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Founded on July 31, 2012
The mission of the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation is to create a supportive community that partners with health care professionals to increase awareness and empower women of all ages with MRKH to feel beautiful, just as they are.
BYMRKH is a supportive community that partners with health care professionals to increase awareness and empower women of all ages with MRKH to feel beautiful, just as they are.
Company Overview
GOALS of the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation:

*Advocate for MRKH! We will spread the word about MRKH throughout the medical community, open dialogues about MRKH... with the media and work hard to eliminate the shame and isolation that often accompanies a diagnosis of MRKH.

*Become the place to go for medically accurate information about MRKH. As we develop our website, we will add scientifically accurate content (vetted through our Scientific Advisory Board) and links to medically accurate websites and publically available literature.

*Partner with physicians to improve the experience of all females with MRKH and provide funding to help defray the cost of medical treatment and counseling.

*Fund research into the causes of MRKH, as well as the short-term and long-term emotional impact of MRKH on women and teens.

We ENVISION a world where:

*Physicians and their staff are knowledgeable and sensitive when diagnosing MRKH and treating women and teenagers with MRKH.

*MRKH is widely recognized and openly discussed within the medical field and within the general population.

*Women worldwide will have a safe online community where they can meet others and share their triumphs and heartaches.

*Reproductive opportunities are legal, safe and financially minimal.


BYMRKH Foundation page disclaimer: **BYMRKH has the right to delete any comments that we feel are in bad taste or are inappropriate. BYMRKH will not tolerate any bullying, harassing or hateful language, conversations about religion and / or politics. If any of these topics or situations comes up in conversation, the comment (or post) will be deleted. Please be mindful of this. **
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General Information
MRKH is a congenital condition (which means it is present at birth) that results from the incomplete development of the female reproductive tract. Women with MR...KH have fully functional ovaries that can be located in unusual places in the body cavity. They are genetically female, as they have two X chromosomes and a normal chromosome analysis (i.e. 46, XX). The primary symptoms are failure to menstruate. Typically, women with MRKH lack a fully functional uterus, cervix and upper vaginal canal. They have normal external genitalia and breast development, and often have a small external vaginal opening, called a ‘dimple’ that looks like a hymen. Although women with MRKH are incapable of carrying children, it is possible for most to have biological children through the use of assisted reproductive therapies and gestational surrogacy.

MRKH can also encompass other symptoms. The most common of these involve the kidneys. In some women with MRKH, their kidneys are abnormally formed or positioned in different places, and other women have a single kidney that can be positioned in various places throughout the abdominal cavity. Other symptoms include skeletal abnormalities (that usually are detected in the vertebrae), hearing loss and/or ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and heart defects.
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