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Patty Scarborough
· October 23, 2017
I am not one to take the time to give a bad review, that's just not me. But something had to be said..
I wouldn't even give this place 1 star, but I had to, to write a review. Horrible, horrible servi...ce and food! Used to be a decent place...went way downhill! Waited close to 30 minutes for our breakfast and they weren't even busy. The guy behind us had to ask our waitress (Maggie, I think) several times for this and that....another person never received their gravy for their Biscuits & Gravy! When he went to pay his bill and mentioned they never got their gravy, they were asked if they wanted it to go....they said "no, kind of defeats the purpose now!"
When she FINALLY brought some of our food (forgot our biscuits & gravy), I didn't have any utensils...she said I'll get you some, but she went and rang another customer up before she sent someone else (the cook) over with my utensils (by then, I was using my husband's spoon)...then we had to ask for our biscuits and gravy, she said they were coming. Well, a few minutes later, she brought our check...still no biscuits & gravy. That was the last straw. Who the hell brings someone there check when they haven't even brought all your food to you??! Who does that? Oh, BJ's, that's who! And remember, they weren't even busy! Needless to say, NO TIP was left, and I have never, ever done that before...
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Beth Erikson
· October 10, 2017
I've never written a complaint. I am 61 yrs. old. Here goes: I went to the one in Clovis about a month ago. I took my old boss who was visiting from out of town. He said he wanted some good home cooke...d food and I said we'll come here because that's were I had gone for years with my own mother and we liked it and it was local. was a Saturday morning, the place was 'dead'. Not the same waitress I had been waited on, ok, but this woman was ready for the brothel! Terrible hair and make-up to boot! AND her attire! Anyways, ignoring all that, we were just hungry. So we order. About 20 minutes later (remember the place is empty!) we get our food. His breakfast was just barely cooked, looked even pale in color, all of it, and mine was all burnt. Even the meat! Even the damn sourdough bread was burnt! I'm serious! I took off the top piece to check the bottom piece and THAT one didn't even have a crust on it! It was the center of the piece of bread, black. OMG!! Now get x-boss is negro. I am white. We looked back to the kitchen and NO ONE would look our way. NO ONE. When the waitress came back (finally) I told her I needed new toast. She took it in a huff and made me white toast, done right this time, and drenched in butter (margarine I mean) this time! We ate the parts that we could eat and paid our bill with NO tip and we left. I sure hope this gets posted because it took me a lot of thinking about this to post it and I hope someone else will chime in if in fact this has happened to them. I was so humiliated. I will NOT/NEVER go back. Beth in Clovis See More
Margarita Hansen
· January 29, 2018
Had Steak & Eggs steak was cooked perfect did not have to add steak sauce..thick and juicy with each cut. My complements to the Chef!!!👍👏👏
Preston Miller
· September 7, 2017
Long story short, my food was not cooked all the way, waiter was not attentive, there was a cockroach I killed that ran from under my plate. When I showed them the bug, the tall fat one whipped the co...ckroach off the table with a napkin. He didn't even try to make amends with any kind of apology. This place is garbage. I called the Health Department. See More
Veronica Rain
· October 2, 2017
I love this spot. I love the owner too. Such a great hearted person. My favorite is there biscuits and gravy after I am done eating my omlet!!
Alyssa Boyles
· April 8, 2017
I went with three other people to get breakfast before we left town. The restaurant was not busy when we got there, but it took 20 minutes for them to take our order, and then 40 minutes after that to... get our food, and they didn't actually​ give us everything we ordered for another 20 minutes. The worst part though, was that the manager was our server, and he was rude and unhelpful when we told him we were unhappy with the service we received. I won't be going back to this location. See More
Staci Schoelen-Chavira
· March 20, 2017
I usually go to the BJ's on Ashlan/Cedar, love to food and service. However, went to the obe in Clovis since we were in the area. They were very busy but seemed very short staffed. Service was slow, f...ood was ok, they seemed confused about what they were doing, it was a joke. I litterally wanted to sit the people standing at the door for 10 mintes into the empty tables. Sorry but wont be back to this one again. See More
Randy Branson
· July 4, 2017
We used to live in Clovis so since we were visiting the area we went to "our spot" for breakfast. We immediately noticed the place was cluttered, the floors were dirty, tables not bussed, etc.
The men...u they handed me was torn almost in two. We chose our meals and the "waiting game" began. After 25mins we noticed the family of 7 who was already seated had not yet gotten their food. There were only 18 people in the place so "busy" was not an excuse.
In another 10mins my wife got her hamburger and fries. The presentation of the food was abysmal ... the meat was over-cooked ... the bun was black on top from being over-toasted.
My food came about 3mins later ... brought by "one of the cooks" who explained he read my order of eggs (OM for over-medium) as "Omelette" ... as he sat the plate own on the table!!! I refused it so off he went back to the kitchen.
