I'm delighted to be contributing to the Library as Incubator blog 'Book to Boogie' project thanks to curator Kerry Aradhya of Picture Books and Pirouettes. Here's my first contribution!

Book to Boogie is a monthly series that pairs picture books with dance and movement activities for preschool story time. The series is curated by Kerry Aradhya of Picture Books & Pirouettes and…

One thing at a time. Take it one thing at a time. Your brain, your heart, and your psyche will thank you. ❤️

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Switching between tasks is mentally exhausting. Read more:


This is so true. Social and emotional health in the classroom, at home, always. ❤️❤️❤️

I've been reminding myself to choose my words with care - when I have the presence of mind to do so of course. 😝

When I do, I'm choosing to say 'I GET to do...' instead of 'I HAVE to do...' and it makes a big, big difference. 'I GET to do the laundry for my family.' 'I GET to take my dogs on a long walk.' One word. Big shift. 💚

Take care of yourself first. You need your own care most of all. All the good you do for you will filter through to all the others with whom you interact, naturally. ❤️💛💚💙💜

When teachers practice self-care by learning to be mindful of themselves, their skill in self-regulation translates directly to their students and the classroom.... Research on this work reveals that students feel more engaged and focused when teachers attune to themselves. Teacher anxiety, depression, feelings of burnout, being rushed, and perceived stress all go down. Get inspired by reading more here.

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An evidence-based program teaches mindfulness to educators. Research suggests it can reduce their stress and improve their teaching.

One of the loveliest children's picture books I've ever read.


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Try Mandala Meditation On The Go
Simply lower the lights, relax your eyes, focus on the centre of the screen, and let the music and animation take you deep into your energetic self.
I Love Chakra

Take a breath. Meditate with us and align your energies today.

Naturally! 😀❤️

Every morning after the register, the 260 pupils of Westfield Primary School in Hertfordshire settle in their classrooms into “

From boredom blossoms creativity! Amen to this.

Alexandra Burki

importance of doing nothing

"Being bored is a way to make children self-reliant.”


May all beings everywhere have peace.
May all beings everywhere have happiness.
May all beings everywhere be at ease.
May all beings everywhere be free from pain and suffering.

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I tell children that their brains are like a house, with an upstairs (the neocortex: our thinking brain) and a downstairs (the limbic system: our feeling brain). It’s a really simple way to help kids to think about what’s going on inside their head.

Laying strong foundations for emotional intelligence.

Just be YOU. ❤️💖💛💚💙💜

This is why I do what I do. Because this isn't acceptable. This isn't okay. This needs to change.

“At one end of the scale we’ve got four-year-olds being tested. At the other end we’ve got teenagers facing the prospect of leaving university with record amounts of debt. Anxiety is the fastest growing illness in under 21s. These things are not a coincidence.”

Natasha Devon, who delivers mental health classes at schools in England and Wales, warns of ‘medicalising childhood’

One of my Year 5 students told me in passing that she's been practicing the Maitri - Loving Kindness meditation I taught her last term. My heart is so full!


May you be safe...
May you be happy
May you be healthy
May you be at peace


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I love seeing these photos of the students at Vega Schools in Delhi doing yoga! What a special feeling knowing I had the privilege of sharing my program with the fabulous teachers. ❤️💖💛💚💙💜

Image may contain: indoor
Image may contain: indoor
Vega Schools added 2 new photos.

Our class 3 and 4 students in their post-yoga meditation session. They are relaxing with lavender eye pillow masks.

whYoga founder Skip Oliver taught me these years ago - 'No-hands, sit-down stands!' Come to my yoga sessions and I'll sort you out if you need to practice these...

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Just how well are you ageing? Find out with this simple test!

Four new eye pillows now available in my etsy shop! Come and take a look.

Lovely eye pillow filled with lavender and raw rice. Hand painted in gold with joy and the multi-coloured Bloom Bright blossom. Burgundy front,