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We want to thank you all for your continued support! If you haven't already, please check out and like Barnacle Bill's new and updated page. See you all for the summer season soon!

Miniature Golf Course
Barnacle Bill's Amusements's photo.
Barnacle Bill's Amusements
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CBS is coming today, saturday, august 3rd to do a follow-up story! Be at Barnacle Bills Miniature Golf to make your tv debut! See you there


today's agenda:
walk and feed the animals- check
dishes- check
laundry- check
hair cut- check...
get oil changed in car- check
head to Barnacle Bills Amusements for a round or two of miniature golf on the NEWEST course along the Shore! See you there!

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The outpouring of support is heartwarming and beyond words! Thank you to ALL that have sent your good thoughts and wishes to the Petruzel Family. The long haul is what they are in for and your support has been incredible! In time the rest of Barnacle Bills Amusements will return, in time. Hope to see you on the course this upcoming weekend. Stronger then the Storm!

July 31, 1963- 50 years to the day Barnacle Bill's Miniature Golf opens!

First golfers just picked up their clubs! 18 holes are awaiting you!
Stop on in, we are OPEN!!!!!! Thank you ALL for your continued support and prayers! 50 years today, July 31, 1963!

On this day 50 years ago Barnacle Bills Ortley Beach opened. The Petruzel Family has worked tirelessly to bring you family entertainment despite the recent setbacks of superstorm sandy. Barnacle Bills Amusements will once again return to Ortley Beach and when they are ready to hand you that club and golf ball, I hope you are ready for the new and exciting Miniature Golf Course. Take a trip to the Shore this weekend and celebrate the return of Barnacle Bill's Miniature Golf. Stronger than the Storm, Happy 50th Anniversary Barnacle Bills!

Your support is requested:
As you are aware the location of Barnacle Bills as many others was devasted a great deal by the superstorm. Financial restraints and delays in permits, insurance, FEMA, etc. means the money to rebuild has to come from somewhere.....
Any help is appreciated, Please show your support for the Petruzel Family. E-mail
and vote for Barnacle Bills Galley Restaurant to be the site for the Food Network Show, Restaurant Impossibl...e.

The Food Network show Restaurant: Impossible wants to find a restaurant in New Jersey or New York, effected by Hurricane Sandy, to rebuild for a special episode. There's only one criteria to meet - living arrangements connected to the building and the restaurant owner must own these or live in them!

If this is you or you know a restaurant in need, please email

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March 31, 2013

Beginning Steps for the Rebuild

Please excuse the delay in keeping you in the loop. Unfortunately, the bottom line.... nothing has happened since we posted last. The Petruzel family had a demo company come in to remove all of the items left on the property which couldn't be moved by hand. In addition the ceiling in the arcade has been removed. Now we wait. Trash piled up to 15 feet high, maybe even higher is the edge of the property along Route 35; the whale, gazebo, and golf shack are the only reminen...ts left on the golf course; the galley restaurant is completely gone and as you know the arcade was gutted to the studs, everything gone....
Which brings us to today. Your continued support, prayers and good wishes have not gone unnoticed. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
An extended member of the Barnable Bill Family has created a way to give back. Should you want to "restore the shore", "rebuild unite", "Rise Up" please do so by going to and check out what was created in our honor! Spread the word! Thank you all for your ongoing support! Stay warm, stay safe.

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Barnacle Bills - FUNDRAISER For BARNACLE BILLS Barnacle Bills Arcade and Mini Golf was damaged extensively from hurricane sandy this past October. We have started this fundraiser to help support the local community in rebuilding Barnacle Bills. Pleas

Saturday, December 1st the Petruzel Family along with Michael's Fraternity Brothers and Co-Workers headed down to Ortley to tackle yet another tough day. They gutted the entire Arcade, warehouse, galley kitchen, pizza room, office and apartment.

Each time their return to the Island gets harder, when one might think it would get easier, so not the case.

Years and Years of tireless days, months, weeks and hours went into this Family Establishment. Seeing the devastation was ...hard now to see all of those years of hard work and memories piled up at the curb.... now the hard part begins.

These photos are not posted to upset you, they are posted in the hopes that your heartfelt comments help the Petruzel Family Rise Up. Your years of going to Barnacle Bills will always remain with you; your photos will be a lasting memory; your special night whether it be a hole in one and you cheered aloud or your first place score on Pac-Man will never be forgotten. Memories had been made at the Shore Since '64! Help the Petruzel Family by sharing those comments, invite them to read your special memories.

Please continue to support your neighbors and local communities who have been victimized by the recent storms. Please continue to keep the Petruzel Family in your thoughts.

Thank you for your encouraging words and heartfelt concerns. The Petruzel Family will recover and Barnacle Bill will Rise Up!

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December 1, 2012

Saturday, December 2, 2012, Petruzel Family, Mike's Fraternity Brothers and Co-Workers lend a hand

Take a moment to read and reflect. Thank you. Make it a great day!

Residents of Ortley Beach, N.J., got the chance on Sunday to inspect the damage from Hurricane Sandy and start sweeping out.
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November 25, 2012

Begin with the Arcade

It was a long and productive day friends. It toook about 45 minutes to get on the island, which when there is one way in for many devasted communities, a small wait is not an issue.
We arrived and got right to work. It is still so hard to hold back the tears when you look around watching neighbors pulling out their memories to the curb, their loved ones trophies, photos, beds, furniture etc. etc. etc.
At Barnacle Bills, we were pulling out fridges, freezers, skeeballs, ...and 48 years of memories. The superstorm touched everything in its way. It tossed machines, it filled pinball games up with water, it literally flipped an air hockey table upside down!
Passerbys stopped to see how "Barnacle Bill" held up, they were genuinely concerned, yes he seems to have done just fine. As the Petruzel Family said today once, twice, three times, "We will be back!"
I took some photos and have included them on this page. Please take a moment to look at them and know the Barnacle Bill Family appreciates your support and looks forward to having you back this summer!

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To our many friends, family and visitors we hope your Thanksgiving was full of laughter, memories and goodwill.

Today for just the 3rd time since the superstorm the Petruzel Family will make their way to their home in Ortley to begin making then necessary steps to rebuild. This process has been just that, a process.
Please continue to do what you can to help your neighbors, those who at one time might have been strangers.
Together we need to do what is necessary to "rest...ore the shore", "rise up", "recovery, rebuild, restore." However you put it into words, please act.

Stay warm, stay safe.

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