CONCERT FOR GEORGE is now available on vinyl for the very first time. Pre-order here: On November 29, 2002, one year after the passi...

Beatlefan #230 begins our look back 50 years at events of the momentous year of 1968, as Bruce Spizer tells the story of the “Lady Madonna” single. Also in the new issue, we have news of a possible White Album deluxe reissue, Beatles photo collector Vincent Vigil tells the story of his collection (featured on the front and back covers of this issue), Robert Rodriguez wraps up his examination of the making of the “Magical Mystery Tour” film, Wally Podrazik discusses Peter Ashe...r’s weekly program on The Beatles Channel, Kathy Urbanic looks at how The Beatles showed up in other artists’ songs, Bruce Spizer chats with Al Sussman about how he got started writing Beatles reference books, and Brad Hundt gets all nostalgic about early Beatles bootlegs. Plus, we have all the latest news, and reviews of new recordings, books and more. A sample issue costs $8 in the U.S. or $12 abroad. U.S. funds only. If you want the latest issue, be sure to specify #230. For more information, email

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Beatlefan #230

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An event celebrating the 75th anniversary of George's birth is to be held at Portmeirion, Wales, the Italian Renaissance-style village that was the distinctive setting for the ‘60s television series "The Prisoner." George held his 50th birthday party there in 1993, the Liverpool Echo says. (George's son Dhani also is a "Prisoner" fan; the name of his band, thenewno2, is a reference to the series.)…/beatles-fans-invited-mark…

Celebration of the former Beatles' life taking place in North Wales

Elliot Mintz has posted about Yoko's 85th birthday party ...

Elliot Mintz added 16 new photos — with Sean Ono Lennon and Kyoko Chan Cox.

over the weekend, i attended a small gathering of friends and family of yoko ono to celebrate her 85th birthday.

it was one of those occasions that is better ex...perienced than described. the guests that gathered at her exquisite apartment (in the dakota) will not forget the day.

it was informal and festive. there were people there who have known yoko for fifty years.......and there were friends of sean who have met her in recent times and totally understand why she has always been on the artistic 'cutting edge'.

not everyone knows that yoko has been doing multi-media, conceptual,avant grade, dadaesque modern art for more than 60 years.
she has created literally hundreds of pieces......many of which have been on display in some of the most prestigious museums in the world.
you can google the enormity of her work. the scope of it is astounding.

back at the dakota, yoko sang 3 songs for us with sean playing piano and cyndi lauper joining in on 'imagine'. we watched a video collection from people who could not be at the party but wanted to extend their salutations. the food was delicious and beautifully presented. yoko shared time with everyone who was there and was in the best of spirits.

i took lots of photos but want to be respectful of people whose privacy i honor and who might not wish to have their faces on this page....or any other.

also, the apartment is the most beautiful one i have ever been to. my early visits with john and yoko began when they just moved in. i met sean when he was a week old in the same room where we all gathered. it is a very special place to me.

but it is not 'graceland'. it is a private residence that john loved and yoko continues to call home. so as much as people would like to 'take a look', i wish to respect yoko's not taking you on the 'tour'. hope you understand.

i must have done something really great in a previous incarnation to be worthy of a 48 year relationship with yoko this time around.

i only wish john could have been at the party as well. some might feel he was.

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The Guardian reposted a profile from 2015 of Yoko Ono for her birthday. Some of what it says about her and The Beatles:

Her relationship with the surviving Beatles themselves, she says, is warm. “From my side there’s an incredible love towards them because they have done something important for the world and especially for the young.”

She suggests that any tension in their relationship has been due to British reticence. “I know that it was very difficult for them, too, but th...ey’re not talking about it. For instance, that classic style of ‘Let’s keep our chins up’ was typical of John. John and I went through so much difficulty and when that was happening we said: ‘OK, let’s just ignore it.’ I don’t think the other Beatles had to go through that much, really – John was the one who was taking it all. But I know that they’re doing their best. I really love them like my brothers.”

