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Well, here's the latest official word on Legacy of Kain's future from Square Enix Collective boss, Phil Elliott:

"We've lots of IP, lots of franchises that we don't do anything with any more. Can we open that up, and actually have developers use that as a stepping stone, and could it be a little easier for them to try to build a name for themselves around that? As opposed to something of their own creation, which is super hard. [...]

"People often ask about Legacy of Kain. We don't have any specific plans there, but if a team came along, they had plans for funding and they had a really cool idea, yeah. [...]

"As I say, we're open-minded, and I think exciting things could potentially come with that."

If you want a job done right, go off and do it yourself!

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GameByte sat down the other month with Phil Elliott from Square Enix Collective to talk about what the company does, what dream projects he'd love to see the...
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Old Gog Head(WIP)

We are glad to present you with an album "Echoes of Omnicide", composed and mixed by Kyle Misko. A 50-minute musical immersion into the atmosphere of Nosgoth of the Blood Omen times. 14 compositions were composed by the author from scratch, and inspired by the works of Steve Henifin.

Full Playlist:…


Support this soundtrack:

It's been one and half a year since this soundtrack has started and now it is time..

Don't forget to support this work by checking the link above to keep our project moving. Thank you for all the support, we hope you're going to enjoy this OST!

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#bloodomen #bloodomnicide #legacyofkain

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Support this work here: It's been one and half a year since this soundtrack has started and now i...

Plan for patch v0.11:
- Lots of bugfixes;
- Xbox 360 and Sony DualShock gamepad support;
- new features: run/sprint mode (new "run" button), improved Wolf-form jumping, improved AI, minor gameplay rebalance;
- new features for gamepad play: "belt" inventory (forms, spells, items all in one screen), PS1-style camera offsetting (right stick);...
- built-in addon manager with addons: Distinct Chronicles, Bloody Sounds, Soul Reaver 2 pillars;
- minor graphics improvements;

No new locations will be supplied with v0.11.

Detail plan here:…/index.p…/Blood_Omnicide_v0.11

PS. preparing something special for you - a 50-minute immersion into mood of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, which will be released in the upcoming week. Stay tuned!

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And finally we did it.

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Phil Elliot, director of community and indie development at Square Enix, tweeted, “Wonder what the interest in the Legacy of Kain IP would be if we made it available to indies to license?”

That could become just a great opportunity to get this project finished (or making something new), with even more modern concept and faithful style.

It seems someone asked about this possibility.

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Happy New Year 2017!

"Follow your passions, believe in karma, and you won’t have to chase your dreams; they will come to you." — Randy Pausch

We wish YOU all the Best! YOU are the Best!

Blood Omnicide v0.1 is officially released. Official installer fixes a problem with PlayStation Blood Omen installation (videofiles are not detected correctly). Full installer-

If you've encountered this issue, but do not want to re-download full installer, you may use a quick fix. Download setup.exe via this link, copy it to Blood Omnicide folder (replace old setup.exe), run it and select "Install Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain for Blood Omnicide"

WOW- 1300 subscribers. Thanks to you, we are continuing work on Blood Omnicide.

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Today we are excited to present you the very first Blood Omnicide mod made by Raina Audron. The mod replaces the Pillars original symbols with the ones from Soul Reaver 2.

It's nice when you're doing something that makes other people more creative.
Video tribute to blood omnicide by Alessandro Janos

The Blood of Ages flows so sweet. Come - drink from us.

Blood Omnicide Preview is over, now it’s time to test wrath of the Pillars.   Blood Omnicide is a project to port Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain in 3D using Darkplaces engine. The main goal …
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