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Michael Reed
· October 7, 2017
I would like for everyone to know I appreciate Officer P. Holcombe for the very professional handling of my wife's traffic accident on 459 this morning. He was prompt and went vehicle by vehicle to ch...eck for possible medical help needed. Fortunately, no one needed any. He was courteous, caring and even called for a wrecker for us. Thank you to this officer of the Bessemer Police Department. See More
Brian Smith
· July 2, 2017
One of the last truly organized crime organizations in America is law enforcement. The greatest nemesis that they have now is legally being filmed in cell phone cameras and being exposed for the crimi...nals hiding behind the law they are. My mother was murdered when I was six. We got one detective for a couple of weeks.. Unsolved. An officer gets killed and hundreds come from every jurisdiction and work night and day until it's solved. I was home invaded while sleeping after working nightshift as a computer programmer and my baby was sleeping on the couch. These same cops said it must've been drug related because of the sandwich bags on the counter where I made my preschooler lunch that morning before running carpool. These are truly mental giants and who we want protecting us. They are there to protect themselves, generate revenue, and be bullies behind a badge because it's illegal for them to do it as adults without one. Thank God I got out of that city and pray for all those souls still trapped there. See More
Alison Jones
· February 2, 2018
Thank you Officer Scott for the kindness, compassion, professionalism, and practicality, you showed me today! The world needs more people like you!
Mary Tremelling
· May 28, 2016
My husband hit an object in the road on I-459 on Wednesday. His front driver's side tire went flat. Fortunately he was able to pull over safely to the side of the road near Morgan Road. He had call...ed our car service provider, who said it would be 1.5 hours. About that time, Bessemer Police Officer Kinderknecht pulled over and asked if my 70 year old husband needed help. It's a good thing he did. My husband had never changed a tire on this recently purchased older truck and would never have figured out how to get the spare down, plus there was no lug wrench in the truck, and the spare had no air! Officer K knew how to get the tire down, had a lug wrench, and went to get air in the spare, and changed the tire! He got his uniform and hands dirty but had a great attitude. We so appreciate him going above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much Officer Kinderknecht! See More
Callie McQueen Whiten
· June 28, 2017
Thank you to Officer Little! I have had so many issues with a dog terrorizing me and my dogs and the first officer that came said he couldn't do anything, but not Officer Little, he was extremely kind... and understanding. Took what I had to say seriously and I feel better knowing that he is on the force in the city I live in! See More
April Melissa Davis
· July 9, 2017
So after going to Walmart on academy drive this evening and stopping at the Murphy Oil gas station I checked my head and tail lights. I have a short in a ground wire and the door being opened can shut... my tail lights off so I am vigilant to always check and make sure I reset them. I take a,right going back towards Tannehill. A light turns yellow. I stop. I tell my passengers sorry better safe than sorry I make a right using my blinker onto I think 4th Ave SW right before the Dollar General. Lights come on. I turn on emergency flashers and pull into Dollar General. Officer immediately asks for D.L. with no explanation, I ask what's wrong ,you have a headlight out. I'm sorry I just checked all my lights. You can look if you don't believe me,no I believe I'm sorry they were all just working. Another officer approaches the passenger window asking for I.D. of my friends husband and where we came from where we were going and why ? Mind you my small car is packed with three adults a mountain of Walmart bags and a screaming 2 year old, do you have weapons in the car? No sir. Hold tight. Comes back with and says here's a citation for improper lights. Okay I get it my headlight is out it has to be fixed. It just happened I had no idea, probably could have run in Dollar General if the hadn't taken so long all while 2 year is tired hungry etc. Why waste your and my time printing a citation when I could have run up the street before they closed and purchased the light? Problem solved. Then he proceeds to keep shinning his flash light in my eyes, I wear glasses I asked him to please stop it hurt my eyes ,I couldn't see him or his badge. His reply I'm not shinning it in your eyes my name is on citation. Well Officer Patrick J