Within another 3mins our server brought my eggs / sausage / hash browns / biscuits'n'gravy (I wondered what had taken 38mins on the first try). Now my #1 reason for eating at BJ's has always been their biscuits'n'gravy ... so imagine my SHOCK when I tasted them and spit out the first bite!!!
I went online to see that this location is no longer on the BJ's Kountry Kitchen website ... and I didn't wonder why. Friends in the area tell me the 3 locations in Fresno are "still good" ... but BEWARE THE CLOVIS LOCATION!!!!!
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Annette Nichols
· July 3, 2017
We went there on Sunday the food wasn't bad. but the waitress really sucked. If we wanted coffee we had to get up and go ask for it. I asked for jelly and didn't get it at all. No one ever came up and... asked if we wanted a refills. She just stood around waiting for food to be done. Don't know why we went back the Clovis one has really gone downhill. See More
Kristin Cuelho
· November 15, 2015
The one waitress that has been here a while is great. She is so friendly but other than that the service sucks. So slow and food is never hot. Portions are always changing and sometimes its burned. Bu...t today was worst. We found a bug in our drink. That was the last straw. I will not return. When I brought it to their attention their response was OMG I'm so sorry my eye sight isn't good. I don't care what your excuse is. The problem isn't that you didn't catch it before me. The problem is that you have bugs to begin with. Disgusting and dirty. I won't be back. See More
Tom Bain
· July 19, 2015
Went here today after church to grab a quick bite to eat, arrived about 11:20 am place order 11:25 while waiting my wife was looking at the wall beside me I turn to look and it's a cockroach climbing ...the wall, we decide to try to forget about that as most food places have bugs you just usually don't see them , well about 11:55 a server comes up and asks us if we need anything we said our food would be nice beings we have waited about a half hour now she says oh sorry we are very busy at which I say we just want to pay for our drinks and leave she says don't worry about the drinks, oh my well thank you!
We will never ever step foot in that place again , dirty, nasty and terrible service! -10 stars
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Alycia Constable
· May 6, 2017
They were out of could a resturant be out of ketchup, i wasnt able to eat my food other from the biscuits and gravy which was a let down....they have gone down hill, using packaged gra...vy, i make better gravy then that at home shoot!!
Its sad to say the my childhood resturant is no longer a great restaurant.
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Philip Badillo
· November 7, 2015
Probably one of the best breakfast places around. Great omelettes. Not for the health conscious. LOL. Well depending on what you get. My fav is the jack cheese German sausage omelet. Love the stacks. ...Short and tall. And their biscuits and gravy will definitely raise the LDL/HDL ratios. See More
Donna Flores
· August 17, 2014
This is the 2nd time we have come in less than 2 months. First time we waited over an hour for food. This time it has been 35 minutes since our order was taken then the waitress comes and says they ar...e out of ham. Really I have waited so long no wonder they ran out. Hostess is telling people 45 minutes to an hour wait. Have seen at least 20 people turn around n leave. it has now been 45 minutes since we ordered still no food. We will not be coming back again. See More
Amy Haskin
· May 8, 2016
This place is a joke!!! Worst service I have EVER gotten. Waited almost 2 hours for our food. I should have just left, but I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. Yeah stupid me. Food tasted lik...e garbage. I'll never go there again and I won't be recommending this place to anyone. See More
Mike Greenwood
· January 14, 2017
We stopped here on our way to Canada from Yuma Arizona. Absolutely the best meal we've had on our whole trip. That's not all, our waitress Patti was warmest friendliest person you will ever meet. A de...finite stop for anyone who is hungry and wants to be blessed by a warm smile and big heart.

Mike & Faith
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Virla Neithinger
· September 18, 2017
Awesome, food delicious, staff friendly. Prices reasonable.
Michelle Delena
· January 2, 2017
This place is cockroachs infested. They were crawling on the table and my son found one in his mouth when he took a drink of his chocolate milk.
AlexnTammy Vaughn
· November 30, 2013
We ate the Blackstone shaw location...the food was terrible......greasy.....and thrown on the plate carelessly...... We finished and I noticed there was a roach just walking around at my... feet. I went to pay asked for a manager and the guy said why what's up....I told him he said I will tell the owner .I have seen roaches too..he stated....never got me a manager and charged me the full check....have a good day he said See More
Bob Custer
· November 23, 2014
Wow what happened? Omelets shrunk much smaller! Service slowed down. No fresh jellies or preserves anymore. No fresh salsa. Biscuits and runny gravy. Big change.... Used to be much better! This was a...t the Shaw and Villa location in Clovis. See More

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BJ’s Kountry Kitchen celebrates its 35th anniversary with founder Judy Kerr recalling the restaurant’s humorous start. Also, Buffalo Wings & Rings wants to open in Valley.
BJ’s Kountry Kitchen celebrates its 35th anniversary with founder Judy Kerr recalling the restaurant’s humorous start. Also, Buffalo Wings & Rings wants to open in Valley.