She and McCartney have had disputes over the years, often about the Lennon/McCartney credit on the songs they wrote, which McCartney would like to reverse on his compositions. “I feel that in some ways we are almost forced to be in a boxing ring, and that’s how people are looking at us, but we’re not doing that,” says Ono.…/yoko-ono-to-be-an-artist-you-…

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For more than 50 years Yoko Ono has been campaigning – for peace, for feminism, for gun control and, most recently, against fracking. This tireless activism, she says, is at the heart of her work as an artist. Alex Needham meets her at home in New York

Kit O'Toole takes a look at the recent reissue of Laurence Juber's "Standard Time," a solo album he recorded back when he was still a member of Wings.…/laurence-juber-standard-…/

'Standard Time' launched Wings guitarist Laurence Juber's career as a sophisticated yet graceful finger-style solo performer.

Happy 85th birthday to Yoko Ono

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Ringo teases the upcoming tour ...…

Ringo and the band is hitting the road for Europe at the beginning of June 2018.

A British actor who had a memorable scene in "A Hard Day's Night" has died.…/kenneth-haigh-86-angry-young-man-…

A coal miner’s son, he had a long theater, film and TV career, but he was best known as the rebellious antihero in John Osborne’s “Look Back in Anger.”

On this page, this Rolling Stone piece probably should be retitled "The Beatles in India: 16 Things You Probably Already Knew" ...…/the-beatles-in-india-16-thin…

Read 16 things you likely didn't know about the Beatles' historic 1968 visit to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's ashram in Rishikesh, India.

A look at the vinyl reissues of "Ringo" and "Goodnight Vienna" ...…/billy-shears-in-vienna-r…/

Well his name is Billy Shears and it certainly has been for so many years. Do you know who I’m talking about? Ringo. Ringo Starr. Drummer for The Beatles? It’s hard to imagine now but i…

Happy Valentine's Day!

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The Wolf Foundation in Israel announced on Monday that it selected McCartney as one of its Wolf Prize recipients for being “one of the greatest songwriters of all time.”…/Paul-McCartney-among-9-Wolf-Prize-re…

Honorees in music, sciences slated to accept awards at Knesset in May

Kit O'Toole's latest Deep Beatles looks at "Act Naturally" ...…/beatles-act-naturally-ri…/

"Act Naturally" came, well, naturally for Ringo Starr. He had flirted with country music long before joining the Beatles.

Ringo "hanging out in the snow" ...

Instagram Post • February 11, 2018 at 12:02PM PST

A release on an upcoming fan gathering ... Queen Bee / North Park Presents
San Diego Beatles Fair
March 30-31 2018
Pete Best...
Plus: Ringer Starr, The Rollers, Falling Doves, True Stories, The Dave Humphries Band, The Baja Bugs, Mojo Working and more!

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Beatles Fair returns for 2018 with a celebration of all things related to the Fab Four. On Saturday, March 30-31, there will be a full day of music, discussion and fun for all ages at Queen Bee in North Park.

Two days of Fab Music! There will be memorabilia displays, a rock ‘n’ roll marketplace and more, but the music will be the focus of each day. Highlights will include:

· A special appearance from original Beatles drummer Pete Best! He will here both days – performing on March 30 and participating in a Q&A, meeting fans and signing autographs on March 31.
· A multi-media presentation from Roag Best + An All-Star Set
· A performance of solo era hits including Traveling Wilburys and Wings from the band, True Stories (featuring acclaimed guitarist David Fleminger)
· An appearance from Ringo impersonator Ringer Starr
· The Rollers! A great Beatles Tribute group, highlighting the Ed Sullivan years.
· A set of early Lennon/McCartney from the Baja Bugs (featuring music legend Hector Penalosa of the Zeros)
· A set of classic covers and Beatles / Tony Sheridan inspired music from The Dave Humphries Band
· A roots of rock’n’ roll set from Mojo Working, playing Chuck Berry, Elvis, Little Richard and more!
· The Jacaranda Patio Stage hosted by Jon Kanis and set to include John January & Linda Berry, The Fire Brothers and many more!
· A Discussion with author / Goldmine columnist John Borack (John Lennon: Life is What Happens)
· Plus A Children’s Presentation, sets from Gino and The Gunmen, Falling Doves and many additional surprises!

Beatles Fair is a grass roots event, organized by fans for fans. If you love the Beatles music, you won’t want to miss this full day of Fab Fun! More details and ticket info:

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San Diego Beatles Fair 2017