Young your half my age and wasted your and my time while a baby screamed to write a pointless citation. I will have a headlight when stores open in the morning as you prevented me from running directly to a store and purchasing one. People come from McCalla to Walmart for groceries and it was very obvious they were for no reason suspicious, but yet it was obvious they were just convinced we must have been up to no good. Yes I drive an older car ,not best paint job but all that over a headlight that had less than a mile away worked. They go out. It happens. Tell me I'll fix don't leave us sitting in a car baby screaming food that's cold getting hot. Really disappointed in attitude of a young officer. I have LEO friends and support all of you. I expect respect and some common sense. Stop wasting paper and time. Again tell me hey your light is out. I'll fix it immediately. Really sad. See More
Scott Passmore
· January 26, 2016
There is really no fair way to rate a Police Department.. Because the department is only as good as the Officer handling an incident at that time.. Or the dispatcher on the phone at the time you call..... If the employee is having a bad day or allows personal feeling to play in on their actions.. You get a bad opinion of the entire department... Bessemer Pd has some great Officers and Dispatchers but with that said.. Bessemer Pd also has some Officers and Dispatchers that need extra training or a different line of work.. Because the power that has been placed in their hands by the public is more than they can handle and they have forgot.. They are here to protect and serve the public.. Not just their Facebook friends or people who allow them to have free Starbucks.. Just saying.... But in all Bessemer Pd tries to be a good department... See More
Jena Bowen
· September 23, 2015
Thank you Lieutenant Anderson and to the exceptional Officer Ward! (I cannot remember the male officer's name but thank you for keeping my son and me safe from traffic!) When my son Blake and I were o...n the side of I-59 trying to help a beautiful Pit Bull/Labrador mix who had just been hit- you guys came to serve the community up and beyond!! I thank God for you all and so would that beautiful Pitty whom Officer Ward helped me put in her car and she drove him to the 4th Avenue Pet Clinic (Thank you Dr. Gaines!!). Officer Ward located Dr. Gaines herself and arranged everything! Sooo impressed!! Though the sweet Pitty would have thanked you all too- if he could have- just know he is in heaven knowing he was loved and cared for and did not die alone. Thank you for serving even the precious animals of the community! My son and I were blessed by you all too!! Thank you!!! See More
Darla Lawrence
· July 1, 2016
The only beef I have is why do police officers turn there lights
On so they can pass you and then turn them off after they pass it happen to me the other night look in my rear view mirror blue lights ...flashing I pull over thought I did something wrong and all they wanted to do was pass then there lights went out I don't think that's right but other than that Bessemer police department are great See More
Andre' Tito McCoy
· April 17, 2016
Disclaimer: I did not write this comment, however, I was at the church and actually witnessed this event happen in real time. I felt that it would be fitting for this original post to be placed on the... BPD Facebook page... The church was New Zion on 24th street in Bessemer.
Bessemer Police Department as lost my respect. During church service we hear alarms go off in the parking lot. Well my husband proceeds to go outside to check and make sure our car was secure. Well 30min later we were aware there were a couple of young guys breaking into cars . Oh but WAIT!!!!!! One young man was just sitting in one of the cars as if he was in his own drive way. Bessemer police arrived and put two guys in the backseat of their car. The dad came and apologized for his kids actions and said he got called off work to come to his rescue. But the thing is the dad states this has not been the first time and his child along with another who got caught and their friends ran. My question is Why have all the officers there and you let them go after you caught them in act????? Oh and the mom who clearly didn't care about what just happen she was just trying to get her baby out the car. The thing is, these days you need to hold these kids accountable for their actions. People are loosing their lives everyday due to ignorance. These kids are breaking into cars, robbing and killing. Now what if the wrong person caught these guys and took matters into their own hands????? Exactly!!!!These guys will continue to do what they have been doing until something happens because law enforcement failed yet again. I'm just out done .
