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Fatima Miracle of the Sun
May 13th Event
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Eddie Tamayo
· February 19, 2018
The most beautiful this place in the world I can’t even put it into words I was completely lost coming here I found myself fun talk to God in the holy spirit and I have a clear vision of my future I w...ill be coming here with my family more often and the building directly myself to God and getting closer to him See More
Chato Francisco
· September 10, 2017
I love this place and every year from May - Oct every 13th of the month I make sure to come here for my Devotion to the Fatima. If there is any other activities like the first Sat of the month I tried... to come too. See More
Manny Sese Ofs
· October 15, 2017
The Church, Rosary Garden, chapels, the spacious grounds were just amazing! It was my first pilgrimage there, and to go on the actual 100th anniversary of the Fatima Apparitions... such a wonderful pl...ace to visit! See More
Rose Angel Ramos
· August 20, 2017
I went once had a wonderful experience. I had suffered from severe migraines heading there I had one I wasn't able to even open my eyes. My husband walked me to the chapel where a priest and some ppl ...were praying. The priest saw me in pain got up, sat next to me, prayed for me and my migraine was gone. It's been 13yrs and I don't have migraines. I was healed, it was a miracle. Glory be to God!! Pray for our priests for holy priest. See More
Linda Love
· February 22, 2018
My first visit I was so thrilled I’ve bern in NJ for 11 years I never knew this was practically in my backyard. I can’t wsit to return
Melvin Jacildo
· August 14, 2017
Replica of the Original Shrine of our Lady of Fatima in Portugal.. only in the USA- Washington, New Jersey - a very Holy Place.! Everyone should visit this place to experience the Blessings of the Ble...ssed Virgin Mary - Mother of our Lord & Redeemer, Jesus Christ and Mother of the Whole World! See More
Tony Cusumano
· April 18, 2017
I am grateful to have found this shrine so close to me, only about an hours drive. I was happy to hear it is also in the same Diocese as I which is Metuchen, NJ. I have been honored to be an usher for... the 100th Anniversary of Fatima event on May 13 and plan to do more in the months to come. I give this Shrine top marks and Father Venditti credit for what he does here. I know the Blessed Mother is pleased with all that happens here. See More
Lina Tejada Villafranca
· October 23, 2017
Highly recommended for meditation and retreats . The place is awesome. I love this Shrine of the Blessed Mother of Fatima. ❤️🌹
George T. Dano
· September 27, 2017
A very peaceful sacred place....Love being go home with peace in your heart and mind...
Wanda Ortiz
· August 14, 2017
It is a beautiful place what I like the most was the Rosary Garden. The statue of Virgen of Fatima was very pretty. It was a day of reflection and prayer. I bought a nice wooden mahogany sign that say...s God bless our home. See More
Genevieve Elmalhy
· December 7, 2016
I actually lived about 15 minutes from The Blue Army Shrine for 17 years. So many times I would just drive there and sit in the Shrine and just say a prayer. Or in the winter just sit in the parking l...ot and do the same. I moved 1900 miles away and miss going there so much. But I feel Blessed to have been only a few miles away for so many years.
It's a beautiful , peaceful and spiritual place to visit. Any opportunity to do so will renew your soul�
See More
Betty Fornal
· September 11, 2016
It was an awesome experience as it was my first time. It was hot and sticky and i was uncomfortable. I went through the holy door, went to 2 masses, said the DivineMercy, and then we all
Proceeded to... walk around the grounds saying the rosary. We were on our last decade and through the very cloudy afternoon the sun shown so bright thru a small group of clouds. People began ogling and clapping! I was staring as I couldn't believe my eyes! The sun was moving, back and forth, up and down. Bouncing like a ball! I couldn't stop looking until the clouds covered it up. It isn't the first time our Blessed Mother made Herself known to her followers here at this shrine. I wasn't expecting to see her but as in awe that she did. See More
Viviana Dietsch
· May 15, 2017
Is very peaceful place, good for meditation and pray I enjoying going there with my family.
We when last Saturday 13th for the celebration of the centennial of Virgen De Fatima and it was raining and the time we get there it was impossible to get in. Yesterday we when again very early and we was there for the mass and pray Our Lady of Fatima. See More
Yolanda Alva Tomeldan
· August 14, 2017
I feel calm and peaceful every time I visit the Shrine; it's one of three shrines I love so much - Divine Mercy at Stockbridge Massachusetts and Immaculate Conception at Washington DC - feeling blesse...d always 💒🙏 See More
Chris De Leon
· October 14, 2016
Have been going to the blue army shrine and it's a very nice and solemn place to pray and Just talk to Mama Mary every time I go there is a unique experience there's a lot of diverses group of people ...minding their own business and smile at you when you Great them it is a good place to strengthen your faith. It is now one of the pilgrimage sites for the year of Mercy! God bless the shrine and everyone who serves and goes to pray there ..... Amen!! See More
Saycelle Garado Jefferson
· September 12, 2016
It was an amazing experienced. Every time I visited the shrine I felt the holy spirit of God dwelt upon me even till I got home. So beautiful and peaceful place to pray and meditate. I have seen the ...sun in the sky in different colors. It was changing from time to time immensely from yellow, even green which is my favorite color. I was so touched and moved with my faith that no matter how sinful the world still God would show His majestic power of miracles through the intercession of the Blessed Mother Mary. I saw the dancing sun in the sky so beautiful like a bouncing ball moving in different amazing. We love you oh Mama Mary. Praise God for His wonderful miracles. See More
Phine Cuaresma-Castro
· September 11, 2017
It's a place of Solemn worship to Our mother Mary Our Lady Of Fatima. I felt blessed and touched by the Holy Spirit every time I am at the Shrine.
Arlon GM Saldaña
· May 13, 2017
Attending Mama Mary's Centennial Apparition in Portugal is commemoration of my devoted Roman Catholic faith. It's a good thing herein Washington, New Jersey a Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima was institut...ed wherein my second home is. I feel so blessed and fortunate to always be nearby my Mother Fatima then and now. See More
Maria Rosa
· May 29, 2017
This place is holly and peaceful.A place where you can feel the presence of the holly spirit. Just close your eyes ,open your heart and you can feel His presence. All your problems are lifted from you...r shoulders , because God is bigger than your problems .Believe and be faithful. Amen See More
Pier Silao
· May 11, 2017
The Shrine is a beautiful place to go and pray.. I love the 13th of the month devotions. I now take my children religiously and pray they will do this for generations to come.

