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Daniyal Ali
· November 9, 2017
the best school ever regarding studies and everything else much better than LGS because studying in LGS is suciding because of the burden of studies.
Junaid Majid Sheikh
· November 14, 2017
particpated in 2nd MMAJ Declamation competition
indeed worst school
worst competition ...
worst judges
worst jugding criteria
and for sure worst results
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Muhammad Abir Anjum
· April 10, 2015
Dear All,
Just to let you all know that I am a career counselor. Students who want to pursue further education in Australia Canada, USA, UK etc. Please contact me. Also do let your friends and know about it who wants to pursue education abroad and also those who are looking for a sincere career counselor.
M. Abir Anjum 0321-2824444, 0321-2044444 #MuhammadAbirAnjum
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Muhammad Kamran Abid
· September 17, 2016
this is the best school.the staff,environment,teachers,students all r so good.good activities for students and nice environment
Abdul Hannan
· April 29, 2017
It's a great school � there are many activities there is always something new to do
Faiza Bilal
· May 26, 2015
Very competent teacher in jaohrtown for you kids excellent education and grooming
Please contact Mrs. Sobia
0333 8120833
Eisha Mehtab
· June 19, 2014
one of the best things that ever happened to me♥
Saira Sheraz
· September 2, 2015
Good morning to favor and the best. if it was not
Abdullah Razi Ahmad
· September 13, 2013
Average..... still in the phase of observing....
Sabeen Sahar
· September 14, 2014
A very good school only beacause of the teachers and miss Nighat...
Rehan Nabil
· March 19, 2014
Its an exellent school
Meerab Shahid
· August 21, 2013
the education given
Syed Kazim Raza Kazmi
· June 11, 2013
The grooming standards
Zeeshan Amjad
· January 24, 2017
#AdmissionOpen #2017
#OLevel #ALevel #IB #BS
More glimpses of Christmas Lunch

The fixtures for Bloomfield Hall Johar Town Futsal Championship ' 18 are here! Kindly note that we will be strictly following the timings!

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Bloomfield Hall School Johar Town Seniors to Bloomfield Hall Johar Town Futsal Championship ' 18

So the most awaited fixtures of BLOOMFIELD HALL JOHAR TOWN FUTSAL CHAMPIONSHIP'18 are here.

Kindly note, we at BHS JT will be following the timings VERY STRICTLY. Walk over will be given, exactly after five minutes of the mentioned time.

On Wednesday January 31st, students of class 8 had a video conference with 2 other international schools that included one school from India and one school from Israel.The topic under discussion was "Festivals". All the students shared various festivals that are celebrated in their religion and culture. They found out that although the festivals are different in all three countries but the essence of celebrating these festivals is same in all.


Here is the timeline of the Day 2 of #BHSJTFutsalChampionship18!!
May the best teams win!

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Bloomfield Hall School Johar Town Seniors to Bloomfield Hall Johar Town Futsal Championship ' 18

After a very exciting day full of enthralling futsal matches, we present to you the timeline of our day 2, including all the fixtures of both Girls and Boys Fut...sal matches.

Kindly note, we will be strictly following the mentioned timings!
Tomorrow, we will find out,who will lift the glorious trophy of #BHSJTFutsalChampionship18

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Morning Assembly Presentation

As a project of ISA, we conducted a special morning assembly presentation in which students of class 5 performed skits and told ways to reduce pollution.
Well done Class 5!

Congratulation to Shaheer Shahzad, our student of Form III for being declared the 2nd best speaker at UCL, Shahjiwana International Debating Championship.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

Morning Assembly Presentation
Gender Equality

Gender equality, equality between men and women, entails the concept that all human beings, both men and women, are free to develop their personal abilities and make choices without the limitations set by stereotype, rigid gender roles and prejudices.
This was the message delivered to the students in a Special Morning Assembly Presentation organised by Class 8 students, prepared by Ms Neysa. This was the part of our Connecting Classroom projects organized undef the auspices of British Council, ISA, International School Award. It was an excellent opportunity of creating awareness about Gender Equality amongst students. Well done Class 8!

JUST 2 DAYS TO GO!! #BHSJTFutsalChampionship18

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Bloomfield Hall School Johar Town Seniors to Bloomfield Hall Johar Town Futsal Championship ' 18

Just 2 days to go!! Stay tuned for the most exciting and challenging fixtures of the season, which will be uploaded tomorrow! #BHSJTFutsalChampionship18

On Thursday January 25th, students of class form III had a video conference with 3 international schools that included two schools from India and one school from Pakistan.The topic under discussion was "Global citizenship". All the students shared their perspectives on the importance of being a global citizen and making this world a global village.

JUST THREE DAYS TO GO!! #BHSJTFutsalChampionship18

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Bloomfield Hall School Johar Town Seniors to Bloomfield Hall Johar Town Futsal Championship ' 18

Beginning the countdown to the most exciting futsal event of the season. Just 3 days to go for "Bloomfield Hall Johar Town Futsal Championship'18".

The list of registered teams and fixtures will be posted on Thursday 1st February, 2018. #BHSJTFutsalChampionship18

Love of Books

Books are your ticket to travel the places that you would otherwise never; books are your greatest and truest friends; they are the richest treasure houses- so love books.

This was the message given to the students by Ms Farida Ahmed in her morning assembly presentation. Elaborating the need to read, she informed about various benefits of reading to students. Hopefully, students would continue reading more and more books ....
Thank you Ms Farida for your message!

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Inter-House Soccer Tournament
Classes 5/6 and Form IV/Form V

Jupiter made a clean sweep in both the Soccer Tournament finals for Classes 5/6 and Form V/Form IV.
Congratulation Jupiter! Here are the glimpses.

BHS JT organized a very innovative and competitive competition among the students of our forms called Student Of The Year.
The event started with all the students attempting and IQ and GK Quiz. The top scorers were then put in a group discussion and they competed against each other in an Impromptu Presentations Competition.
After the three contests, the top 13 leading scorers were declared the contenders for the title and they faced each other in different competitions daily in break time. The competitions were Arts, Dramatics, Singing, Declamations, Creative Writing, Sports and Interpersonal Skills.
At the end there was a tie on the top spot hence Sarim Umar and Shahzeen Naeem won the title of STUDENT OF THE YEAR with Ayesha Chaudhary being the runner up.

Class Morning Assembly Presentation
Class 8 Van Gogh

'Honesty is the best policy'. Students of Class 8 Van Gogh highlighted the importance of being honest in our daily matters in their morning assembly presentation. They performed a short skit and presented few quotes stressing the need of being honest. Well done Class 8, your message was loud and clear!

To celebrate the winter in its true spirit, Bonfire evening was held atBHS, JT on Friday 13th January. Clad in their winter outfits, students had a rollicking time dancing around the bonfire and walking on the ramp to outdo each other. As always, French Fries, Pizza and Games stalls attracted a large number of students.