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This morning the Riviera Dive Charters was out. Surge was light. So, while the beaches were closed. We were diving :)
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Kumpf Nicole
· July 25, 2017
I'd leave a 3.5 star review if possible; if you're interested in taking your PADI certification course here, I recommend reading this.
Each day all three of us (myself and two friends) had equipment. Leaking tanks, leaking regulators, vests that wouldn't deflate, no compasses, not working compasses, wet suits that wouldn't zip... the list goes on. For beginner divers, I have to say that whomever checks the gear in and back out really needs to be more careful. A lot of the equipment was even marked and they still sent us out with it. We did the beach dives in Laguna and the boat dives in Dana Point, and even our pool dive had messed up equipment! That being said, our instructor Betty was the absolute best!! We had her for the pool training day and the beach dives, and wish we could have had her for the boat dives too! She was SUPER knowledgeable and really fun. That being said, I do wish she didn't have to train three other master divers in our class of five in the pool. The scheduling of the pool time was clearly messed up that day because with the other class in there, there were 12 people in a tiiiiny pool. It made it difficult to get through a lot of the training techniques when there wasn't enough space to move about.
The second day we had Bill (boat dives out of Dana Point), and he definitely made us uncomfortable a couple times the way he yelled at other divers in our group. It was awkward and extremely unprofessional. He also went on about the captain after yelling at him between dives about he didn't know what he was doing, and blah blah... not really what new divers want/need/paid to hear. He was nice to my friends and me, but we just found it a bit off-putting and unnecessary. You shouldn't rant about coworkers or affiliates in the way he did to paying customers, but perhaps that's just me. Also, the captain was a real grump. He was yelling at paddle boarders and other boats, then yelled at people because he thought that they were ignoring him when really they were just trying to get equipment that worked properly... something I think he has a part in checking.
Overall, the desk staff and the rest of the crew were really nice and helpful, and the equipment we purchased is good quality, but I will definitely never be renting equipment from here for future dives.
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Alan De Lucio
· September 25, 2016
I don't think there is a bad thing you can say about this shop. Everyone at all their locations are very helpful, kind and most of knowledgeable about all the products and local dive sites. They have ...the best instructors around hands down. See More
Mike Harrison
· December 19, 2015
Dropped off my reg setup for service at the Cypress store along with my tank for visual and fill. I got a $105 written estimate for the service. When I went to pick up the cost of the service was $2...10. Yes that's double the estimate. On top of that my tank was sitting in the corner. He asked me if that was mine, they didn't know who it belong to. Nothing done to it. After complaining about the cost and paying it, the guy gave me a smart ass "Have a nice day" comment on my way out. This was all on weekend (Sat). See More
Luma Fowler
· February 9, 2018
I WOULD NEVER TRUST BEACH CITIES SCUBA to guide me in a diving trip!!!!!
So, I am taking the time to write a review because I dont wish anybody to have the same treatment as I had. I went to beach cities in Huntington Beach Feb, 9, 2018 to validate my groupon for OPEN WATER DIVING COURSE and collect my material and had a really bad experience both times.The shop was was smelling very bad and customer service was horrible.
They didn't explained I had to study on my own to attend to the course and I could not join the class.
I was really trying to be patient so I could attend to the course as I am going to Australia in a couple of weeks but Mike was just so rude and inpatient that I refuse to go back to that place again.
Not mentioning that I took the weekend off to do the course and now I don't have work on the weekend. So not only the cost of the material that they didn't refunded me I now don't have any work scheduled for the weekend.
Also, they left me on hold three times when I tried calling to ask information a couple of weeks ago.
I requested my refund from Groupon and they were very efficient providing me a credit for it. I received a apologizing letter from groupon in regards of the bad experience.
UNFORTUNATELY again I requested a refund for the material that I had to pay (U$128,20) for the course but Mike REFUSED to reimburse me for the material.
I am not sure if they are not handling the amount of customers but it is unacceptable to mistreat customers this way.

I understand everyone has a different experience in each place but I just thought it was important to share this really BAD experience I had. I hope they improve customer service sometime soon.
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Jo Eddward
· August 8, 2017
Very pleasing experience al and jed both made my experience enjoyable . I know I as a difficult student and without the patience of these professionals I would not be diving today
Jamie Melton
· May 24, 2016
Just completed my Open Water certification this weekend and had an awesome experience! From the classroom, to the pool and the ocean everything ran smoothly. Big thank you to the Riviera crew, Rob and... especially DJ for helping me throughout my certification. Can't wait to use my skills in Bali!! See More
Melodie White
· June 14, 2015
Can't think of a better crew to dive with. Andrew is my go to expert and makes sure I'm safe and well outfitted without overspending. I've been on many dive trips coordinated by the shop and every one... has been lovely See More
Michele Gottlieb
· October 11, 2014
Really great shop with great staff! Started out with a beginners course and with the help of the staff - now friends, continuing to learn more about the wonderful world of scuba!
Bud Forbes
· March 16, 2015
Have to say this is a decent company great price matching work yo keep their commitments, have had a few minor issues but that's anywhere. My 10 year old son just got certified and it went great. Than...ks to all at the shops Chob in particular. See More
Robert Smith
· February 11, 2014
Every one at BCS is awesome! Great instructors, Chance, chop, mike, Diving Dave for going the extra mile for helping sherry Reyes get her cert. thank all you guys your awesome! Love this place!!
Joe Leach
· December 16, 2015
I have been in to the cypress store twice , both times the person working the counter was rude , condescending and unhelpful , once the person didn't even put their cell phone down ! They are over pr...iced and no selection ... See More
Karen Danahy Casler
· May 3, 2017
I highly recommend and give Beach Cities a FIVE STAR ... whoohoo this is AS GOOD AS IT GETS review. They have exceeded ... and continue to exceed all of my customer service expectations. Thanks Beac...h Cities!!! See More
Rhonda Wade-Arnold
· February 6, 2016
My husband and I got certified with Beach Cities Scuba, would highly recommend them! Our instructor Greg was amazing and very helpful!
LaRue Thompson
· December 9, 2016
Best Scuba Shop in Orange County for sure...great crew too!!! Stop by for all your diving needs!
Alberto Poggio
· September 4, 2015
Great Dive Shops get all you need from knowledgeable staff - From beginner to experienced Divers BCSC can make your diving experience more enjoyable !!
Lisa Nicole
· February 22, 2015
All 5 store locations have very friendly and knowledgable staff, customer service is excellent as is the Dive instruction their instructors provide.
Lynn Mattoon
· June 5, 2016
Thank you, Beach Cities Scuba for getting me completely setup at The Scuba Show!
Joe Merrill
· January 7, 2014
Had a great time diving with Mansfield...picked up some gear while I was out there, too. Excellent experience. I'll be back.
Nyssa Kudravy
· September 20, 2015
Fantastic group to learn and have fun with scuba diving!
Anne Kelly
· July 10, 2014
Today I dropped by the store to book the GROUPON $199 Open Water Dive Certification. Rika advised that there were NO AVAILABLE DATES for a few months BUT she could book us next WEDNESDAY if we were w...illing to pay FULL PRICE $400
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