Read Sister Lucia's reflections on how self-denial is good for the soul in this week's Lent with Lucia:…/

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Lucia knew that self-sacrifice is good for souls because Our Lady taught the shepherd children this prayer: 'Oh my Jesus, it is for love of you, for the conversion of sinners and in reparation for the sins committed agains the Immaculate Heart."

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More images of how beautiful Our Lady's shrine is in the snow.

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The Blue Army Shrine will be open today. Our power, phones and emails are currently restored.

Confessions are at 11:30am and Mass at 12:00pm. Please do not walk around the grounds, as we still have a lot of heavy snow on the trees. Thank you for all your prayers. God Bless.

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Winter wonderland. How beautiful and peaceful it is at the Shrine today. You can feel the spirituality that lives here. .

David and Dorothy Carollo and the entire staff of the Blue Army Shrine thank everyone for keeping us in their prayers. We have been hit hard with the loss of many trees, loss of power, loss of internet and have incurred a huge amount of costs due to the need for winter supplies.

We received several phone calls from people who are asking how they can help us recover from our loss with a donation. We are very grateful for your help and kindness. You can currently submit a donation online by following this link: or make out a check to the Blue Army and send it to Blue Army Shrine, PO Box 976, Washington, NJ 07882. God bless you.

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Wednesday, March 7th -The Shrine and shrine grounds are closed today due to inclement weather. The Blessed Sacrament Chapel will be closed for Mass.

Father James will offer a private Mass for today's intention and will keep everyone in his prayers. We pray that everyone stays safe.

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A big THANK YOU! to the Toledo Edison Crew from Ohio that got the power restored at the Shrine tonight. We will keep you in our prayers.

We anticipate that the Shrine will be closed tomorrow due to the nor'easter coming our way tonight and tomorrow, but check back daily for updates. Stay safe everybody.

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Tuesday, March 6th - The Shrine is still without power today. Father James will be offering Mass at 12:00 noon in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel by candlelight. Confessions are at 11:30am. The Shrine will close immediately after mass.

The grounds are closed, as our maintenance team continues to work clearing away the fallen trees. Visitors are advised to use caution.

Please check back daily for updates. We pray everyone stays safe with the upcoming storm tonight/ tomorrow. God Bless.

Those attending Mass today, are asked to please use caution. The Shrine grounds are closed due to falling trees. Only the Chapel will be open for Mass and Confessions and will close immediately after.

Monday, March 5th - The Shrine is still without power from Friday's storm. Father James will be offering Mass at 12:00 noon in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel by candlelight. Confessions are at 11:30am. Visitors are advised to use caution.

The Blue Army Shrine grounds will be closed today, Friday, March 2, due to inclement weather. Father Walling will offer the 12 Noon Mass today, and we will be open tomorrow for First Saturday.

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