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What happens after training? All of our students are given the opportunity to get exposed to our local agency Hott Model and Talent Management. Interested in learning why Barbizon is so Hott? Check out the agency's website at for sucess stories galore!

Hello there! Welcome to Barbizon of Fresno's facebook page. I am so excited you are checking us out! I am Lacy Bartlett, the Director of Instruction for Barbizon of Fresno. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you why I have the best job in the world. In this day in age, the "industry" (a term we like to use to reference anything modeling ...or acting) is full of anything but role models. But luckily there are skills that the E! channel cannot teach a young person.

In my line of work, I get to watch kids transform. They transform in front of my very eyes from shy children who will not look you in the eyes into poised, confident, articulate,lively young people. Our students become the kind of young people we would all like to see on television. Our society puts so much pressure from a very young age to look a certain way, act a a certain way, and be a certain type of person. Unfortunately society is not a role model I would want for my children. I beleive Barbizon provides those role models.

At Barbizon of Fresno, we have a secret formula for success and I'll tell you what it is. Barbizon is known as the place to become a model or learn to look like one. While true, the secret formula is integrated into our curriculum in a way reminiscent of a mom hiding veggies in a meal. That is where the term self-development comes in. I see it happen when a child open ups and "works it" on the runway. I see it happen when the shy child make a whole room laugh while practicing commercials on camera. I see it when a girl comes to class for the first time in heals and her hair not in a pony tail. They are learning confidence! It can be taught! We may have a mock audition in a workshop, but the same skills used in an audition will help them get the part AND get the job.

As Director of Instruction, I jokingly tell aquaintances that I am "the principal of a modeling school." That is actually true in more ways than one. I ensure that your child transforms for the better. The training a child or teenager receives at our facility is the best investment a parent can make. My role is to ensure their investment. IBELIEVE in the training a young person recieves at Barbizon of Fresno because of the transformations I see every day. That is why I have the best job in the world!

If you have ever wondered about Barbizon of Fresno, just ask! I would love to tell you more about what this opportunity means for you or your child! Post your questions on our wall or send me a message!

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Barbizon School of Fresno and Hott Model & Talent Management are dedicated to excellence and integrity in the areas of self-development, modeling, and actin. We strive to impart the guidelines developed through the Barbizon International curriculum in a manner that is both responsible and interesting to our students. As an employee of Barbizon of F...resno we will promise to respect others and ourselves; be mindful of the importance of words and actions; be a role model and not just a fashion model; take responsibility in the care of our TOTAL self; and strive to always do our best.

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Welcome! There is never a dull moment at Barbizon of Fresno! Check out all the opportunities for young models and actors we have coming up this year! You can get more details if you take a look at our website!