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Nancy Eha Blackmon
· December 13, 2017
I'll always give every 8 weeks while I am able, everyone at Bonfils is wonderful, they get you in and out as quick as they can and you can get back to your day. Nothing better than helping others.
Shaver E Larry
· February 20, 2018
They have blood drives in morgan county and went In about a month ago to donate and was told that I was not allowed to donate blood I asked why they refused to tell me threw a pamphlet at me and said that number on the back their was like three different number so called all three numbers got a rude person that refused to tell me and hung up will not donate my blood and will be telling friends and family to not donate to bonfils at all they are rude and don’t care about saving lives they are money hungry corporation See More
Christine McClintock Hudspeth
· February 22, 2018
A blood transfusion just saved my life. I have donated for years. This time I needed life. Thank all of you who take the time to give. �
Denise Carpenter Gibbons
· January 7, 2018
I don’t necessarily love giving blood, but the folks at Bonfils in Lowry are pretty awesome so it is always worth it!
Ann-Marie Pace Marquis
· October 13, 2017
The staff are friendly and fabulous! Every time I go, I always learn something new and know that I have really helped another human being…Give the gift of life through blood donation!
Alexa Christian
· July 19, 2017
I donated at a MillerCoors on-site drive today. I have donated many times before (not through Bonfils; I recently relocated to the area) and the friendliness and efficiency of the staff was fantastic!... After donating, I had a reaction and fainted, which has never happened to me before, and the staff - especially Anna - and volunteers were absolutely phenomenal, comforting me as I recovered with lots of fluids. Thank you for your amazing staff, it is clear they care about their donors! And despite the reaction, I will donate again because donations save lives! See More
Beth Bukovsky
· June 15, 2017
Just like someone else said, I stopped getting tattoos and piercings so I am always eligible to donate. I don't have a rare blood type but mine always gets the baby tag and I'm glad that I am able to others in such a tangible yet almost unseen way. I got my 2 gallon pin today and I'm pretty proud of that. The bus comes to my job when we're eligible to donate again and I always sign up. It makes donating so easy and effortless and I am so glad that you guys can do that! See More
Hannah Marie Bell
· October 8, 2017
I donated yesterday for the first time, In honor of the Vegas victims. It was such a great experience I want to do it more often! The kind Phlebotomist who helped me was the BEST!
Mary Wullenschneider
· November 7, 2017
With all that’s going on in the world thank you for today I donated and it was a smooth easy proceess
Nancy Krichevsky Cumberland
· September 9, 2017
Just donated for the second time and the entire staff is friendly! They make me feel comfortable since needles do scare me. They are very good at what they do
Kitten L Lockwood
· April 26, 2017
The phlebotomist are always calming. I stopped getting tattoos, because I have a rare blood type that the world needs, and it has been very rewarding. Bonfils calls me with reminders, which is great. ...They are having a Harley give away from May 1st to the end of June, I think, so of course I will wait to donate until May 1st, an again by June 30th!!! See More
Kim Zinn
· November 8, 2017
Love all the people that work here. All of you are my heroes !
Jen Counseller
· November 21, 2016
I absolutely hate giving blood! I hate needles but the staff is always awesome and very friendly. Stephanie at the Lowry center this past Sunday 11-20-16 was the best I have ever had. I usually bruise... really badly after, not the staffs fault it's sometimes hard to get blood from me and I bruise really easy as well, she did an excellent job and hardly a bruise today. See More
Ariana Peak
· August 30, 2016
This was my first visit to Bonfils giving whole blood and first blood donation since moving from Orlando a year ago. The staff was helpful and polite getting me checked in and keeping me informed.
Unf...ortunately, my veins just weren't giving up blood very easily that day. My phlebotomist was careful and attentive and always made sure I was calm and okay during the process.
I am so happy I found this place and will try to donate again in 2 months.
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Sue Whitcomb
· June 26, 2016
Great place to hang out and spend some time. Everyone there is always very nice and friendly. Watch out though, they will sneak up on you and jab a needle in your arm when you aren't looking. But t...hen they'll bring you cookies to make up for it if you want. I enjoy my time there but always end up feeling a bit drained when I leave. See More
Lisa Sisneros
· July 6, 2017
I've been donating since I had to get my parents' permission (in other words, a long time). My new center is in Lowry and they are all so pleasant whenever I go in! But, honestly, I don't think I've e...ver had a bad experience at any location or with the mobile teams! Thanks for all the hard work you all do save lives! See More
James Alberty
· September 23, 2016
I showed up at a mobile blood drive in Pueblo West to donate for the first time since moving to Colorado. I was turned away because it was 5 minutes till 5:00... People still coming in.. I thought thi...s was life saving stuff, I guess it is as long as you don't interfere with their hours. I hear St Thomas Moore is in a shortage. Maybe they'd like to explain this to the person who needs it, oh well, it's just someone life....... UNBELIEVEABLE.......... See More
Tina Kenney
· October 20, 2016
I have been donating blood/platelets/plasma with Bonfils since 2001 and have reached 19 gallons donated. Since I went on a vacation to the Dominican Republic in March, I have been deferred a year from... donating to patients. So... I have been giving for research at the Lowry's center. Never a bad experience. Keep up the good work. See More
Jennifer Simon
· October 20, 2016
I use to work for this amazing company. I enjoyed how they took care of their employees but more how well they take care of the donors. If you ever are wanting to donate blood Bonfils is the place to go!
Adrienne Russ
· December 23, 2016
Great experience. It was kind of busy when I donated, but it went pretty quickly. Even had someone finishing their training draw my blood and everything went smoothly. If you're donating, make sure to... push fluids the day before, of, and after; and make sure to eat before and after. See More

One donation has the power to transform up to three lives. Walk-ins are welcome! #DonateBlood

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Lutheran Medical Center
7 hrs

There's still time to sign up for next week's Bonfils Blood Center Blood Drive at Lutheran!

There are available times to donate on March 26 from 8–9:40 AM and 11 AM – 1:30 PM. To sign up, call 303-363-2300, or use site code 0174 to register here:

If you've never given blood before or haven't given in while, now's the time! Together, let's help make more moments possible for others. Walk-ins welcome! #JustOurType #SaveLives

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Littleton Adventist Hospital

In coordination with Bonfils Blood Center, Littleton Adventist Hospital and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office are hosting a community blood drive in honor of ...Deputy Zackari Parrish and the men and women of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and Castle Rock Police Department.

Donating blood is one of the easiest ways to give back to your community – the need for blood is constant and your contribution is important for a healthy and reliable blood supply. Your selfless gift can save someone’s life!

Show your support by joining us on Friday, March 30 from 1 to 6 p.m. at one of two convenient Bonfils mobile locations – here at Littleton Adventist Hospital or at Centura Health Emergency & Urgent Care.

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