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Rebecca Edelman
· March 9, 2018
Don't bring your senior pups here. Especially if they have a health issue. The staff has no idea how to handle medical emergencies. A dog was having a seizure while I was there and the groomer picked ...up the dog and went rushing down the street, dog in her arms, trying to catch up to her manager who was going to her car.
My senior Pom has arthritis in his spine and back knees. I told the groomer this. He was in immense pain when I got him back and could barely stand. He's not a vocal dog. He's never barked since I brought him home. When we got home he was whining constantly and could barely get out of his bed to go to his water bowl.
My Golden mix(only 6 years old) was unevenly trimmed and they missed the bottom of one of his paws. And I know he is a near-perfect customer. I watch him at my current groomer(where he can't see me) and he does perfectly fine. So it wasn't that he was a difficult dog to groom.
Huge disappointment since I had heard good things about this place. They seemed so nice.
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Jenny Ann
· January 14, 2018
Best haircut my 10 year old forever puppy has ever gotten. They were so nice and were able to fit us in at the last minute when I realized my travel schedule wouldn't allow him to get a much needed h...aircut the following week. Highly recommend See More
Tricia Morgan
· September 29, 2015
Bone Jour - and Becky - are wonderful, and I should know. Sixteen years ago, I took my first standard poodle, Rosie, to be groomed, and never stopped going back. Today my poodle,
Rollo, enjoys Bone ...Jour, and looks beautiful every time he comes to the waiting area. Most of all
when I take my "best friend" to Bone Jour, I feel confident it will be a safe and loving experience for him !
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Mike Sandifer
· February 9, 2016
Bone Jour is the best for your pet needs. Dedicated staff, friendly customer service, and picture perfect grooming services. You can't go wrong!
Debbie Viviana
October 5, 2012
I love taking my golden retriever here. They always do such a great job!
A video snippet from Pups and Pints!
Bark and Wine
Happy Birthday to us.......

A huge issue for so many pets and human family members: Atopic Dermatitis.
One definition : AD is an inflammatory, chronic skin disease associated with allergies. In fact, this is the second most common allergic skin disease in dogs. These allergic reactions can be brought on by normally harmless substances like grass, mold spores, house dust mites, and other environmental allergens.
AD presentation, like eczema, is most common. You/animals can also be genetically predispose...d. It has to do with the outer skin layer weakening and being vulnerable to everything from itchy scales, bacterial formations to infection. I’ve witnessed it ruin the lives of dogs and family members. There is no silver bullet cure at present for humans or animals. But oddly enough, there seems to be more research coming from the animal sciences! I hope to delve into that research that is out and do a blog on what I find on our website. From what I have found so far:
Things that can exacerbate AD
*Indoors -
Household Cleaners
Dust mites * a biggie
Pesticide exposure
Some forms of pollen
This is the most undefined area as every person/animal can vary with foods that can trigger or worsen AD. A Vet can suggest an elimination diet to pin point culprits. The one factor that seems the most important are omega fatty acids 3 & 6 being included in diet.
Put into affect trying to eliminate or implement all or some of the above.
Bathe your pet regularly using shampoo that is PH friendly - a moisturizer on affected areas may be necessary afterwards in some cases.
Ask for a referral from your Vet to see Veterinary Dermatologist. You will enable your Vet to better assist your dog/cat if you have your pets history of reactions , times of occurrences and pictures of the areas.

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It’s SUNDAY now- date change - Parade and Fun Dog Show!

The 37 th Annual Alexandria St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been rescheduled for Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. The Fun Dog Show will take place but the Classic Car Show has been cancelled. Visitors and residents are invited to don their green and line King Street in Old Town Alexandria. Partici...
You're invited to the St Patrick's Day Dog Parade at Patrick's Park. Bring your favorite "Patrick" as we celebrate with these party animals and help save the lives of more dogs from overcrowded shelters with Rocket Dog Rescue - where Patrick is from #PatrickJameson We've partnered up with a few of o...

Sweet homecoming

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The Dodo

This monkey was away from his family for weeks recovering from an injury. They were waiting for him the WHOLE TIME 💞

Happy St. Patrick’s Day - 🍀🙉🙈🙊

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Things only Irish people will get

Irish Riverdance Monkeys

Love this.

Running delivers many of the same physical and mental benefits to dogs as it does to humans. But it isn’t as easy as lacing up and getting out the leash.

Moving on, better take my bed......

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The Dodo

This cat is about to take a crazy leap — with his BED 🙀

Please tell me that this flight attendant has lost their job. So disgusted about this.

A United passenger says a flight attendant forced a woman to put her pet dog in an overhead bin. By the end of the flight, the dog had died.

Family dog saves the day.

Jeff Han added 4 new videos.

🚨 Alert 🚨 be aware of your surroundings. Someone followed my wife home today and attempted a home invasion only to be scared away by my dog. He watched my wif...e drive into garage and was waiting for the right time to go into the open door. I’m including videos below: watch them in this order: 1.) 33 second video 2.) 23 second video 3.) 51 second video 4.) 2:07 video. She was shopping before she got home and the last place was big city bagels on Route 9 before driving home. She didn’t even know any of this happened. She asked me to check cameras out of suspicion that a random minivan with the trunk open was parked in front of our neighbors house.

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Super cute!

The Frenchie wall mural by Bari J. Designs will add a distinctive touch to any room. Choose from standard sizes or get a custom size to perfectly fit your wall.

They are in! Best hostess gift.

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Bone Jour, Inc. is at Bone Jour, Inc..

🎎🎊🐶Happy Chinese New Year 🐶🎎🎊
Coming soon to the Bone to celebrate Year of the Dog - Doggie fortune cookies! 20 cookies with hilarious fortunes.

Tiny badasses of the desert 🔫🐭

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National Geographic

Listen: The grasshopper mouse howls at night—like a wolf.


Let’s put an end to the flow of dogs and cats from Puppy Mills into Maryland! Maryland families should not worry that their pets may be physically unhealthy or emotionally

Today we had so many double dog names on the grooming board!
We had:
2 Kikis 2 Baileys 2 Bellas 2 Charlies 2 Bentley’s
Lucky for us they were all different breeds so not hard to keep track of!

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Old school cat grooming.

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