Don't worry folks winter isn't over yet and
Frosty the Blowman is just getting warmed up. Just think with the economy shot and the world going to hell in a handbasket our favorite diminutive orally fixated talking head is just fine in his mansion in Ladue. I still can't believe people pay him for spewing crap. What a stroke. - The Shadow

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Your bourgeois personality just poked through that God awful sweater you're wearing.

Next on "Shorter and Uncut", is going to be a head-to-head narcissism contest between Jerry Jones and our favorite midget. There can be only one.... - TS and S

FYI: the admins for this site are: the Shadow, Stella, and the Monkey King. Feel free to message or comment at anytime! Thank you all, enjoy and happy holidays!! - TS and S

Blow alert: the holiday storms aren't over! Bob Costas is on RIGHT NOW on NBC sports. Our favorite narcissist can't get enough of himself so he's having a "greatest blows" from the previous year that no one wanted to watch in the first place. Titled, "Costas, Shortest and Uncut". - the Shadow and Stella

The Sunday Night Football game once again will be proceeded by the most infamous loudmouth midget of all time. Our condolences to all. - the Shadow

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