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Dennis Deckmann
· February 27, 2015
i'm not a customer. periodically over the past 20 or so years i've offered them my business but they are not interested because i own my tank. they say they will not deliver to any except their tanks ...that you must rent from them, either directly or with the fee hidden in the cost of the fuel. they are also big on their price lockin contracts. when you start asking about the only rental tank policy they try the scare tactic and explain how your tank might explode... has anyone ever heard of a propane tank exploding while being filled? See More
Jessie Dotson
· February 19, 2015
They go the extra mile to help customers. I have been a customer for 7 years and they have always been friendly ,courteous, helpful and on time with delivery. They treat you like family. Great job!!! ...You can't go wrong with them See More
Joshua Miner
· February 4, 2014
Very good customer service and courteous professionals. Mr. Shelburne (the driver) came to my door and handed me my receipt and talked to my son and I as if we were neighbors. Impressed to say the least!
Ivorie Constant Ross
· May 11, 2016
Small town customer service is offered at Bennett's Gas. Thank you! I've been a 10 year happy customer!

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When space in your home is at a premium and you need a place to stow sports equipment or rarely used household hold items, what’s the first place that comes to mind? The garage, of course! Not so quick. Many precious possessions can be damaged when stored in the garage, while others could actually...

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An oil furnace keeps a home warm and comfortable during the chilly winter months. Clean-burning heating oil does not produce the air pollution associated with coal, electric or wood heat, and is ...

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — With the cold temperatures and ice sticking around eastern North Carolina more people are using propane generators to heat their houses. Propane is a naturally safe,…

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Colonial Airport Parking, a transportation organization that moves travelers to and from Philadelphia International Airport, says that since making fleet c

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Powered by propane Schools see advantages to running buses on alternate fuel Local News Sep 10, 2017 Joe Sutter Reporter -Messenger photo by Joe Sutter Mark Pugh fills up one of the newest propane buses at MNW elementary school in Barnum. It’s just like filling up any oth...

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