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Kori L Carothers
· August 19, 2017
Barbara's music is giving, expressive and I enjoy listening to her thoughts. I highly recommend her music to be a part of your musical collection.
Steven Jackson
· August 18, 2017
Excellent Musician, I had the pleasure of working with Barbara on one of my songs. Superb Musician give her Music a listen, you won't be disappointed.
Tone Aanderaa
· August 22, 2017
Barbara was our featured musician during The Enchanted Garden exhibition at Art Sanctuary (Belgium) - i.e. played throughout the garden during 6 weeks - our visitors loved it!
Franz Thompson
· September 17, 2017
Hi Barbara I'm here be part of it....

Welcome! I am about music, painting, writing and enjoying plants! I know, lots of people say I 'shouldn't' do ALL these things but I find that one informs and amplifies the other. And it's all still me! I've been doing them all my life and am certainly too long in the tooth to imagine that 'oughts' and 'shouldn'ts' are always right. For new visitors, this is how to stay in touch. First, 'like' the Page. Click 'following' at the top. If you want to make sure of seeing p...osts, click 'see first'. Facbook is changing its algorithm to stop Page posts appearing too much in the newsfeed so this will help. I never deluge with posts - I'm too busy working!

Here are some links for anyone who is looking to buy or listen to my music and audiobook.


For MOON AND SHADOWS: Go to-…/al…/moon-and-shadows/id1174047659
You can also listen at Spotify and Deezer:
For 'MUSIC FROM THE SUN AND THE STARLINGS' go to:…/music-from-the-audioboo……/music-from-sun-sta…/id1174035300……/Barbara_Hills_Music_from_The_Sun_…

AUDIOBOOK: 'The Sun and the Starlings' can be downloaded from the following sites:…/the-sun-and-the-starlings/269269…/the-sun-and-the-st…/1431865/
Listen at:…/319753782/The-Sun-and-the-Starlings
Library sites such as and are now stocking the book too.

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Barbara Hills shared their video.
8 hrs

Soon I will post a few 'teasers' for the new album. Today, here is an oldie but goodie to cheer up everyone who is very cold right now!

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Barbara Hills

One sizzling day in spring when the woods were a cool relief, I was out with my camera. The germ of a musical idea began to form and 'In the Shadows...' was born. I hope you enjoy it.

Moon On The Moat
Terry Hawke Live Telephone Interview with Barbara Hills
Winter River

Final touches happening with the album! There's always something last minute, isn't there! Off to manufacture early next week!

I have invited some people to 'like' the page here. Please don't be alarmed if this is you. I'm always a bit shocked when people 'invite' me to do it.

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A very warm welcome to the Page here for new 'likers'. I'm still busy working on the new release. There is SO much to be done. All the artwork is ready now but I have to make sure it's all at the right size and specifications. The music is ready but I still have to upload it all to the aggregator and receive the all-important ISRC numbers. I could go on but I won't! Pressing onwards!!! Here are mountains not far from where I live.

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A visual taster - this time a section from a painting I did when composing the second track on the new album. The track is called 'Among Lilies'. The album 'The Flowers Suite' will be out later this year.

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I know, I've been a bit quiet, haven't I! I'm working like a Trojan. Music ready and I'm so close to finishing the artwork for the new album. Here's another taster - this time 'Honeysuckle'. In the album artwork, of course there will be no frames and the photo will be better too. It's VERY hard to get the colours accurate in photos of these paintings!

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It's been SO wet here in the mountains. What with all the rain and the snow-melt, the streams are all racing. Here's a photo I took a couple of years ago of one of our streams. It's exactly the same today! A couple of final, final touches to music this morning (I'm a terrible tinkerer!) and more artwork to do this afternoon. See you later.

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Well, I've been working on it and the track list for the new album is now finalised! Twelve tracks in all, one of which is just over sixteen minutes long and has several movements named after plants. Here's one of the paintings I worked on to include in the artwork. Can you guess the flower?

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Some great news today! A huge thanks to Tone Aanderaa for the invite to exhibit my new album as the sound installation in The Enchanted Garden at the Art Sanctuary later in the year! There will be lots more on that later! The new album will only contain one disc this time but there is nearly an hour of music on it. It will be called 'The Flowers Suite' - each piece of music takes a flower as its starting point. Exciting times! Here's a cheering poppy from last summer. Can you tell I'm looking forward!

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I've been getting to grips with Spotify. Here's my Artist Page that lists my music tracks. If you're a Spotify user please feel free to visit and 'follow'. To see it properly click here and then click 'view all on Spotify'.

Barbara Hills, an artist on Spotify
I put together a playlist that describes days when I wandered through woods and fields, enjoying the bluebells and listening to the birds.

This is just how I think! 😀

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Barbara Hills shared their video.
January 14

Polar air is forecast for us next week. Winter is hanging in there! Here's Winter River for you!

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Posted by Barbara Hills
Barbara Hills

'Winter River' is from my award-winning double album 'Moon and Shadows'. The lovely video that accompanies it was made by Terry Burkhardt. The ill-fated '' album mentioned at the end of the video no longer exists. The label owner was not well and retired from the music business very shortly after its release. It was disappointing at the time but I'm glad I was able to include the piece on 'Moon and Shadows'.

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A very warm welcome to newbies on the Page! And in the northern hemisphere here, don't we need to think 'warm' at the moment! Here are some sunny daffodils to cheer us up. Not long now before spring arrives! And everyone who sees the sun today - you lucky lot!!!!!

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