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Kate Holdsambeck Upchurch
· March 6, 2017
Shout out to officer M. JEMISON from 2 ladies he assisted on Friday afternoon, March 3'rd, 2017 on the side of hwy 150. We had a blow out headed back to Shannon and Anniston when we flagged down officer for help. What a kind and professional officer! Bessemer is blessed to have this man in their ranks. Thanks again officer Jemison for your courteous assistance! See More
Ricky Sanders
· July 19, 2016
I am disappointed that I have received no response since filing a complaint in April 2016 against Officer White. Sgt Tate took a complaint from me on the 17th and assured me on more than one occassion... that her supervisor would contact me, she stated there was a process and two weeks should be alloted . I regret to say it has been 3 months and no one has contacted my family. I phoned on last night and requested a lieutenant give me a call. I can truly say I knew no one would call me back. My complaint has been ignored/ minimized and as a citizen I question does my life matter. There was a period where there was an open dialogue with Sgt. Tate & I however now she too in my opinion has abandoned me. My initial impression of her was she was fair, empathetic and caring. While the City Council meeting should not have to be my platform for communication I have patiently awaited a response from the police department and conclude they don't care. This is a matter of accountability! See More
Brian A Rice
· August 9, 2013
Mission Statement
The Mission of the Bessemer Police Department is to provide dedicated service to preserve life, safeguard property, enforce the law and bring to justice those who violate the law, an...d enhance the peace and quality of life in the City of Bessemer...
This was taken straight off your website and could NOT be any further from what happened at Splash Adventure today when my 12 year old nieces phone got stolen out of her bag and with numerous witnesses he was turned in to security who detained him until the police go there and thinking he would search the guy did nothing but release him and give my sister a speech about not accusing someone of taking something...I repeat she had numerous witnesses...I wonder what my 12 year old niece learned today?
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Cindy Brasfield
· July 12, 2016
I had a flat on the interstate today. the office not only pulled up behind me to protect me from getting hit, the he got out and helped me change my tire in the rain. Thank you so much.
Mary Mimi Ingram Hall
· January 8, 2014
On December 30th,2103 at appox 150pm a Officer Scoggins of the Bessemer PD was driving in the parking lot in the Ross/Target area in McCalla area and came to check on us, we were standing in the lot with a car with the hood up that had a dead battery, we had 2 small children with us, we told him that my husband had been there and had gone to buy a new battery and he stayed with us until my husband came back. He was the only person who stopped to check on us. We were so thankfull that he stopped and stayed with us. A big THANK YOU to him!!! See More
Julie Casas
· August 9, 2016
I wanted to say thank you again to the two officers that helped me yesterday when I ran out of gas. No big deal for most people, but I had just left the dentist. I am also disabled and the heat seems make my conditions flare up. I stood on road for 40 minutes and not one person stopped to help. I am not from Bessemer, but I was finally able to get a phone number for the pd. The officers that came out we're super. Their positive attitude, joking and kidding with each other, and obvious love for their job made me forget how miserable I was. I was too miserable to get names and my phone died right after calling the pd. I hope someone passes my thank you along. See More
Stephanie Claybion Pruitt
· April 22, 2017
Thank you to Bessemer officer that saw me near UAB medical west hospital and my car had broke down on the side of the road and stayed with me until my husband came to get me. I don't know his name but... he also attempted to see if he could find out what was wrong with my car. Thanks so much for the great loving officers that go the extra mile to serve. See More
Savannah Brianne Sutherland
· December 10, 2015
The way that officer king treated an army veteran and former police officer was highly disrespectful and uncalled for. You never tell someone that they should be "put down for being a veteran", when they are the reason you have the freedom to wear that badge. I sure hope this was an isolated event and not a reflection of the whole Bessemer police force. See More
Danielle Jolliffe
· May 8, 2016
I was driving 20/59 towards Tuscaloosa yesterday afternoon and witnessed an officer changing a lady's tire or fixing something on her car! He was up under the car! I just wanna say this was awesome!!!... In a day where everyone wants to bash cops I wanted to take the opportunity to say great job!! See More
Johnnie Chambers
· October 2, 2017
Have always been there for me when I needed them. Thank you.
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