express care... you can count on Baptist to be there for you!

A strong hospital provides important benefits to the community it serves: providing jobs, generating substantial economic activity, working to keep...

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It's so important to monitor your blood pressure often. Remember, our clinics offer free blood pressure screenings every Friday! Stop by today.

Some people may benefit from monitoring their blood pressure at home in between doctors' visits.

Great article about the importance of immunizing children. If you or your child need a vaccine, call our clinics for more information. If we don't offer the shot, we'll find someone in your area who does!

In my daily routine of caring for children, there are always the questions: "Does my child need to be immunized?" and "How safe are the vaccines?"

Carts at department stores are not intended to support babies, while in their carseats, on the top bars. Many of them now have labels informing parents of the risk. Unfortunately, our staff witness this dangerous practice at the Wal Mart stores where we have clinics all the time. Please pass the message along to other parents!

One of the hazards of placing a child in a carseat atop the cart.

A great article by Baptist Health Lexington's Dr. Katrina Hood on instilling healthy food habits in your children from an early age.

If there was one habit you could give your children that could last a lifetime, save money and keep them healthy, wouldn't you? It may come as a...

Did you know "...diabetes itself is caused by a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors, including sleep..."

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