Not to be outdone, mixing super heroes and disco, the French made their contribution around 1978.

Who could've dreamed that disco would bring Marvel and DC heroes together.

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For some reason I watched this 5 times and I'm still not quite sure what I saw

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The comic book world just lost a legend. RIP Len Wein.…/wolverine-and-swamp-thing-co-creato…/

Len Wein, the best-selling comic book writer and editor who co-created Wolverine and Swamp Thing [...]

Our hearts go out to Stan Lee tonight as news of his wife's passing has been released. RIP Joan Lee. You were the strong woman behind "Stan the Man".…/…/07/06/stan-lee-wifes-dead-joan-lee/

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Just heard about this little piece of awesomeness. R.L. Stine is writing for Marvel.…/31/r-l-stine-is-writing-a-marvel-co…/

R.L. Stine, the master of children and young adult horror stories that still haunt us today, [...]

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Adam Frankenstein was created and loathed, but he did not die. He looks for his humanity through the experiences of his immortal life.
From attaining an immortal dog, to becoming a modern day U.S. Marshal, 4 short stories of the creature who would become a hero.

What if the Frankenstein creature didn't die in a fire,a crumbling castle or on a glacier? What if he never died at all?Adam Frankenstein, a product of science and magic. A creature of horror, come-to-life. In this re-imagining of Mary Shelley's famous creature, Adam is still alive and his storie...

Batman Day! Sept. 17th at a Barnes & Noble near you! If you go please take pictures and share!

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THIS!!! Because Alcide. Right, ladies and gentlemen?…/joe-manganiello-cast-as-deathstroke…/

If you had actor Joe Manganiello pegged as the DC Universe's premiere assassin, give yourself a [...]

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Sheila English

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What if the Frankenstein creature didn't die in a fire,a crumbling castle or on a glacier? What if he never died at all?

Adam Frankenstein, a product of science and magic. A creature of horror, come-to-life. In this re-imagining of Mary Shelley's famous creature, Adam is still alive and his stories are that of legend. A lonely and reluctant hero looking for redemption and salvation through the ages.

Four stories, through the years, follow Adam as he struggles to understand his place in a world of men who would reject him, kill him. He looks to create humanity in himself while questioning those who were born with it.

Mary Shelley's League of Supernatural Hunters: Origins of Adam

Mary Shelley learns of supernatural creatures and real meaning of the word monster as she encounters a man unlike any other. A creature not born of woman, but created from the body of a circus strongman killed while trying to save a lion tamer. She must decide who to trust, the vampire, the witch, the mad scientist or the creature. Either way, Mary's seen enough to know she will need an army to fight those things not easily killed.

Frankenstein's Companion

19th century England, friendless and alone in the world, Adam Frankenstein, the creation of a mad scientist and his witch lover, becomes an assassin for hire. When a powerful mage hires him to find his kidnapped daughter and kill the man who took her, Adam strikes a bargain of his own. The mage has an immortal dog and Adam will do anything to own it.

The Therapist and the Dead

Brooklyn, New York in the 1980's was a place where monsters could blend in. Life has been long and cruel, so Adam keeps his appointment with Dr. Stein, the most expensive and sought after psychologist in the city, to talk of immortality and murder.

Adam Frankenstein, U.S. Marshal

Adam joins the 21st Century, and takes up residence in Houston, Texas. While waiting for his next mission from the League of Supernatural Hunters, he becomes Adam Frank, U.S. Marshal. His new partner is Marshal Rebecca Hughes, a by-the-book woman with a non-nonsense approach to life, with no idea who he really is, but that’s all about to change. When he wakes up dead and learns someone has stolen his dog, Texas may not be big enough to hold his wrath.

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This will be an incredible production. Do you think Marvel will be able to maintain the "epicness" in their productions after this?

So, everyone who was up in arms last month can breathe a sigh of relief.

There are massive spoilers ahead for Captain America: Steve Rogers #2. And if you somehow managed to miss the twist from the first issue, we're gonna talk about that as well. You've been warned! Last month, Marvel released the first issue of a new Captain America series that put Steve Rogers back in...
In 1978, one of the strangest and most exhilarating comic book issues in DC’s history appeared in stores, featuring one of the greatest team-ups of all time: Superman and Muhammad Ali.
While Captain America: Civil War was certainly one heck of a cinematic spectacle, several fans really felt the absence of two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s mightiest heroes.
Recently, the comic book world was shaken to its very core by a stunning reveal regarding the loyalties of one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.
By now everyone has seen the odious images of Captain America hailing Hydra.  Right now, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby are spinning in their graves while Marvel makes money off of this cynical, shortsig…
This week has been straight-up crazy for Captain America and yet again, we're racking up our Spoiler Country Frequent Flier Miles, so tread lightly, because on Wednesday, Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 revealed that the Cap we've known and loved for years had been (drumroll please): a secret Hydra...