It's been awhile since the fires, but I'm sure with the floods in the last few days, we have probably had some misplaced pets. Please feel free to post about pets and animals that have been lost and found in the last few days. Don't forget to check with Bastrop Animal Control if you have lost a furry friend.

Lots of people have asked how they can help the victims of the fire and what they can donate. To those people, I think this is the best answer I can give. The whole town of Bastrop as affected by these fires. It will take time to rebuild. Take a weekend out of the next month and come see us. Come to a local resterant. Come by a few gifts (or a treat for you!) from a locally owned shop. Support our town as a whole. I promise you will come away with as much (if not more) than you gave.


Jill Warren Roberts
I'm heading down to Bastrop. I have a list sorted by street. 810-4665 if animals have been spotted somewhere and you want me to check. Please someone repost to other sites. This [Lost and Found Pets of Texas Wildfires] is the only one I'm posting to so i can leave now and have plenty of time.
PLEASE CHECK OUR SITE [Lost and Found Pets of Texas Wildfires] LATER FOR UPDATES FROM JILL. We will do our best to distribute her information to other sites as well. Best wishes!

I am wondering if we could gather some of the live traps that the animal control has available and place them in these areas that people have been finding tracks around, such as watering holes. Live traps are completely safe and would be more effective than webcams. Just a thought.

Check out this album again, lots of new animals. The gray tabbie kittens are so precious!

Austin Humane Society added 70 new photos to the album: LOST Bastrop Fire Animals Housed at AHS.

These animals have been brought to AHS through our partnership with Town Lake Animal Center and Bastrop County Animal Control. If you think one of these animals... could be yours, please email or call 512-646-PETS and we will get back to you as soon as possible! All of the other animals in our custody have been identified by their owners. We will update this page as soon as we get more animals in.

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As people go in and see their homes, I am expecting many pets will be found. Please do not forget to post your information so that we can continue to help people find their furbabies!

There are many, many new pictures of new animals brought in from the fires to the Austin Humane Society.!/media/albums/?id=48805778395

Folks, this is a reminder to please check here: This is the very best list of lost/found pets we have right now. If you have lost or found a pet, please check this page to make sure they have contact infotmation, a photograph, and updated info if the pet has been found. If you have posted your info anywhere, you are probably on this page! Kudos to the administrater who has tirelessly worked on this very well put-together info!

Lost & Found Pets - Bastrop Wildfires & Steiner Ranch Wildfires

Just talked to the wonderful people from Austin Pets Alive, they have set up camp over by the dog park and police station off 71. They wanted to remind everyone who has lost a pet to send them a description of the pet and their address at so that food and water can be left if the animal is not found.

Just saw this list of needs from the Austin humane Society on KVUE's link, for those who still want to donate stuff:
(go to link, list is too long to post!)…/More-injured-animals-from-Bastrop-wil…

More injured animals from the Bastrop County wildfire arrived at the Austin Humane Society Saturday morning. The group is caring for the medical needs of the lost pets while trying to reconnect them with owners.

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Still looking for Roxie... she was lost on Ponderosa, and no one has been able to get back there yet. I have this feeling she is just there, waiting for us... we are also looking for Bella, the white toy poodle, but she jumped out of a moving vehicle and we aren't holding out much hope for her recovery.

O.k., here are some found updates. Please go to links or scroll down for info.

Story about my sister-in-law being reunited with Tigger... still no word about Roxie, but we are happy to have him back!

Fire blocked escape from the back door. A burning tree had fallen in front of the house. And though 911 dispatchers told Jacob Perez that help was on the way, he and his sister had to save themselves.

Please post found pictures on KVUE as well, they have the ability to post clear, large pictures that are easy to scroll through.

Did you lose a pet in the fire evacuation? wants to help you find it.Send your pet's photo to, along with the street/area where it was last seen and an email address or phone number for someone to call if they find it.

Such good news! Tigger has been found! He and my sister-in-law will be on the news (not sure what channel). We believe Roxie (the pit bull in the profile picture) is in a shelter as well. Yay!