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Manette Szeto
· December 17, 2017
Excellent coach. Very challenging workouts that give you results. There is enough variety that every time you take a class, it's different from the one before and it's part of a great rotation. It's t...oo far for me to attend regularly though, so I'll just have to stick to my local gym. See More

Summer Bodies are made in the winter. Good job everyone with our Super Set Challenge this morning.

We have 4 slots remaining. Still not to late to join Bootcamp.

Text 917-476-9352 for info or to sign up.

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Do you know your Metabolism (Metabolic) Score and how to eat based on that score?

Dr. Oz explains:


Reminder: Our Spring 4 week Yonkers Fitness Bootcamp starts today. Click on the link below to see the days and times or to sign up:

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Knowing your metabolic score can help you improve your metabolism and maximize weight loss. Follow along with Dr. Oz and nutritionist Haylie Pomroy as they present a short quiz to help you determine your score.
Sweat 16 Workout
Until our First Day of our 2018 Januay Fitness Bootcamp cycle kicks off ( which is January 15th), I will continue to post the rich and unforgettable history of some of the Belin Challenge Fitness Bootcamp moments. We may have to send out an AMBER ÀLERT for the old Ana Matias. I met this young lady in 2016 which she already started her weight loss journey and obtained great results on her own. But she had hit a plateau and with life stressors she needed help from the Bootcamp to get her to her goal weight. From day 1 of bootcamp to her last days of bootcamp in 2017 I saw her transform from a plateau position to a completed transformation position. Should we send out the Amber Alert to search for the old Ana? Or allow her to re-introduce herself? Let's go with the latter. Everyone let me introduce to you - Ana Matias from 2017. Great job Ana. I wish you a Happy New Year and the enjoyment of a new life 2018. Text/Call 917-476-9352 for bootcamp info
1 Min Fitness Check-Up