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Rich Ahee
August 31, 2013
I went to 116th & 5th Ave tonight (Harlem World all day for me) to see my girl "Jae RoSE perform at her 1st show. Venue was cool, people were actually very welcoming. Sound System sucked and it was a ...talent showcase. I know many of you are thinking WTF? Rich never goes to no showcase.

Well that should speak volumes about what I see in "Jae RoSE. Most of the acts were not memorable but in all fairness you couldn't hear them. The crowd energy was actually very dope. They were supportive of all who performed ....

Then "Jae RoSE" took the stage. You have to envision all who performed prior were male African Americans with entourages on stage. Here comes this "high yella" Puerto Rican Chica. 5'3" of pure adrenaline screaming tha BX up in this biatch now hands up muthf*^%#ers.

The beat drops to Jae's cover of "Fuck Wit Me U Know I got It" and the heads start to bob. She starts spitting and the crowd moves toward the stage. By the end of the record they are all cheering .... Then she goes into "U_O_E_N_O it" by the first chorus the Bleu Violin was vibrating and I was smiling .... "Cha Ching" .... By the end of the song they were screaming her name. Then Jae hit with "I'm Tha Shit" an original. I kid you not a dude "bought" the show CD .... "Cha Ching" .....

QOTD: "I Got cho nig*^ga wit me right now U_O_E_N_O it" - Jae RoSE
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NEM Events
December 21, 2012
Sound provided by the North East Music Group, rocking that crowd Dj Kode Blue - YES
Surayya Barbee
December 5, 2012
Brother Khidr & Sister Surayya, it's a family affair.