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I threw together a pedal board for guitar. It's the first board revision I've done since the invention of the Ape Blaster. I go into the tuner and then it hits the loop switcher. Loop 1 is Naga Viper, Nova Wah, Muff type fuzz, Montevillian Echo. Loop 2 is Fuzz Factory, Ape Blaster, Dark Echo. Works like a champ here at the office and I'll be hooking it up to the stack tonight. Can't wait! And hey, while we're here, why don't you show me a picture of your pedal board?

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Long time no see! I've been swamped with music stuff (in three bands now!) and slow to get things moving with the Power-Action Go! Unit. That one's still coming soon. In the meantime I'm selling this Sonic Titan clone I built for myself. I don't normally sell clones and I don't usually make a pedal for myself that I don't end up keeping. But I built this thing in November of 2014 and have just not found a use for it. It's a straight up Sonic Titan clone with a depth switch which allows a little more bass into the circuit, custom built by me. One of a kind as I won't build another. Boss style 9 volt AC adapter (the usual) required. $250

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GOOD NEWS! One of my buyers backed out of his hand built Power-Action Go! Unit preorder. This is better news for one of you lucky people than it is for me of course but now there is one for sale again. There will only ever be three of these built in this manner and this last one can be yours for the low low price of $250 plus shipping. If you'd like kick it up a notch please shoot me an email at papa.zitATgmailDOTcom and we'll get you sorted out and squared away :0)
*EDIT* it has been brought to my attention that it is not yet 2016 and the date has been fixed to reflect the year in which this pedal was actually built

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Today Dealer Appreciation Week continues with a tribute to The Guitar Store in Seattle, Washington. They are the only Electric Heat dealer in my home town and will continue to be for some time I expect. Just like the last installment of DAW, this one comes with a story. I wanted to try out one of those really thin DBZ guitars they were selling at the time. I asked the owner, James, if I could bring in my pedal board and my home amp so I could gauge how it might sound in my ri...g it for real. He said sure and when I came in with my stuff he said to go into one of the practice rooms and go crazy. So I did! I turned up real loud and played at that volume until I was finished. When I emerged his first question was, "What was that fuzz you were playing through?". When I told him it was this prototype I was working on he said he wanted to sell the finished product in his shop. It gave me warm feelings! So over the coming months he kept asking about it every single time I went in there and I kept giving excuses about trying to get the enclosures printed and circuit boards made and stuff like that. After about a hundred interactions like that, one day he just said, "Look man. How much money do you need to launch this thing?". I told him what I was looking at and he wrote a check right there on the spot. That was the day the actual Ape Blaster Fuzz was born. And make no mistake, it may never have truly been born without his help. I'm so happy to be working with what I feel is the best music shop in Seattle. I really do feel that they are head and shoulders above 'the competition'. No other shop has friendlier people or a better selection of guitars, amps and especially PEDALS. I'm constantly blown away by his commitment to the local musician and neverending drive to be the best. If you live in Seatown do yourself a favor and get in there and talk to James, Blake and the boys and see for yourself.

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I declare this dealer appreciation week! Monday's shoutout goes to Tommy's Guitar Shop in Everett, Washington. I met Tommy a few years ago at a band practice. I saw he was into pedals and told him that I enjoyed making my own fuzzes and boosters and such. He immediately said that if I ever wanted to sell any I could put them in his shop. That was literally the day Electric Heat was born. If you're looking for guitars, amps and especially pedals get on up there and see Tommy and the lads! He's got my world famous Ape Blaster Fuzz and soooooo many more more. Check him out :0)

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Here's what I'm working on today. The massive Power-Action Go! Units are all sold already but you can step up to an Ape Blaster immediately at

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It is finally time to tell you more about the Power-Action Go! Unit. It's my new fuzz and the initial run of three hand built pedals will be shipping on October 1st. The sale of these three will finance the manufacturing of the production version which will be in a much smaller, powder coated enclosure with screen printed graphics. The Power knob is just volume/output but the Action knob is a bit more interesting because it blends between two fuzz stages. Rotating it clockwise will not only increase the fuzz but will also cause all sorts of odd phase cancellation along the way which causes the EQ (tone) to shift. It's loud, can cut through a mix and is lots of fun. I'll have videos to share soon.

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Got an instagram account? I'm very proud to be involved in this fine instagram giveaway. You can find me on there @electricheatpedals and get yourself signed up to win BIG. The "tag two friends" bit is referring to instagram but nobody'll mind if you tag a couple of facebook friends too. And of course sharing anywhere/everywhere is highly encouraged!

We've put together a giveaway so HUGE that we won't blame you for soiling yourself at the mere thought of winning. Here is ...what's up for grabs:
Magic Pedals - Magick Fuzz
C.S.E. - StellarVerb
Dunn O Effects - Cyclops Fuzz
Electric Heat - Ape Blaster
Bear Amps - LuciFuzz
IdiotBox Effects - Flash Stutter
Pretty Skin Custom - Handmade Pedalboard!
Avedissian Pickups - Set of handwound Rail Splitter pickups!
That's enough badass gear to make Josh Homme's heart skip a beat!
But as though that weren't enough, you'll also win a killer T-Shirt from Rigs of Doom and a T-Shirt/Goodie bag from 4 Ohm Prints!
This is a BIG prize, so we are asking for BIG participation. Remember, with great power comes ....blah blah blah.
To be eligible to win this giveaway you have to
1. Like this post
2. Repost this on Instagram with the hashtag #facemelterofdoom
3. Tag 2 friends in the comments of this post
4. Follow all of the participating pages listed below
On September 12th the winner will be chosen at random from the pictures under #facemelterofdoom.

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The Power-Action Go Unit has passed the first prototyping phase and full development is just getting underway. We're still a couple months out but I'm very much looking forward to having a second product on the market. Babysteppin' my way into THE FUTURE

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Electric Heat added 35 new photos to the album: Customs-Clones-One Offs.

Sometimes I do custom work. This usually amounts to clones of existing circuits, sometimes with modifications. I use stripboard and create all my own layouts on graph paper. This is very time consuming and very expensive but some folks ask for it and I love to work this way.

If you'd like to give an Ape Blaster a try you can visit my dealers and they'll plug you right in. Stop by The Guitar Store in Seattle, Tommy's Guitar Shop in Everett or Guitar Maniacs in Tacoma and crank one up!

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New batch of Ape Blasters is on the bench. Order yours now!

The band I'm in, Ancient Warlocks, is going on tour! If you live on the west coast come rock out! I'll have Ape Blasters available for sale as well.

Apr 18, 2014 - Apr 27, 2014West Coast of USA
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Sorry for no new news. I'm just keeping busy with Ape Blasters. Buy yours here:

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It’s been said that we currently live in a golden age of gear. I’m inclined to agree. The number of tonal options available to guitarists today at any given price point is staggering. At the time o...

Congratulations Spencer Webb! You've won the raffle for the custom Ape Blaster Fuzz! Together we generated $1120 for Typhoon Haiyan relief. Thank you ALL! Everybody that donated shared or cared. I consider the project a massive success and you made it possible :0)