To all of you interested in helping building our new release please contact us through Bitmessage.


Ok, here's the thing: Some of you may have already noticed that BlackBuntu got abandoned by some of its developers and founders. Official website going offline, lack of updates etc.

Since the first time I saw this distro I fell in love with it and I hate to see it die day by day. Therefore I've decided to resurrect it and to do that I need team of dedicated developers and artists. So if you don't have much to do this summer or looking for a little side project, please reply this post or PM me. Once you do that I'll get back to you as soonest as possible ask few questions and if successful I'll invite you and introduce you a bit further into new release.

So here's what I'm looking for;
-An individual with mandatory knowledge and understanding of English language (Doesn't have to be fluent, as longest you can understand and reply).

-Knowledge of any Unix based programming or scripting language, such as Perl, C, Ruby, Assembly, Python etc. As in previous case not necessarily fluent but some experience is required

-Knowledge of Unix systems

And most importantly dedication and open mind in regards to new release.

Or if you want to contribute towards graphical side only knowledge of English is required and talent.

Thanks for reading and don't let this beautiful project die - gh0st

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I really wish you could see right now what we've got coming up this year

I think it would be nice if we added to our next release automated script which installs tools like msramdmp for Cold boot attacks on USB memory stick. What do you think ?

Great thanks to encrypted soldier

Hi people I'm really proud to present you unofficial release of Blackbuntu by Encrypted Soldier. It looks really good and we're really proud of our community keep it going guys…/d/0BxNE6u5MKmkGMXhWd1VTbDVFT…/edit

What features do you like and enjoy in BlackBuntu ?


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What sort of new features and functions would you expect from our next release ?

Please be advised of our new IRC Official Channel:
Special Thanks for ReaperSec Team

Hey guys, for a past few weeks I've been working on my little project called 'Freez3r' (Universal Denial of Service perl client), so if you want to check it out and help me with it, please visit the link below
I'd really appreciate your feedback, and what are your thoughts about it. ATM I'm looking into improving user experience so if you have better idea for the user interface or new DoS attack method feel free to share that idea with me

-Thanks gh0st (aka. 5m0k3)

Freez3r is a multi platform universal graphical user interface denial of service client, created in Perl with help of Gtk2 libraries (To make user experience...

I'm currently being built new release of blackbuntu busing the xubuntu 12.04.

BlackBuntu updated their cover photo.
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